Sunday, 26 August 2012

Bengali girl of Dhaka

Hello everybody. I am a great fan of UK and this is my first story and first experience I had in Dhaka. I am new to this country and staying here for last six months in Dhaka. I will straight away come to the story by not wasting time. We met at Western Grill in Banani. I was standing with one of my friend at the cash counter and saw beautiful lady sitting at one corner having her food. Her baby was playing with her maid. I could not stop myself and went to her and being blunt I told her that I just saw u from cash counter seeing you having your dinner and couldn’t stop myself to come and talk to you as you are really pretty. At first she was a bit shocked and later with a smile she said thanks and called her daughter. I again commented on her daughter as she is really cute as like you. To this she again thanked me. I asked her if she would like to be my friend and told her as I am new to this place I do not have much friends. She thought for a while and said yes. We just exchanged our no’s and wished her good night and came back to my friends. There we had our dinner and came back home. Next day in the evening I called her and we talked for some time and this went on for few days. Later came to know she belongs to a good family and her husband stays in US and keeps on travelling. She was also leaving for US with her baby in next 10 days. Now let me tell you about her. She is very good looking. Her size may be around 34d 28 36. Overall she is very hot. As she was leaving for US she invited me to her house and next day after call I reached her home. She was in black t-shirt and white Capri. After entering her home I wished her and hugged her to which didn’t mind and hugged me more tightly than I did. Then she got water for me and she sat near to me. Soon my mobile rings up and I started to listen on the mobile. She goes into his bed room. After finishing my call I entered in his bedroom, what saw there, wonderful. She had changed herself to night. She wears a gown with front open. She wears a black bra and black panty which I can see clearly from her gown. Seeing this I was shocked and she said b4 leaving for US I want you to help. It was a shock to me but even I got excited. Now I lifted her and made her sit in my lap and started to French kiss her while my hands kept moving on her back soon she started responding me back and our tongues started to have a war between them. In the mean while my hands had reached on her boobs and started to caress them over her clothes. She was getting hotter. Fire ignited between us, we were holding each other very closely dick started humming. She was holding her hands behind my neck and my hands were behind her back. Slowly I started lingering my hand down and now I was holding her perfect ass and pressed her closer to me. I was really horny and lifted her head and bent down to kiss her. She was getting hotter every second her hands were moving all over me. I loosened the grip and asked her to turn around and started kissing her neck, ears and I started caressing her breast from side, she started moaning and turned her face to kiss me, our lips met and she was burning with lust, she bit my lips twice and sweetie put her tongue in my mouth and started exploring. I started inserting my hand into the top of her night and started kneading her big soft boobs, she started moaning loudly now, music in the background, all alone in the house, it was heaven. I slowly started undressing her, removed her gown, she was in her black bra now (contrasting to her pinkish white skin) and asked her to turn towards me. Suddenly she became very shy and hid her face in my chest, I lifted her head and started kissing lustily everywhere on her face, my dick was straining to come out my jeans. I removed her black bra, oh!!! Came out ripe boobs with nipples in strawberry color, aching to be touched with one hand I started kneading her left boob and started sucking her right nipple, they started growing and they were almost an inch. Those were the lovely pair to tits I have ever seen. I went down on her body kissing her stomach then her navel than kissed her over her panty she was already wet I removed her panty she was a clean shaved pussy which looked really good on her fair skin. I threw my jockey away also. I adjusted her legs apart and put my mouth on her cunt lips I parted them and started to kiss her then lick her and then settled to tongue pussy her. She started to moan aahhhh Aaaaaah soon she got into the rhythm and started to press me harder on her lips and I removed my lips she started to beg for more. I put my one finger on her cunt ran all across her lips and fluffy skin and inserted it inside and started to work it in a motion then two fingers and kept fingering her like that. I removed my fingers and licked it, it tasted nice… now it was my turn to get wild I started to play with her pussy with my fingers I will put my fingers inside remove them than lick her than again put my fingers inside than take them out and lick her. Soon she started to go wild and started moaning loudly ummmmm aaaaaaaahhhhhhh please and started asking me for fuck her. I got up my dick was ready to start the attack. Sweetie was on my top as my cock came back to full size sweetie lifted herself up and inserted the tip of cock in her pussy and she slowly started coming down, once fully inside her she started humping/riding me, tempo started building up slowly, I was kneading her juggling boobs, trying to get up and suck them, she used take her pussy up slowly and push back fast, I started moaning (more than moaning it was screaming) and started all dirty talks. She started saying she used to come down and go back arching herself, I started pumping her from below, guys it was pure ecstasy! Never fucked like that in my life. She stopped and slid beside me and asked me to mount her, she spread her legs. I slowly started pumping into her sometimes accelerating and slowing down holding back me from coming, dirty talks started once again. She was lifting her ass up and meeting my strokes to stroke, the passion soured in the rhythm, suddenly a shudder escaped from her body and she started shaking her head from side to side. I put my lips on her tits and sucked her to my heart’s content. Both of us were boiling in passion I increased my pace and asked her to put her legs on my back and pumped her vigorously and couldn’t hold back any more and with a big grunt I came in her orifice, I stopped pumping after a minute or so, we lay motionless for a while totally exhausted and totally satisfied with fuck of life time. She started wearing her nighty without bra and I also wear my all clothes. We met 2 times again at her place and the next day she went US.


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