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Nasik mai chudai ki kahani

This memory of mine goes back to about firteen years. At that time I was still a virgin bachelor of the age of 24 years. I was posted at nasik for my first assignment in my company. The company was engaged in servicing projects. Since, I basically belong to Mumbai I had to stay in a Hotel. At that time a medium type Hotel used to cost about Rs. 550/- a month. So, I thought it is better to stay in Hotel instead of taking a house on rent. From my childhood I had grown up as peeping tom. I had seen my brother fucking my sister-in-law. Similarly, I had opportunity to see young damsel bathing in a pond etc. So, the habit continued while I was staying in the Hotel there. To my luck, I had similar experiences there as well. Once, I could see a young man fucking his wife (I guess so!). Both were good looking active and really sexy. I had really enjoyed watching their screwing. My stay in Nasik was really enjoying and that got really enhanced when I became friendly with a middle-aged man named Harish who also was staying in the same Hotel. Harish also like me was staying in the Hotel on monthly basis. He was in fact a Manager in Bank. He was also a bachelor of age of about mid forties. He belonged to a place of Andhra Pradesh. He was posted in the branch that was located in the Navy area. He had a unique problem while interacting with his customers. He was unable to understand Hindi and could not converse with them in Hindi. Whenever he had to converse with such of the customers who didn’t know either English or Telugu he had to take the assistance of his fellow colleagues who knew Hindi. During his tenure as Manager of this branch he came across a lady very good looking but little short and wholesome. Her name was Suman. She was a Punjabi, aged about mid thirties. She didn’t know much of English or any of the south Indian languages. At that time her husband was posted at Andamans. She was living with her two sons of aged 12 and 8. Somehow, while doing his job my friend Harish became friendly to this lady. Suman also enjoyed talking to Harish as it was a new experience of learning each other’s language. Suman used to talk to him in Hindi only and my friend Harish in English. After few days both became so friendly that Suman started visiting him in the Hotel. Harish used to tell me about his daily conversations and ask me meaning of few of Hindi words, which she used to tell him. I used to translate them in English and tell him the meaning of few of the words she used to speak to him. This sort of activity continued for about a month or so. One day while Suman was with him in the Hotel, Harish introduced her to me. She was really beautiful with typical Punjabi looks fair, long hairs with shapely bosoms but little plumpy but yet she looked gorgeous. After little normal exchange of pleasantries she asked me to translate many things that she wanted to tell him. Nothing of the speech was either romantic type or offensive but had something more than mere friendship. I didn’t feel anything abnormal in translating each other’s speech. This type of interaction continued for some time. Suman was a bold lady. One of the things she used to pester him was about staying in the hotel. For some reason he could not take an independent house. However, after few days I got an opportunity to take an independent house and as I was alone and the house had two rooms with kitchen bath etc., I asked Harish if he could join me and we could share the rent of the house. He readily agreed. Soon we bought some minimum furniture and kitchen items to start our bachelor life in our own house. In fact Suman helped us to buy some of the items required from the navy canteen itself. The life started. I had bought second hand scooter by which I used to go to my office and for playing Badminton. Suman continued visiting our house more freely now. One day it was evening and when I came to house I saw Suman waiting at our house. I opened the lock and invited her inside the house. It was already dark so as soon as I entered the house I put on the light in the hall. I entered my room, which was also dark. I was keeping my bag on the table but Suman was groping in the dark for the switches. The switch was broken and I shouted at once and held her hand and put on the light. She looked at me when I explained her the danger she was about to face. She smiled and said ‘thank you’. We sat for some time when she started talking of many things. It was nice to hear her stories. After some time she asked “Is it holiday for you tomorrow?” I said, “No, but I have taken leave” “Why what for? She asked. “I have so many balance leave I want to just relax for some time” I said. By that time my friend Harish also arrived and we started talking for some time. There after, Suman said, “Harish, it is dark now I want to go back home..and ..if you don’t mind ask your friend to drop me to the Bus Stand” She said. Harish asked me to drop her by my scooter. I agreed and took her to the Bus Stand and dropped. Next day, I remained at home. For a brief time I went to the market and came back soon. I was sitting after my bath and clipping my fingernails then doorbell rang. I went and opened the door. To my surprise Suman was standing in front. I asked her to come inside. She sat in the chair for some time. I was sitting on my bed and continued clipping my nails. Soon she also came and sat on my bed. We started talking on various things. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse and chiffon sari. While she was sitting by my side, I could have glance of her cleavage. Once I finished my work Suman said, “Sanjay, clip my nails too” I was very surprised, however without much of talk I took her hand and started clipping her fingernails. After few minutes I could feel she was deliberately asking me to do this, as her nails had not grown much. Still I started clipping her nails. While doing so I observed that her sari pallu had slipped from her shoulders but she did not care much to adjust it. Instead she sat in such a position that gave full view of her bust. I could see lovely shaped balloons sitting pretty inside her blouse and looked as though they want to pop out. While clipping her nails I could feel her pressing my fingers indicating something. However, I was so simple and sober that I continued with my work. But, inside my shorts I was feeling hard. Once I finished the work I lay back on the bed and relaxed. She was sitting next to me almost touching her buttocks to my body. She continued to talk. She said, “Sanjay, you know why I asked you people to shift to your own house?” “Why?” I asked. “Because, I like you. I wanted to be friendly with you.” “How about Harish?” I asked. “It is only a pretense, basically I liked U the first day I met you in the Hotel.” She said. “I like your sober nature and friendly nature” she said. After few minutes she sat so close to me that her body was rubbing against my waist. While moving her hands she just brushed my crotch and that made my cock hard. After sometime Suman asked me “Sanjay, can I also lie down?” Although it was only a single spring cot still “Okay..” I said. She slept next to me almost touching my whole body. Soon, I was having strange feeling. It was first time that a gorgeous looking female was sleeping next to me and there was every opportunity to taste the first sex. But, somehow I did not get the courage to take any initiative. We laid back in same way for nearly ten minutes chatting on various subjects. Suman changed her position and turned my side. Here face was within kissing distance. I could feel her hot breath. She slowly started caressing my body. I was very clear of her intentions. Yet, I lay on bed quiet. She moved her hand on my shorts and felt my hardened shaft. I was feeling excited. She asked me “Sanjay, have you any time had sex with any one?” I was flabbergasted at her direct question yet I said “No, not so far..” “You want to experience it today?” she asked. Hearing her words I was stunned for a moment. Her words gave me a very strange feeling that went through my mind and body. Here is an opportunity just waiting to drop in my arms for which I longed all my youth so far. I had always desired that I should give my virginity to my beloved only. My other inner voice said “Come on man, how long you continue with masturbating. Here is an opportunity just grab it! …you will repent if you don’t grab it!” my inner voice said. I was timid. I lay unmoved. While my mind was wandering here and there I could feel that Suman had pushed her hand in side my shorts and started feeling the hardness of my cock. I could feel her soft hand caressing my rod.I just closed my eyes and enjoyed her soft caressing. She said, “Look, that is also ready…come on….wowwwww. .. u have a nice one.. what are you thinking about?” I did not say anything. Few moments passed by in same position. Suman was slowly caressing my cock that was still inside the shorts. I was still not getting courage to proceed further. However, Suman feeling that I was not at all resisting her actions continued with her actions and unbuttoned my short. I did not resist at all and allowed her to remove my shorts. It was the first time I lay bare before any woman. Suman took out it... Ohh sanjay.. kitna lamba aur mota hai.... mmm.. Suman was holding my cock in her palm and pressing it. With every soft press the cock was getting harder and harder. Suman was looking in my eyes. Somehow I could not look into her eyes so, I closed my eyes. She continued pressing my cock in her hand. But by this time, her actions were too exciting to me. My breath became heavy and moaned softly. I was feeling that I was about to cum. I closed my eyes and tried to hold back my cum. But, my efforts were futile. I made moaning sounds. She immediately, laid back and pulled me on her and lifted her sari up and guided my cock in her pussy. Before my cock could enter her pussy my cock spilled the sperms. Part of it spilled on her sari and partly inside her pussy. I gave few trusts before my rod lost hardness. I could not hold my hardness. This was my first sexperience. Within seconds my cock became flaccid and came out of her cunt. My cock was all wet. Somehow, I had the feeling of guilt and made me ashamed on my non-performance. I could not show my face to her. I laid on her in same position for nearly one or two minutes. She kept on talking to me trying to console me. I could not respond to her. She got up from the bed and fetched drinking water to me. I was lying on the bed without my shorts. I could not see in her eyes. However, she still continued consoling me. I drank water and went to the bath and washed my cock. I came back to the bed. Suman was telling me “Look what you have made, you spilled all your sperm on my sari.” She went inside and cleaned herself and her sari with the cum that I spilled. She came back and sat next to me on the bed. I was going through a strange feeling of losing my virginity yet not doing it properly. Soon, we could hear the doorbell ringing. Harish returned back to home. Soon, I could hear Suman moving to his room and chatting with him as though nothing had happened. It was amazing to see how she adjusted herself to different situations. Thereafter, Suman was in our house for about fifteen minutes after that she left bidding good night. Harish accompanied her to the Bus stand. I lay back on the bed reminiscing what had happened sometime back. After two days it was Saturday and was holiday. I was relaxing at home. It was about 10a.m. I heard doorbell ring. I opened the door to see Suman standing at the door. She was wearing pink colored salwar kameez. She always looked very young and pretty in that dress. The dress had broad and deep neckline that gave a gorgeous look of her cleavage. I welcomed her inside the house. She sat in the chair and we kept on chatting for some time. She went to the kitchen and prepared tea for both of us. While sipping tea she said, “Sanjay, what happened the other day, Tumne mujhase koyi baat hi nahi almost killed me. I was dumb struck at your behavior.” “Nothing, I was just ashamed of my self” I said. “Oh, it’s because you spilled your cum before you could enter me?.. pehali baar aisa ho jata hai.. isame sharmane ki kya baat hai” she asked. I gave a weird smile in affirmation of what she said. By this time I was lying on the bed and she was sitting on the chair next to the bed. She moved to the bed and sat next to me. She put her hand on me and with a smile said, “Why don’t you give another try today.” While saying so, she bent on me. Her big tits almost rubbed my chest. She lay next to me and moved her hands on my shorts. My cock was slowly started hardening. This time I was mentally prepared to go for it. With our movement on the bed, the metallic cot made screeching sounds. Both felt conscious of the sounds hence decided to remove the bed from the cot and put on the floor. Quickly both moved the cot to the side and put the cotton mattress on the floor. We both moved on to the bed and lay on it. Suman quickly put her hand on my short and unbuttoned it. She removed the short and moved hand on my hardened cock. “Today your cock is very hard, Sanju... Lgta hai aaj tum bhi mood me ho.. mai to tadap rahi din se.. itna pyara.. lund mujhe milega kya?” she said with a smile. I also smiled and allowed her to play with my tool. Quickly, she removed my T-shirt and simultaneously removed her kameez. First time, I had the chance to look at semi nude body of a woman so closely. We slept side by side Suman continued pressing my cock in her left palm. The cock was quite hard by this time. I was thinking in my mind always that today I must not miss the chance and enjoy the sex fully. I also moved my hand on her body. She had smooth skin and her plumpy body gave me a nice feeling while caressing. I moved my hand on her buttocks but somehow was not getting enough courage to untie her salwar. Knowing my dilemma, Suman untied her salwar and removed it. Suman moved so close to my body that prevented me to see her lower half. However, I had feel of her smooth thighs with my thigh. And suddenly Suman moved on me and sat on my waist and guided my hard cock inside her hole. And I saw her face was in a litle pain.. as my cock was slipped a bit.. ooooh maaa .. its really very fat.. kitna motaaa hai..aaaaahhh..but she didnt stop.. she was a strong punjabi female..Her pussy was very wet indicating that she was fully aroused. She sat on my waist and started rubbing and fucking me hard. My cock soon started seeing depths of her wet cunt. I moved my hands on her bra that was still holding her breasts. I was very eager to unhook her bra and feel her lovely breasts. Knowing my desire, Suman unhooked her bra. Wow!! What a sight it was! She had, two shapely boobs with small nipples. I enjoyed moving and caressing her breasts. I did not lose opportunity to squeeze her boobs. By this time, Suman was vigorously fucking me. She was moaning with excitement. “Sanjuu…you have a very hard cock… bohot mota aur lamba...I…like it…” Her moaning sounds made me more exciting and fuck her hard as long as I could. But, my desire remained unfulfilled. Suddenly, I spilled my cum and Suman felt it and gave good thrusts till she also came out. She sat on my waist with my cock inside her cunt. Within few minutes my penis became flaccid and came out of her cunt. Suman moved to my side and lay next to me. She took my T-shirt and wiped my cock. She wiped her cunt as well. We lay in same position for some time. She asked me, “How did you feel Sanju?” “Nice..” I said. “Is this really first time you had sex?” she asked me. I said, “Yes, you have any doubts?” I asked her. “No, I was simply asking…your cock is really’s very hard I liked it very much... its very first time i saw a big and fat cock.. meri to fat gayi lagta hai.. it was stretched so much.. but i enjoyed” she said. While we lay on the mattress Suman kept on caressing my body as well as my cock. I also kept on pressing her boobs as I didn’t wanted to miss the grand opportunity that day and regret for it later. After about five minutes or so, I felt horny again. The soft caress of Suman made my cock harden again. Soon, it stood up. “Look, your cock wants more..” said Suman with a smile. I also smiled. I was thinking within myself that I should show my stamina to her. This time, I was fully ready in all my manly state to fuck her. My performance fifteen minutes back gave me psychological support to proceed further. My cock this time was rock hard. But this time we both were nude.. i pressed her well shaped boobs... licked her nipples.then i touched her wet pussy..rubbed her clitorious.. she started moaning...aahh oohhh ... then she asked me to lick her pussy. I was a bit hesitant.. coz it was my 1st time.. but i kissed there.. oooooh it was nice smell.. i licked..and the taste ..salty.. same time suman started.. ooooohhhhhh sanjuuu... vey nice.. chusooo..aahh.. i inserted my tongue in sde her.. pink choot.. it was very soft and shaved..and soon she got orgasm..which was in my mouth.. she removed my head from her pussy.. we lay for some time.. she was now very calm.. but she hold my lund her hand and start massaging it.. i also again start kissing her.. pressed boobs.. and again gave her finger fuck ...It was craving to take Suman’s fleshy cunt. Suman without wasting any time mounted me and shoved my shaft in her warm pussy. My cock slipped inside her hole and started seeing the depths of her fleshy mound. Suman this time was very excited. She could feel my cock much harder than it was first time. “Sanjuuu ..your cock is simply superb……....I…more…a..n..d… m..o..r..e..” Suman kept moaning while she took my cock inside her and fucked me. Somehow, this time I was also more vigorous in giving my cock to her. I kept caressing and kneading her boobs. I was getting such a wonderful chance for the first time that I didn’t wanted to waste it. This time she loved the way I gave my cock to her. Soon we changed position. She pulled me up so that we were in sitting position. She was still sitting on my lap with my rod inside her. She gave her boobs in my mouth and moaned, “Suck…my…boobs…I…like…it…bite them..aahhh.” As i was pressing hard.. they became red.... i was biting her nipples also. Like a baby in the arms of her beloved mother, I started sucking her boobs. Although it was a unique experience I sucked her tits to her satisfaction. The hard cock in her cunt and sucking her nipples made her mad with excitement. I slowly bit her both the tits and Suman became madly excited and started moaning and having orgasms. I could feel she was really enjoying fucking me. She asked me to fuck her for long and hard. After about five minutes of fucking, she felt little exhausted and lay on bed and asked me to fuck her. I got a first chance to mount a babe. Also for the first time I had close look at her cunt. It had sparse hairs and must have been shaved only few days back. When I moved between her thighs I could see her shapely body with divine hole with lips open to devour my hard dong. I guided my cock inside her juicy cunt. It moved inside as though it moved through the butter. Now I was not feeling any tightness in her cunt. I wanted to give her hard strokes and show my power. I took the position in such a way that my both the legs stretched and touched the sides of her arms. Suman folded her legs to allow easy stroking of her cunt. Then, resting on my both the palms I started stroking her. Now I could feel tightness of her cunt. The feeling made me mad with excitement. I continued to stroke her hard. Whenever I gave thrust Suman moaned with excitement. Suman enjoyed every bit of my fucking. She desired for fucking her for long. Looking at her this desire I could really feel that probably she must not had a good sex for a long time. I fucked Suman for nearly fifteen minutes. Thereafter, cum spilled from my cock. I moaned and released my juices inside her flesh and lay on the bed. After a while Suman said “Sanjuu…you..are…really a good fucker…that day you made me very nervous... Lekin aaj tumne mujhe dheela kar diya...”. she continued and said “Will you promise that you will continue to love me?” she said. “I promise..I..will” I said. She slowly moved me to the side and started wiping my cock as well as her cunt with the towel nearby. Once she finished doing it, she wore salwar and went inside the kitchen and fetched water. She made me to drink water and she also drank. She was still topless. I enjoyed looking at her lovely boobs. I said, “Suman you have lovely boobs! I like them.” “Really? She asked and moved next to me and lay by my side. We kept on talking lying in same position. It was about one p.m. I was keeping watch on the clock for fear of Harish intruding and spoiling our ‘act of love’. Generally, Harish used to return by about 2.30 p.m. So, I decided to be with Suman as long as I could. Suman was although daring lady she also had fear that now that she has changed her colors she didn’t wanted to get caught but play safe among both of us. We kept on talking lying side by side. While talking I continued fondling with her voluptuous boobs. I enjoyed caressing and kneading her boobs. Whenever I pressed her tits a bit hard she moaned and asked me to be gentle. “Suman, you have such a beautiful boobs that I just can’t let them go out of sight” I said. “It’s all yours Sanjay I love you…I want you to be mine alone and no one else” she said. Her words made me very exciting. I was wondering such a beautiful lady is seeking my love. I felt bit proud too for losing my virginity to a really deserving and gorgeous lady. I had no remorse of any kind in my mind. While talking and fondling each other I could feel my penis getting hard for the third time. My God! What a sight. I wanted to show my power to the sexy Suman and my cock really was not getting satisfied at all!! Suman feeling the hardness of my cock caressed it and said with a smile, “See Sanju, your cock is not under your control anymore…it listens to me…it wants more…come…on..” I was really amazed to hear her words. Suman was longing for more sex. Without wasting anytime she removed her salwar and moved on me and shoved my steel hard cock inside her hole. She rubbed her pelvis hard against my crotch. She gave quick thrusts. The fucking this time was different feeling. I was almost exhausted but never wanted to concede before her. I wanted her to say ‘enough’, but it was not so. Suman had insatiable desire. She also wanted to give me fuck of my life. She made me to suck her tits while she rode me. In this position I could feel she derived maximum pleasure and attained orgasms. When she had enough of my hard shaft, she asked me come over and fuck her. I moved on her and fucked with fierce force. Suman liked my action. “Being a Hockey player you have very good stamina” Suman said. For a second something came to my mind and I asked her “Tell me Suman, you and Harish also have enjoyed?” My cock was still digging her fleshy mound. But, Suman said, “No, not at all Sanjay…he is only a friend…and you know how old he looks…it was only for you I was friendly with him” Although her words did not appear convincing to me I felt within my self ‘what I’m I doing.. without enjoying what I have I am trying to ponder over unwanted things’. And I continued thrusting my cock hard and hard inside her. There was no sign of cum spilling from my cock. I fucked her for about five minutes. Soon I was feeling exhausted but still there was no sign of sperm oozing out. Suman felt my predicament. She asked, “Sanjay, what happened?” “I am not able to come out..” I gasped. “Come on Sanjay, fuck me from behind..” she said and kneeled before me. Wow!! what a sight it was. Beautiful Suman just kneeled before me with her big round buttocks fully exposed to me to ram in to her hole. I had watched such a scene only in blue films or in those foreign booklets. I felt very excited. The cock was still very hard and not a sign of any surrender at all. I felt proud of my cock. It came up to my expectation. I felt very satisfied as a ‘real man’. For a moment I thought definitely I can satisfy any lady on any given day!. And without wasting much of time, I pushed my cock inside her cunt from backside. I held her shapely waist for support whenever I thrust my rod inside her. The pumping continued for nearly six-seven minutes. The exhaustion was slowly taking over me. Suman also started showing signs of reaching total satisfaction. She kept on moaning and asked me to fuck hard and release my cum. But it was not in my control. The cum was not at all ready to come out. I started feeling a kind of pleasing pain in my cock. Then I thought it is better to withdraw without releasing the cum. I took rest of few seconds and held her buttocks hard and gave quick thrusts inside her cunt. Then I felt my cock spilling something I removed cock from her cunt and masturbated vigorously, and then I could just see two drops of cum oozing out. I dropped the cum on her back and lay on her totally exhausted. Suman slowly moved me and made me to lie on bed. Both of us had smile on our faces. The smile showed total satisfaction to both of us. Suman as usual cleaned her self as well as me with the cum. She also for the first time appeared satisfied. She embraced me and kissed my face and lips. I also kissed her neck, face and boobs. Suman gave a smile and said, “Sanjay, I love you…don’t ever leave me…I want you to be mine alone…” I nodded in affirmation, then suddenly I could hear doorbell ring. For some time Suman didn’t hear it and wanted to lie on the bed in same position. But, when second time the bell rang she also heard it. Both of us quickly dressed and put back the mattress on the bed. I asked Suman to go and open the door. She went and opened the door. It was indeed Harish standing at the door. But, Suman maintained her poise and welcomed him with such a smile as though nothing had happened. Within minutes everything was under control and normal. Harish didn’t have any inkling of what happened few hours back inside the house. This is not a story but my sweet memoir. Our sweet togetherness continued for nearly two years till I was transferred out of that place. Suman visited me in Mumbai and we enjoyed a lot.she has a boy from me..which happene when her husband came to her.. so she asked me to make her pregnant. Even after twenty years we meet once in a year. and. still cherish it whenever I think of it. Definitely, I feel Suman may also thinking of me….?? Send your responses to


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