Tuesday, 4 September 2012

RITA chud gaye

HI, i am a very big fan of indiansexstories site. i have read hundreds of stories from various coloums. i have always fantasized that someday my luck will also stike and i will also get a chance to narate my real experience here also. and truly speaking i got a chance few months back. i still cant believe what that happened and that happening today is still true ? anyways comming to the point myself amit(name changed) a 25 yr old guy from capital of uttaranchal, dehradoon met a girl named rita(name changed) few months back in a exibition. she was standing in a corner with her friend and was taking a colddrink. i was really stunned by the beauty. she has very sharp looks and the firure was sooo sexy any man can really cum seeing her figure. her boobs are so heavy that they are moving up and down with her each and every breth. anyways i too got there and was paying the money for the cold drink and her hands too came for the payment and out hands striked. we both looked at each other and passed a smile. i gathered courage and went near her and asked her name. we got a little familier and it was also a little surprise when we came to know that we belong to the same city .. here the story starts returning back to home we came to know more about each other. we exchanged our numbers and started meeting. slowly the interaction between us grew more and we started to talk many times a day and in the night also. but none of us have those type of thoughts in our mind. one day she called me at her home and introduced myself to her parents. and now i started going to her home once a week. i ususlly sit in her room where no one comes and we talk a lot. this went for more than three months but during all this we have never touched each other. One day i got a call from rita to come to his home as she is feeling bored. while i was on the way i thought a bit that why she has called me. this was the first time she has said me like this that shes getting bored. i thought that might be possible my luck will strike today. but my all thinking went into water when i found her mother at home. anyways i went to her room and as her room she also came and put her lips on my lips. at the moment i was shocked to what has happened but gathered my senses and also startd reaponding her. our kiss broke after five mins and she was looking into my eyes wanting for more and more. i talked to him very less on that day and left her home. in the night i got a call and she said sorry for all that has happened. but i said its ok. next day we met in a park and all was normal. we talked on varous topics excluding sex. but shayad kismat ko kuch aur he manjoor tha. as i said i used to go once in a week at her home. during all the visits we now used to kiss, i used to press his boobs, she presses my penis with pants on and i used to rub her ass cheeks with all her clothes on.but she never allowed me to put hands in her bra nor inside her panty. she always said some other time amit.this has gone for more that 3-4 months. and we used to enjoy this a lot. One day i received a call and she said that she is going to visit her relatives and will be come after two weeks so she wanted to give me a surprise gift so that i will not forget her and called me at her home. i was imaging of the surprise gift. and i went to her home and found her alone. i asked where is her mother she said she has gone to market to buy some material. she was busy in packing. i too helped her in packing and when i asked about my gift she at a moment held my pennis and said wait a moment. she unzipped my trousers. put her hands inside over my frenche and started rubbing my tool. i was feeling myself in heaven. suddenly she lowred my pants and i was standing in frenche only and lowered my frenche also. my 6″ tool was in semierect position. she started rubbing it with her hands and planted a kiss on the tip of my lund. as this was my first time i found that i cant control myself. she was playing with my dick like anything and at last she put her mouth around my dick and has taked my full erected dick into her mouth. i cant tell u my friends what the moments are those when she was sucking my dick. just with in few seconds i shooted my cum in her mouth and to my surprise she didnt wasted a single drop of it and drank all the juices. then we kissed each other when we heard the sound of the doorbell. and i zipped my pants. and then i said her good bye and she went to her relatives. i really used to miss her daily and masturbate by taking her name by seeing blue films and imagining her in my arms. two weeks went like two years and after two weeks she came and i recieved a call. i was happy to know that she back. i went to her home next day and we talked a lot. this time her eyes were saying something different. while i was leaving she held my hands and said remained silent. i understood what she all wants. and i too stoped and took her into my arms and within no seconds our lips locked and we started kissing like anything. i this time also tried my luck and stated rubbing his boobs and ass and when i tried to put my hands inside his skirt to my utter surprise she didnt stopped me and allowed me to put my hands and now this was my first time when i was touching the ass and i played with his pussy also by putting my index finger into it. she was breathing heavily and with in no time she came into my hands. i took my hands out of her skirt and tasted he juices. wow what sweet taste it had. after that i pressed her boobs by putting my hands inside her bra and also kissed her boobs and took her nipple into my mouth. i licked her pussy for more than half an hour and she came 3 times with in those 30 mins and i drank all the honey juices. i was not willing to stop i had too and now it became our routine to meet as soon as possible and without waitting the time do all these things. we tried each and everything of sex but never had an intercourse. one i said that we should go ahead but she refused saying she will not do this. anyways i have also not forced her till now. but we now usually see bf , she used to lick my ass i used to finger her cunt as well as asshole. sometimes i shot my cum into her mouth and she insted of drinking put the cum back into my mouth. many a times i shooted my cum onto her boobs and then give her a good massage. many a times i shotted my cum onto her face and really i was a marvellous scene when we got locked into a 69 position. once i shotted a video with my cell phone and we really enjoy that video by seeing it many a times. but i never put that video on any site as ai dont like these type of things. and this all happened while her mother was at the home. now its more than ten months this all ig going. once i said to her that i have a fantasy of having sex with two girls at a time. will you go ahead for this and she neatly refused for it. now sometimes i think i should stop it now and how and till when this will go on and sometimes i feel that she is in love with me and wants to marry with me. i also dont have any problem but my family and her family situations doesnt match and my parents will not accept this at all .. anyways this was all about my first experience that is still goin on .. u can say that but now not so frequently..


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