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Biwi se chupa kar sex kiya

Hello readers.. I m rehan from islamabad..23 years old with a athletic body..my id is story2016@gmail.com.this happened when i was 19 years old. Mine is a true experience which i will recount now. I was in my second year of college. There was a female named hema of 35 year as our neighbour living alongwith her mother. She was a widow. She was working in a private college as lecturer for maths as she was a post graduate. She had a very nice structure with firm boobs. I had a very good friendly relationship with her. She would do all the work at home & i would often help her at work at home. At that time i started to have a crush on her due to my age. It all started after around a month & half of my second year of college. I liked her company very much during our conversation i would get an erection. I think she noticed that a few times. I had peeped may times in her room while changing dress and while she was having bath and i used to get aroused. I know that she too had found me doing so. But she didn't showed it to me. Since i was very week in maths, my parents insisted me to go for a tution. I asked hema whether she would take tution for me. She agreed immediately and my parents too said ok for this as she is our neighbour and all the people in our area had good impression on her. My tution time is fixed as 8 to 10 p.m. so by the time it was 8, hema would finish off all her work and will be free. For the first week nothing happened and our tution went as usual and during the second week, hema's mother had to go to their native place as hemas grandmother was serious and no one is there to look after her. Hema's mother asked my mother to allow me to stay at their home until she is back since her daughter will be all alone in the house. My parents agreed for it. I started to dance in joy as i might get a chance to have her in bed. The same night she called me in her room and said that we will chat for sometime before going to sleep. We talked about my college & my girl friends. After about half hour she went to change to her nighty. I was lying on the bed watching t.v after about a few minutes she came from the bathroom in her regular gown. I noticed that she was not wearing a bra & i could see her beautiful boobs hanging. I immediately had an erection. She came to me & lay besides me. We watched t.v for some time without talking anything & after a few minutes i got up to go to my bed in the hall. She smiled at me but had a peculiar look on her face. As i neared the door, she called on me and said shiva i dont mind if you sleep here in my room. I got nervous and told her i had some studies and so i will sleep in the hall. That night i did not sleep well & masturbated twice. I made up my mind that i should not lose this oppurtunity & would soon make a plan. Well it was the very next day itself. After a regular days college i returned at night. After she had dinner she sat besided me and i could see the cut through her blouse & again i had an erection. I decided today is the day for me to enjoy her body. After finishing my tution she again said that she don't mind me sleeping in her room. I immediately said yes and i could see her expression in her face. At about 10.30 pm, i entered her bedroom. She was there laying in her own & looking very sexy. I went besides her lay on my back and looking at the t.v alternatively. We talked about the movie & something here & there. I had an erection right throughout the conversation but was very nervous to make an advance. I was still a virgin i decided to just lay asleep & let things go the way it want. Hema turned of the lights & tv and switched on a dim light. After about 15 to 20 minutes, when i was pretending to be asleep, i suddenly felt the best feeling of my life. I was sleeping sideways facing her and suddenly i felt one of her hands right between my thighs just touching my prick. I got an instant erection & she noticed the bulge. She kept the hands for a few seconds. I then moved myself a little closer to her such that her whole hand covered my prick. The very next second she completely held my prick & started to fondle with it. She put her hands in my lungi and i was already very wet. She suddenly stood up, looked at me, smiled and asked whether i am a virgin. I nodded. "do you want to loose your virginity to me" she asked. Without waiting for my answer she started to remove my clothes & there i was lying completely naked in front of a such beautiful women gazing at my 7 inch prick. She sat besides me. I then stood up & lifted her & removed her nighty completely. There they stood. The most beautiful boobs hanging there with tight & erected nipples waiting for me to suck them. She was still wearing the panties. She immediately stood up & removed them too. I still get an erection anytime of the day when i remember her removing the panties and standing nude in front of me. I was sitting on the edge of the bed. She came closer to me & sat down on the floor in front of me. I immediately figured out the next move & came still closer to the edge of the bed to assist her. The next moment i was in heaven. She held my penis & started licking it at the tip. Slowly she started to take it completely in her mouth & after some time i was moaning high as it was full 7 inch in. She continued it for a few minutes. She also licked my balls.then when i was about to cum, but she insisted it on taking in her mouth. And in next few seconds i cummed & a big load of cum shot right in her mouth. She took it all in her mouth. Some dripped out of her mouth on to her chest & some she swallowed. She moaned too. Then she laid on the bed & spread her legs. I went on top of her & started to kiss her lips heavily. I came lower & kissed her nipples & she moaned. I sucked her hard beautiful nipples heavily. I lowered more & licked her shapely tummy. She spread her legs. My hand intinctively went on her cunt & started exploring it. She moaned again. I kissed her cunt & it smelled so good i could hardly take my mouth of it. My fingers went into her cunt & i could feel her clit waiting to be felt. At that moment she moaned heavily. I then lowered my tongue spreading her cunt with my fingers & started licking her clit. I slowly increased my intensity & pushed my tongue hard against her clit & she started moaning heavily. I continued to lick her clit for some time often pressing her boobs. After a few minutes she cummed & i saw the cum oozing out of her cunt & dripping out. She asked me to take it in. I did so & it tasted very good. She laid with her eyes closed for a few moments & then got up to go to the bathroom. She held my hand & pulled me into the bathroom we stood under the shower kissing each other heavily. After a few minutes i again had an erection. Hema said that she wants to have a shower and we both had shower together. She asked me to dress-up and wait in the hall and that she will come back within a few minutes. After ten minutes, she came out of the bathroom fully dressed in sari. I thought that this is the end of our sexual act. But she looked in to my eyes sexily. I took her juicy lips in my mouth. I sucked them. Ohh, her lips were very soft, red and like piece of orange. I went on sucking her lips. She came closer to me holding tightly in excitement. Her eyes had become pink in sexcitement as if she had drunken wine. I placed my hands on her boobs. Wow, they were really marvellous. I pressed her boobs from over her sari, blouse and bra. It was really a great touch on my palms. Her breasts were fully swollen. I pressed them for quite some time and kissed her lips, cheeks and neck. Then i started removed her sari. I could see that she had put on a panty through her wet petticoat. Her boobs were clearly visible through her blouse and bra that had become almost see through as they were completely wet. The blouse she wore was very low cut. So much of her boobs were left uncovered. Her cleavage was looking simply killing. I kissed her boobs all over. She was making all sexy sounds. Then i took hema to her bedroom. I again started kissing her. I kissed her for quite some time. She kept sighing in excitement. Then i unhooked her blouse and removed from her sexy body. I kissed her boobs again. I rubbed my mouth on her fleshy boobs. She was just moaning. I slowly pulled down her petticoat. She was then left in her bra and panty. I removed my t-shirt and pant also, and was in my underwear. She was looking at my front. My cock had become hard and stiff by that time. Its length was also increased in excitement. She was looking at the bulge on my underwear which was due to the increase in size and stiffness of my penis. She smiled sexily. I took her in my arms and again kissed her all over. I again pressed her boobs. Then i quickly unhooked her bra and removed it. I also pulled down her scanty panty. She was then stark naked from top to bottom. Then i pulled down my underwear also. She looked at my fully erect stiff cock stood in front of her. She smiled and twited her lips looking into my eyes showing that she liked my erection, length, thickness, etc. I looked at her nude sexy body from tip to toe. Then i took her in my arms. Oohh, her body was really hot, soft and silky. My cock got further erected and stiffened. As i moved my mouth towards her lips, hema herself moved her pouting lips towards my mouth and offered them to me closing her eyes in ecstasy. I took hema's pouting and juicy lips in my mouth and sucked her lips. I kissed her lips for quite some time there. she also kissed me in great excitement. At the same time i was caressing her boobs. Wow, her boobs were really marvellous. I pressed them with my hands. They were very firm and tight. I went on playing with her boobs. I moved towards her succulent boobs. I kissed her boobs. I liked them. I rubbed my mouth on them. Then i took her nipples in my mouth. Her nipples were very pointed too. Her nipples were hardened by that time. I sucked her nipples. I went on sucking them for few minutes. Hema was getting excited more and more. I kissed her here and there frantically. Then i moved down towards her crotch, thighs, hips, etc. And kissed her there. I again kissed and sucked her juicy lips encircling my arms around her narrow waist line. Hema co-operated me very well encircling her arms around my neck keeping her very closely hugged while i sucked her pouting lips. Her breasts were being crushed badly against my chest. My hard cock was being rubbed against her sexy smooth crotch. After kissing and sucking her lips in that posture for some times i held her from behind in the same posture, i mean in standing position itself and placed my hands on her bulging breasts from under her armpits. I started caressing hema's breasts. She was again in her excitement as earlier. I moved my hands gently on her fleshy plump breasts. Then i pressed them slowly. She was moaning in a very low suppressed voice "....hhhuuhhhh..... ....uuuuffffff.... .ooooohhhhhhh.... ..aaaahhhhh.... I further increased the pressure of my palms upon hema's pair of firm breasts. I was feeling great in pressing her luxuriant breasts as they were very much tight. (i have already mentioned about the tightness of her breasts above.) Hema was holding me putting her arms back around my neck and that way giving me full opportunity to press and squeeze her breasts with ease. She was caressing sometimes my neck, sometimes my hairs in her excitement.i started squeezing her breasts with pressure. She was sibilating, hissing and moaning. After some times she told me to increase the pressure of my hands on her breasts. I did so. She further encouraged me to squeeze her breasts harder and harder. I started squeezing her superb pulpy breasts as hard as i could. She was in great excitement. She was encouraging me with words like "your are doing quite good.... ...you know how to squeeze them....dear press my breasts more hard....aaahhhh....yes....like that.... And i went on exerting as much as pressure onto her firm and tight breasts. The more i pressed her breasts, the more pressure she demanded on her breasts from me, the harder i squeezed her fleshy and spongy breasts, even herder she requested squeeze her breasts. My erect hard cock was getting pressed and rubbed against hema's soft, silky, fleshy and round hips. And i went on squeezing her breasts in the same way. She was writhing her body sexily. She gave jerks to her hips. She wriggled in pleasure. She waggled her hips side ways and to and fro making my hard cock rub against her smooth fleshy and round hips. I found that she was getting hotter and hotter. She was in strong urge for sex as she had haven't had sex for years. Her each action revealed her strong urge to take me in immediately. After some times hema asked me to take her to bed. I took her to her bed in her full nudity. I was also in the same state. She took my dick in her soft hands while getting upstairs with me. As we came upstairs i lifted fully nude hema in my lap and moved towards her bed. It was great moment for me to lift hema in full nudity in my lap while i was also completely naked. I took nude hema to her bed. I again took her in my arms. We both started rubbing our body against each other. Then hema herself took the initiative. She started kissing me. All over increasing my sexual urge to have her. I also kissed her all over her nude sexy body. I sucked her pouting lips. Then i moved towards her breasts again. I licked her nipples one by one. She again moaned and said, please dear, come on, come on and fuck me dear.... I can't wait any more.....come on fuck me...." seeing her fully aroused i mounted upon hema. She separated her thighs to make way for me. I adjusted my dick right in front of her pussy and pushed it. My erect and hard cock slid easily into her as her vagina was fully wet. As my dick went in right inside her, hema sighed heavily in sexy voice "...... Oooohhhh dear..." then i started to and fro movements of my cock go and come into and from her vagina. Her vagina was very hot. My cock gradually became more and more thick and hard. Initially i was fucking her gently. She was moaning sexily "......aaaahhhhh.... ....ooohhhhhhh...." she was gyrating her hips. I gradually increased the speed. Hema arched her thighs upwards. She was throwing her hips up in order to receive my cock inside her every time i made stroke. She was doing so in order to accommodate me more and more inside her. I pushed my cock into her hot vagina with force. She started making sounds a bit louder in her excitement. I went on fucking this sexy female like that for some time. My cock had become thicker by that time. It was making a swift to and fro motion. She then asked me to increase my speed come on fuck me fast...you are great....i like it ....oohh dear....fuck me fast... She went on encouraging to fuck her fast with her words in sexy voice with moans. She was urging me to increase my speed. She requested me to push more and more with full thrust into her hot and wet vagina. I further increased my speed. I made hard strokes. She received each of my hard strokes skilfully throwing her hips up and up every time. I was romping fast. Hema sometimes wripped her legs with mine and some times threw upward. That gave me all sorts of pleasures. I asked her how is it.. How do you feel...she whispered....dear it is very fine...i like it...you are quite expert in fucking...you know how to fuck ....you know how to fuck a woman....i like it dear....go on fucking me like that...... And i was fucking her with full speed. She was encouraging me with her words and i was fucking her fast. I stood on my knees and started giving vigorous thrusts of my cock into her lovely vagina caressing her hips. She was trying to take all sorts of pleasure of fucking and at the same time she was giving me the maximum pleasure. I was pushing my cock harder and harder, faster and faster. We enjoyed fucking for quite some time. I took care of not ejaculating early so that i could continue fucking. Finally my hot sperm started ejaculating and we both were exhausted. We took rest in each others arms. She got up after about half an hour and and started playing with my prick. We were aroused again. I again kissed her. I kissed and sucked her lips, breasts, nipples, etc. Hema told me to fuck her once again right then. I told her to change the posture. I suggested her to be in standing position and lean with the help of the large table placed in the corner of the room. She immediately agreed and smiled in style. She did so as i suggested her. I pushed my cock into her from behind. I started stroking her in standing position then. Hema was sexy enough to throw her hips back to have my fully erect hard cock inside her as much as possible. She was trying to accommodate me in more and more with her to and fro movements. So i found that she was not only hot and sexy but was a smart one also. I gradually increased my speed. I fucked her with full speed making very fast to and fro movement. Hema was again moaning and was praising me for fucking and was encouraging me all through. I went on fucking like that. I fucked her in that posture for a comparatively longer period that time. After we were exhausted we again took rest. I fucked her for four times that night. She always co-operated me very well during fucking. We slept in the morning for an hour or so. After an hour i asked her for another round of fucking. She asked me with surprise "...wow...you are great... ...i can not refuse my dear.... It is my pleasure dear...." i again fucked her in different styles and positions. She was giving me full co-operations. We went on enjoying fucking for much longer period. After we got exhausted. We took slept for about a couple of hour. When i woke up hema brought coffee for us. We took coffee. When i asked hema for more rounds of fucking, she laughed at me and told me that we would be alone in the night for a few days more, so i must conserve my energy for the coming nights. I hugged her and kissed. She also responded me with her hot kisses. I took bath and got ready. So for a couple of months i fucked her till her mother returned and even after that we have it during day times when her mother is out for market Agar koi larki ya aurat pakistan mein especially islamabad rawalpindi lahore mein mujhse chudwana chahti hai ya kisi bi tarah ka relation rakhna chahti hai..ya phone sex chati hai to muje mail karenn at Story2016@gmail.com...secrecy is guarented..so dont hesitate females..everything will be totally secrect


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