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Sexy Cousin

mera naam rehan hai.aur mein islamabad mein rehta hun. i m 22 years old with a athletic body.For once i didn’t have to work the weekend so i had decided to head over to mom and dads for a visit. Sense i was single i didn’t have too much of anything to occupy my time at any rate. It had been a while sense the last time i visited so i though it best to keep in touch sense i had the time. I had pulled into the drive and was half way to the house when a female voice called out to me. Looking to the back yard as i walked, i saw my cousin amber and my niece hoori in the back yard jumping on the trampoline. I hadn’t seen amber for at least three years, but what i could see of her now, looked as though she had done quite a lot of growing up in that time. As i said my hello’s and continued walking towards the house, i racked my brain to figure out just how old she was now. As i walked in the door i had come up with the sureness that she could only be around 13 years old at this time. I talked to mom for a while and found out that dad was over at one of my sisters house working on her kitchen sink. I also found out that she was kinda baby sitting for amber and hoori for the weekend. Not that they needed a baby sitter or anything, its just that they could do a whole lot more over here. Mom and dad lived out in the country and had a lot to offer in the way of entertainment. All my nephews and nieces enjoyed coming over here to visit. After getting the latest gossip on the rest of the family from mom i went into the computer room to mess around for a while. I wasn’t in their long when i heard the back patio door slide open and the girls come giggling into the house. Not long after that and they were right behind me asking me 2,000 questions both at once. Putting my game of doom on hold, i spun my chair around and confronted them. Not to be rude, but my niece hoori was nothing to look at. She’s just another plain teenage girl, i think around the same age as amber. Speaking of which….. I don’t mind telling you that when i finally saw amber up close my mind was bombarded with images of what i would love to do to this sweet little thing. My god was she attractive! Maybe 5’2″, 85 to 90lbs. Long brown wavy hair, and big brown eyes to match. Her face was flawless. I couldn’t find a blemish on it. She was just starting to blossom into women hood, and i was highly impressed at the way she was developing. She was wearing a loose fitting tank top tucked into a pair of jean shorts that had i been her father, i would have considered them to short. All of this info i collected in a fraction of a second. As they continued to spew out the questions, which were mainly coming from amber, i continued to answer them and at the same time try to be as indiscreet as possible about my survey of her. Cousin or not, i was very aroused by her appearance. Hoori asked if she could play doom for a while, so i let her have my seat and took up the other one near by. That’s kind of an understatement sense the rooms dimensions were about 6′ wide and about 15′ long. That’s no shit! The computer room was made for one person only, 2 at most. I took up the last chair which was about 3′ in back of hoori, and right across from where amber was leaning back against a desk dedicated to computer and printer supplies. The gap between us was next to nothing. I actually had to spread my legs out so i wouldn’t be bumping into hers. Our positions didn’t seem to bother her at all. Cool! Amber and i continued to talk while hoori played doom. Whenever amber would look over at the screen to watch hoori play, i would check out her body as she did so. It was lean and just starting to get a figure to it. There was no doubt that when she hit 17 or 18 she was going to be a complete knock out. Speaking of age, i found out during our little talk that she was going to be 14 in another four months. I had been right after all. I was looking straight ahead at her crotch for i don’t know how long, but suddenly realized she was know longer looking at the screen but instead was looking back to me. I quickly looked up and found her looking down at me with what i thought was a quizzical expression on her face. I felt my face flush with embarrassment and fear, but was relieved when she started talking about her school instead of asking me what the hell i had been staring at. Either she didn’t realize what i had been doing, or she actually did know and didn’t find it worthy of confronting me with it. A few minutes later mom walked in and asked if i was staying for supper. I said yes. To this bit of news she states that she would have to go into town for supplies and sense i was here, i could look after the girls in her absence. After mom had left i got up and went and got a pop. When i returned i found hoori still playing doom but with amber bending over her shoulder. On top of the amazing sight of her beautiful ass, she had actually moved over to my side of the room. Not wanting to let a good thing go, i walked right up and took up the seat i had been previously been sitting on. Doing this put amber’s ass only 6″ away from me and nearly at face level. When i had retaken my seat, amber had looked back at me for a second, right straight in the eye’s, then turned back to watch the screen again. Now i knew damn well that she knew her ass was practically right in my face. I mean, she was 13 after all, and she didn’t seem to be even remotely stupid. She knew damn well what she was doing. The only problem here was, i had know idea just what i could do and hope to get away with it. For the time being i decided to continue to look and not touch and see how things developed. My cock was rock fucking hard in no time. I could see just a hint of butt cheek showing from below her shorts. Jesus! Her ass was going to be exquisite when she got older. Hell it was pretty damn incredible now. After a few minutes of this, she finally turned around to face me. Looking down at my pop, i had resting on my thigh, she asked if she could have a drink. Not waiting for a reply, she reached down and grabbed the can out of my hand. Initially i had thought she had been looking at my pop, but when she had took it away, her eye’s remained focused downward, right at the fucking bulge in my pants. I figured sense she had given me a show i could do the same for her, so i turned and looked at the game in progress, giving her all the time she wanted to look at my cock bulge. I even flexed it a couple times to let her know just how excited she was making me. Our shows we gave each other ended about 10 minutes later when hoori sat back and stated she was done. Upon hearing this, amber asked if everybody wanted to play 3-way ping pong upstairs. Hoori and i readily agreed and we all headed up to play, disguising the rules as we went. I was given another good shot of amber’s ass as we went upstairs, she being right in front of me and all. At one point during our climb she had looked back at me with a small smile on her face. My god was this exciting! Still, i didn’t know how far this little fiasco was going to go. I was pretty damn happy so far though! We flipped coins to see who would be partners and i was pleased with the outcome of being partners with amber the first game. I think she was equally pleased as well. I learned early on in the game that amber was a ball hog. She would constantly cut in front of me to get to the ball. One of those times she had hit the ball to hard and it had went clear over to the other side of the room. As hoori ran after it, i playfully slapped amber’s ass with my paddle and called her a ball hog. She in turn remained standing in front of me, then had bent over the table and spread her legs far apart, as if to say ‘go ahead, spank me’. Looking over her shoulder at me and smiling, she instead said, “hey, i see something i want, i go after it.” then turned back around and waited for hoori’s return. Now if that statement didn’t have two meanings, i didn’t know one that did. My cock didn’t diminish one bit throughout the rest of the game. Amber continued to cut me off from the game, and intentionally brush against my crotch. We both continued to feign ignorance in each others advances though. I found this incredibly exciting!! Besides, we couldn’t let hoori figure out what was going on. There would no doubt be hell to pay if she did. At another point in our game the ball had went under our side of the table. Amber made no attempt to go after it, so i got down on my hands and knee’s and went. When i was on my way back out, i noticed amber had came forward and had leaned against the front of the table with her legs spread out wide. Knowing she had done this for my benefit, i obliged her and came forward and looked right up the leg of her shorts. I could just make out the outside edge of the cute white panties covering her crotch. This was a voyeur’s wet dream! I came forward some more and took a big whiff of her crotch. I was rewarded with the faint but distinct tangy odor of her young cunt. My god was i getting horny!! I looked and sniffed for a minute, but reluctantly came out so hoori wouldn’t think anything was up. Amber merely eye-balled me with a barley visible smile. I loved this shit. As we switched sides and continued our game play, i couldn’t help but wander where she had learned to be such a good tease. I mean, she was only 13 for christ sakes. It wasn’t as if this sort of shit just sprang into your head one day out of the blue. Did it? The other thing that was nagging at my brain was that she wasn’t even remotely afraid of our age difference, which to me meant that whoever showed her the little tricks she was performing, might just be an older man. Hmm. Half way through the next game, my partner, who was now hoori, stated that she had to go to the bathroom and that she would be right back. When she had left, amber and i started to play a slow game of one on one. She broke the silence by saying, “you coming back over tomorrow?” Looking at her face i could plainly see that she wanted me to, so i said, “yeah, probably.” Smiling now she states, “cool. Then when you’re ready to leave you can take me home on your way.” The thought of this was very appealing to me to say the least, but feeling a little bit ornery, i said, “and waist my gas for you? Are you kidding?!” Knowing i was just joking around, she cocked an eyebrow and said, “if you do, then you can swing by your place to show me where you live. We live in the same town and i don’t even know where you live. See, this way i can ride my bike over to your house and do my home work on your computer.” putting on a sad face she continued, “of course if you don’t want me to come over then i guess that’s okay. I suppose i’ll see you in another 3 years.” “you know damn well i’ll take you home. And i’ll even show you where i live if you want.” Giving me a mischievous smile she said, “i want. I could only smile back at her and wander just what the hell i was getting myself into here. Fuck it. She was hotter then hell and seemed to know exactly what she was doing. I didn’t seem to need to force her into anything. If it was going to be her game, i was more then willing to play along. Only a fool would pass this up. When hoori came back we finished our game and declared our reluctance to play another. We all headed downstairs and then outside to the deck in back of the house. The girls went out to jump on the trampoline again while i sat and watched. Amber’s breast’s weren’t big enough yet to bounce along with her. I knew from upstairs when we were playing ping pong and i had gotten a couple of good down the top shots, that they only stuck out maybe 3″ and were still cone shaped with youth. For some reason i thought they were perfectly beautiful. Later that evening as i was sitting at the table talking to mom and dad about life in general, the girls came in and begged me to come out and play hide and seek with them. They complained about needing to have at least 3 people and that i was the only one else available to play. Pretending to be in a hurry to get home i looked at the clock, feigned a little arithmetic, and said, “all right. But just for an hour or so.” Dad had kidded me on my way out about when the last time i had played hide and seek, and that i may want to refresh my memory on the rules. I knew he was poking fun at my age and the fact i was no longer a kid anymore. Outside we flipped coins again and i ended up the seeker. I had a plan on tagging hoori right away and it just so happened that i did just that. I was a hell of a lot faster then her and when i had finally found her it had been a breeze to run her down. To tell the truth, i never once even seen amber in my hunt.. Wherever she had hidden, it had been a damn good place. We had to call to her to come out for a good 3 minutes before she finally showed herself. Hoori and i both asked her where she had hidden but she just smiled and wouldn’t reveal a thing. When hoori went out front to count, me and amber took off to hide. As we took off running, she looked over at me and said, “come on. I know a good place to hide.” i followed right behind her, curious to say the least about where she had hidden. She rounded the corner of the garage and half way down the back of it, stopped. Tuning back to face me she points to the tv tower against the garage and said, “follow me. I hid up here the last time. You can pretty much see everything from up there.” then turned and started up the tower. The peak of the garage was only maybe 15′ up, but sense it was dark out, there was very little chance anyone could see you up their. I followed her up from a short distance below. When she had made it just past the peak, she stopped. I kept going until i had my face level with her ass. Looking up, i could see that she was looking back down at me and was smiling. She whispered, “good hiding place huh?” i smiled and nodded. She said, “i’ll keep a look out from up here. I’ll let you know when she’s around.” I figured i could get away with a little bit of fun at this point sense she was occupied with keeping a watch out for hoori. There was something i had really wanted to do ever sense i had first laid eye’s on her and now was the perfect opportunity. Looking straight ahead at her ass, i brought my nose in real close to her crack and took a big whiff. I could just pick up a faint dull odor of shit, and was completely and utterly aroused by it. Seeing this cute little ass right in front of my face and actually being able to smell it was nearly to overwhelming. Every nerve in my body was alive and dancing in response. I was still smelling her ass when she whispered down, “she went back out front. She probably thinks we’re already on base.” i took one last whiff of her ass before backing away, not really giving a damn if she saw me or not. As i looked up at her i saw that she was smiling down at me, truly looking as though she was enjoying this just as much as i was. What a beautiful little tease this girl was. Doing a quick look around to make sure hoori wasn’t in the area, she looked back down at me with that smile and said, “i have something for you.” Incredibly curious, i asked, “what is it?” “no, no. First tell me you want it, then i’ll give it to you.”as far as i was concerned there wasn’t anything she had that i didn’t want. “ok. Give it to me.” i was shocked, amazed, and completely turned on when she farted right in my face.looking up at her in disbelief, then back to her ass, i heard her ask, “well? Do you like it?” To confirm whether i did or not, i hurriedly brought my nose in for a deep long smell of her fart. I didn’t bother with caution this time, but actually put my nose right up against her ass crack. The odor was strong but without that sick sulfur smell. It was delicious!! After smelling her ass for a good minute, i heard her giggle and whisper, “well?”pulling away from her crack i looked up at her and sincerely said, “i loved it. Do you have anymore?”giggling a little she said, “maybe later. Did you really like it?”"very much so.”smiling really big she said simply, “good.”we waited for hoori to get far enough away before making our way down and running to base. She was pretty pissed off about having to seek again, but amber and i weren’t. I took the lead this time and headed out to the corner of the property where there were a lot of trees and bushes. We took a position were we would be well hidden and still be able to keep a good watch out for hoori. This was amber’s little game we were playing so i waited to see what she had in store next. I didn’t have to wait long. “john.” she whispered, “i have another little something for you. Do you want it?” Looking over at her with lust and greed, i said, “hell yes!” Getting that big smile back on her face, she said, “good. I was hoping you did.” then she spun around, got into a half squat, and stuck her ass right out in front of my face. In a mad rush i brought my face forward and shoved my nose as far into her crack as i could. A second later and she farted. It sounded and felt as though she had eased it out. It lasted a good 2 seconds, and was packed full of that dull but powerful shit odor as the first had. I couldn’t believe i was smelling this beautiful 13 year old girls ass as she willingly farted in my face and actually seemed to enjoy doing it. For a minute i sniffed for all i was worth before she turned back around to face me. She did a quick look around for hoori before asking, “did you like that one?” by the tone of her voice and the way she was looking at me i could tell that her question was very sincere. I wasn’t about to lie, so i said with conviction, “even more then the first one.” Turning away from me but putting on a small smile, she said, “i have no idea why that excites me so much but it does.” My curiosity peaked, i asked, “how did you find out about it? i’m not ready to tell you that yet. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “well, in the meantime, if you feel the need i’m more then willing to offer you my face.” Turning back to face me, smiling a bit bigger, she states, “good. ‘Cause i really like using your face for some reason. My cunt is wet as hell right now. Jesus, i’m horny!” I was shocked by the ease in which she had used filth talk, but was at the same time turned on by it. In nearly all ways she was far more mature then her years. She was an incredible peace of work.! Her statement of ‘not ready to tell you yet’, convinced me that she did indeed make the rules to the game. That was fine with me. If i got to horny, i could always go somewhere to jack off for some tension relief. “you’ve gotten a boner every time we’ve been around one another today. Do i really do that to you?. Looking at her beautiful young face, i exclaimed, “hell yes! I think you’re incredibly attractive.” “are you going to jack off when you get home?” I couldn’t believe she was so knowledgeable in sex at her age. I said, “absolutely.” “are you going to think of me when you do?” she asked with a small smile. I smiled back at her and said, “you know i will. It will only take about 30 seconds probably. I’m horny as hell right now too. I’m going to be thinking of you farting right on my face as i jerk it too.” With a look of satisfaction on her face, we held each other’s stare for a few seconds before she said, “here. You can smell my ass a little more, then we’ll take off for base.” having said that, she came over and got down in front of me on all fours. Looking over her shoulder at me and putting a deep arch in her back so her little ass shot up in the air, she said, “hurry. I’ll keep a watch out for hoori.” I had to look at her for a while before moving. In the position she was in, the fact that she was my incredibly good looking niece, and the knowledge that she was only 13, i found that i probably had never been more turned on over anything, or anyone else in my life before this. Not waiting to long, i came forward and started sniffing her ass. I pushed my nose just as far as it would go up her crack for maximum odor detection. I could hear her moaning a little as i worked my nose up her crack and continued to inhale deeply of her sent. It was intoxicating to say the least. She let me smell her ass for a couple of minutes before finally saying that we should head up to base. I grabbed hold of her hips and took one last deep whiff of her ass before complying. When i pulled away and looked at her, i could see by the flush in her face that she was as turned on by having her ass smelt, as i was from smelling it. Damn this was cool as fuck! Talk about compatibility. All this happened on saturday. Sunday was even better. agar koi larki/aunty punjab mein especially islamabad ya rawalpindi mein kisi tarah ka b sex karna chati hai raazdari k sath to muje mail kareen secrecy is guarented.


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