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Mera pehla sexy pyar

I will gradually narrate my sex linked life to all Readers. This is the first episode. In my childhood days, I lived in a small village about 100 kms away from Lucknow. With me lived my granny, my mom and two younger aunts, my father being the eldest child of my grand parents. My grand-pa and his three sons worked in Lucknow and had a saree business. But we could not afford to be extravagant. Hence, our village accommodation was a one bed-room hut with a kitchen. The room was very big and at least 15 people could easily sleep there. Now comes the story. Though we conversed in the local dialect, for fluency, I will narrate in English. I had a bad habit of bed wetting. So, every night whosoever came to sleep last woke me up and dragged me to the far off nullah for "Susu. It was mostly my mom. We had to sit across the nullah with one foot in each side for "Susu". In summer time the ladies just wore a petticoat of an under-skirt with string tied above their breast line, and they just lifted it above waist high and sat to piss. I recall incidents when I was a boy of seven. It was chilly winter then. I had gone to sleep early and as usual my mom woke me up for a piss and carried me out from under the blanket-quilt protection. Mom carried a torch in one hand and a can of water in another for a wash there-after. Reaching the nullah, she kept the water can aside and the torch on the floor and opens my lower garment. I was half sleepy then. So, without objections I sat and peed. Other day’s mom squatted after I finished. But that day she straight away sat right in front of me, having lifted her lower garments and started releasing herself, her gush of flow stopped my urine, as I saw with astonishment, the opening of her vaginal lips, as a thick flow of urine landed in the nullah. She saw me stopping unlike other days. What happened beta, no susu today?" No mama, actually I had released myself before lying down." Then I will ask you’re granny/any chachi to wake you up after a couple of hours, so that you do not wet bed in this chilly weather and create problems. She was talking as she washed herself after finishing off and then we came indoors. Mama cautioned the remaining three saying, who ever wakes up later in the night, should take him along else he will surely bed wet today. Later at night, granny woke up and dragged me out. She too had dragged me out and made me sit across the nullah and squatted herself. I made no mistake to watch her peeing. Her flow was in spurts and had a thinner one. Moreover, unlike mama, she had a golden jungle between her legs, while mama had a thick and dense forest there.I was looking at her in between there. Hey! What are you looking at? Be faster granny. I am feeling cold and sleepy. I managed to divert her thought and attention.Ohh! Sorry beta. I have finished. Let's go indoors.She stood up, lowered her dress and walked me indoors.My first conscious viewing of a female genital ended.Me, being the only child was loved by all my elders -male or female. My chachi-s even more as they were childless. Next morning my granny took my mom and elder chachi to a large temple for puja, and I was dropped at my school on their way with my younger chachi staying back. They were scheduled to return five to six hours later. Chhoti-chachi finished domestic cores and came to pick me up from school. As we reached home, she asked me to undress and go to the bathroom and stand for a bath to be given by her. We had a large boundary wall which prevented outsiders to peep in. So, I stripped myself and walked into the bathroom and chachi followed me after she changed to indoor dress.

Having closed the door, she poured a massive size kettle full of boiling water in a bucket and mixed a little cold water to temperate the mixture. She took off her saree and hangs it on to the hook. Then she started to pour water on to my body. I shivered and spilled water on to her. Hey! You naughty! Want to drench me I thought you would have your bath together with me. Not a bad idea you little chick! It will save some time for me. Hold on a second. Chachi removed her blouse, wrapped herself into a towel and removed her petticoat too. In village side, there is no fashion of wearing brassieres even today. And this being a nearly fifty year old incident, it was just not thought off. Chachi began to pour water over both of us by dragging me on to her body. Hold me tightly, so that lesser water will be wasted. I obeyed her. I could feel her soft body as I could see her curves through her wet towel. She soaped me, the removed the towel from her body and soaped her too. Chachi, why not drop the towel and soap properly? Hey, you want to see me naked of what? Having held you I could feel your body alright. Moreover, you have shown me the upper part, and I have seen mama and granny yesterday night. Hmm! being naughty? But promise me not to tell any one about this. Ohh! Come on Chachi. There is nothing to be told. Chachi took off the towel completely and stood stark naked before me and we continued to have our bath. I was continuing to hold her and I felt her soft body. I was so short in height that my head was just below her navel. My mouth was at the height of her pelvic region. Her thick bushy groin hairs were touching my mouth. Chachi, may I tell you something? What? Granny has a golden bush down here, mama and you have black thick bush. Why don't I have such on my body? Because you are a kid now? You will surely have one when you grow bigger. Your Susu hole is well covered by this forest of yours. How nature thinks. Yes my child. This is the beauty. And when you sit to do susu, the hole opens up and susu comes out. When I first time cared to see mama and granny, their flows are different too." That is because of a difference of their age dear. But if you learn everything at a small age, it may harm you. Never think these things. Since yesterday night, I have tried to guess what is inside these bushes. If you have shown me so much, won't you show me the rest? I promise not to tell anything to any one. Chachi gave a long thought. Then said alright, we have still more than an hour’s time left for their return. Let us go to the room first. We finished our bath, dried ourselves and went to the room. Chachi dressed me up and herself too after closing the door. She then sat on the massive size bed of ours and spread her legs giving me a full view of her bush. Then she used her two index fingers and opened up vaginal lips. I could clearly see inside. It was a much clearer view the the previous night. Chachi, I see two holes here. Which one is your Susu hole? The upper one? But it is so small. What do you do with the other one? If I tell you, you cannot understand. Grow bigger, and I promise to tell you one day. Chachi, may I touch the holes with my hand? I have only felt them with my face. Though it is not right, but alright feels it lightly. It is very sensitive; your nails may hurt me. I took my middle finger and inserted inside her upper hole. It went in as my finger was small. But the feeling was very soft. I took it out and smelled it. It was a Susu smell. Now I inserted my finger in the bigger hole. Oh! It was slippery! It just vanished inside. Chachi, it is so slippery inside! May I put in one more fingers? Put in as many you can." Her reply was in a hoarse voice. Hearing it I looked up at her face. Her eyes were closed and she was shivering. I put in all my five fingers in. I was also enjoying something which I cannot just express. A seven year old child had a series of current passing through my body. As I pulled my fingers out, chachi yelled No-o-o-o doesn’t take it out! Alright do one thing. Lick the whole place with your tongue, till I ask you to stop. I started to lick without even knowing what it was. The taste was salty, but nice. Believe me friends! I began to have something within me. It was within a minute, that chachi screamed ah-ah-aaah, ouch-aaaauchhh as she pressed my head hard there and within a minute collapsed on the bed very much to my fright. Chachi are you feeling sick? No dear. You'll not understand my feeling today. Maybe sometime later. Tell me something. If I ask you to lick some other day, will you do it? I will.It seems you liked it. Beta, I will explain everything to you one day, when I feel you can understand. But promise not to discuss with anyone else. I have committed a sin. She got up after a few minutes, arranged her dress and opened the door and left to leave me alone totally dazed. Did you enjoy readers? It was not a story, but my experience of first feminine touch.

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Friday, 30 August 2013

Love And Sex from hydrabad

Hi all, I am from Hyderabad slim and with 8 inches and 3 width. I am fair black hair. My weakness is the boobs of girls I fantasize a lot about them. The story is about a call center girl. One day while I was in my office just completed a meeting and was heading for lunch and I got a call from X bank about home loan initially I said no but as she was explaining the interest rates and I just gave it a thought as I actually was planning to buy a Flat to make my IT returns less. Hope you all know if we have a home loan we have a lot of IT exemption so I said her to call me back the next day. Being punctual and getting a deal set she called me right at 11 in the morning and I told her my criteria and she tried to help me a lot but for few questions where she did not have answer es she told me that she will get back after taking to her senior so by this we were frequently talking and before start of the loan conversation or at the end we said hi! And bye! We had lunch dinner and all, also in the mean we were unofficially also talking by exchanging personal numbers. She spoke very well and she always spoke about chocolates as she loved them the most days passed finally my loan got approved and it was about 3 weeks awaited for me to get into my new apartment and she called me and asked for a party for which I happily agreed then the day of the party arrived we met at a restaurant called Rivera (hyd local guys/girls will know this it’s now removed it was beside sangeeth theater) I went there and she was already standing and waiting for me. Now coming to her details(pals dont get angry I saw her on tht day only so telling her details now) she is little dark with god blessed sexy figure Oh! I could not make out but pointing nipples hand grabbing boobs shape tight hugging slim body penny rubbing soft round ass. Parking my bike I was seeing this girl but didn’t know was it the same girl so I called her just standing nearly beside her she saw the mobile ringing and she was seeing my face even I turned towards her and heard her mobile ringing and with low voice I asked arrr arrre are you Swetha? She gave a little smile oh god mind blowing juice wet lips and the shiny middle line I could not stop staring at them. We shaken hands and we started going inside and as our table was already booked by me we sat opposite to each other and as you all guys know first all girls settle and start setting their hair so she too was doing the same for that she raised her both hands and adjusting her hair, Oh! Her boobs were in opposite to me but helpless and I crushed my thighs and controlled my bulge after few min of silence I told her to order she did it hesitatingly she ordered corn soup and i took chicken hot and sour soup we started sipping it and we were just chatting in general. Waiter came with side dish and while serving he knocked off the glass of water on her with Oh! Word she tried to move back and the side dish plate fell on her chunny and stomach part of her dress. She got up with angry face and walked towards was room and came back after a while. I too said sorry and she was ok and started our supper but her dress chunny chalo yaar how can I stop looking there and my best and worst luck she noticed it and tried to adjust it I felt bad she believed me and came how the hell I am doing this I kept my head low but still I could not resists my bulge in the pants (I always wear casuals so the bulge in the pant is clearly seen) I asked excuse and went out for a smoke while coming back I went to wash room masturbated thinking of her and was revealed a lot and happily I came back and sat. She asked me unusually is everything ok? I said yes why not then later after lunch we came out I asked her permission if I could smoke in front of her she said do it but dnt force me to do it I laughed and thanked. Then later i said i will drop her and we both started on bike she was sitting one side only don't expect more! But my bike didn’t have the right side handle so she kept hand on my shoulder. I actually dint try stupid drive but while driving we were talking and some how some lip stick topic came and in a word of affirming her about her lips so cute with out lipstick I made my hand touch her lips directly, She dint say a word and silence went on for few min and finally her house came and she dint even say bye she just left inside. I waited outside for about a min to see if she turns back so tht I would say sorry but bad luck. After about 3 days she gave me msg "Hi how are you where are you? No call No messages? I immediately called her she said she wants to meet but I said I am on office tour and will be back in a day. Finally after I reached Hyd I called her whether I could meet she was busy later in the eve she called up and said me to come home I was surprised and as you all were thinking I too thought I could do some hanky panky but as soon as I entered I was shocked to see guess what! Areeee yaar its her birthday party all her friends were there. I said oh then ah then fine its ok .we normally spoke for some time and after the party I said iam leaving she said me to wait again bells rang in my heart she said just she wanted me to introduce to some one special that means her would be ah oh ok fine nice to meet you bla blah blah. Next morning I woke up to take my mobile went our for a smoke saw the sms call urgent it was Swathi and upon calling she said I need to talk urgently come home I didn’t expect anything more I just went in and said hi she came with a beer and said I hope you wont drink who the hell wont drink she asked me if I would have whiskey of her dad but I honestly said I only have beer. We both took two small beers and sat on the roof top of her house and were talking. Swathi said tell me one thing frankly why you went out in the resto hearing this I spilled out beer out of my mouth and said no nothing just to pee. She said dont just bluff tell truth. I still denied she asked how you could touch my lips like that. Now I thought its waste of time to play around and i again touched her lips with my index finger and said really they are lovely and juice and and went to was room seeing your boobs I am sorry if you feel this wrong I said she was quite for a moment and smiled a little and said I know you masturbated and she scolded me after masturbation I actually washed and in a hurry I forgot to put my zip and the inner wear was wet which was clearly visible while I sat the zip I adjusted later while we were moving out but I thought it wont be visible as we were sitting. She said me to walk down and while she was walking she turned around to close the door or the entry for roof at that time her face was in front of me I could feel and sense her hot breath and the bulge of her chest while she is breathing I gave no chance and kissed her on lips she moved back and ran down I followed her to the kitchen as there was no one at her home we started playing. She opened refrigerator door for water I grabbed from back and my hand was on her stomach trying to play with her belly button and was kissing her neck and shoulder she was moving her head up and down and she dint stop me. Later I moved and cupped her lovely boobs making circles around them. I turned her towards me and took her face in both my hands and kissed her lower lip, then I took her upper lip and started sucking it mean while she started responding and she sucked my lower lip it was heaven and it went on till about 10 min I opened her hair we both moved. I didn’t want to waste any time I laid her on floor and started kissing from her belly button raised her T-Shirt a little and she could not control it she hold my face and took it up she kissed me madly and she was going mad in the romantic feel while I played my hand on her stomach which was making her more aroused. Now I could not resist and was madly waiting to see those pair of boobs and dragged her top off and could see pink flower lined bra with some transparent lining. I started cupping them and took out the right boob out and played with my tongue on the circle around the nipple making it wet I pulled her nipple up with my lips mean while I was cupping smoothly the other one and now I turned her around and kissing her stomach and trunk line i unhooked her bra and kissed all her back madly by keeping both my hands on her boobs turning her back on my chest she removed my shirt she undid her jeans too while I did mine now we were only in our down one piece of cloth she on top of me started kissing my hairy chest and tried to suck my chest and I could not resist as her boobs were moving up and down on my stomach which made me mad now I went on top of her started sucking the boobs a little hard she pressed my head on her boob very hard which made me suck them more hard and press and circle the other one harder she took her hand to my shaft and tried to get it out which I didn’t allow she was in heaven and mourning were on top of her with pleasure she threw me back and got on top of me held my hand firmly I allowed her for my pleasure she went down and started to move her hand up and down and she was like going to eat it. She now went down and making circles on my dick top I was now mourning with pleasure and tried to stop but she dint she took off her panty which was badly wet and took me on top of her. I went down slowly made the pussy clean with my hand and and started to move her pussy pink lips apart and slowly inserted my first finger and tapped it on top and bottom she hold my hand very tight and she was eating my lip very badly (Kind Of kiss) now I inserted little deep and was making her bad but I saw tears in her eyes by which I stopped and asked her of she is ok she got up and hugged me tightly and said its her first time and blood is out and its paining badly. I took her to bath room and cleaned her pussy and asked her if I could continue or stop she got angry and said me fuck me or I will not let you go. I obeyed her and now I inserted my two fingers and played which got more blood out and after few min I washed her and took her to bed room there I took few ice cubes and i started rubbing her pussy she could not control it she demand me to fuck her but still I went down

I started to take her left pussy lip and kissed it madly them the right and played there with my tongue now she started using mad words pls fuck me then I took out my dick and slowly made and played around her pussy lips by pressing her boobs real hard and slowly inserted inside (I had to care her pain though she wanted it badly inside but it’s her first time so took care of not hurting her bad) and made in and out tears rolled in her eyes but still she wanted it badly. I turned her back and played with my dick on her ass cheeks and tried to insert from back but it was real pain for her she was crying out loud still she was needing it. Finally I took her in my arms kissed her face with out leaving an inch and I told not not this time as its gonna pain a lot because of the size of my dick she tried to say no but I promised to fuck her again and really hugged her tightly made her secure and made her sleep on my chest and played with her hair to make her comfortable and all this mean my dick stood high missing her pussy she played with hand and finally I could not compromise and told her to lick it she did it for my happiness and I unloaded the load in her mouth which made me real happy. I asked her why she tried to make love with me as she is going to get married she said no one guaranteed that her hubby is coming virgin and she wanted to loose her virginity to whom she understood well and made her happy not just for sex but for true and loving romance. She said sorry to me for not satisfying me I consoled her telling real happiness is not in sex its in making love. When that is done it should be from both ends she was very happy and after that we had sex in all angles nearly about 3 to 4 times she also shared how her hubby fucked.

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

friend Sexy Ride

Hi friends, I’m Love from Mumbai I’m first time sharing my erotic experience with my girlfriend (she was my true love) thanks to human digest for encouraging people to share such experiences. The story begins with me Love. I was in 1st year of my electrical engineering I was searching for girlfriend for that purpose I used to chat with girls from all over India through rediffbol. And but I failed to get one girlfriend and during that period I caught up a girl named Shreya. I chatted with her just once and then she was lost she never became online. I think I chatted for 4 long hours that day but I waited for her becoming online again but no response so. After 5 months she again became online, it was it a coincidence. I don’t know but ya I met her again then the story began. We recollected our chat and then moved ahead we talked much personal then we exchanged our cell numbers too then we never chatted we regularly use to call and text each other. We were in contact for 24 hours through texts this continued for a month or so and then we decided to meet up somewhere so we decided to meet in CCD.

She was very nervous and so was I as it was my first time I mean. I used to go for roaming here and there in the city with my school friends but this was not the same condition. I was meeting a stranger for the first time. I think you getting my point. The day came she came in typical white punjabi dress she gently patted my back from behind and said "hiiiiiiiii a very long one her voice was so sweet and so was she was very beautiful mind she was a perfect girl which every boy desires for she was 38 26 36. The dress which she was wearing for completely fitting her body and ya showing all her body curves perfectly she was just awesome. I shaked hand with her and it was also great I fell in love with her at that instant only she was not knowing about my feelings. We talked for 2 hours and she got a call from home she left and ya I asked her to drop at her home. What a stupid. I was meeting for the first time and asked this kind of question she was impressed by me n my nature. We were now much close to each other I was nt able to control my emotions for her so one day I proposed her through text and she replied me that she wont mind it was surprise for me that she didn’t get angry even, well it was good for me then the real story and fantasy began between us we became close mentally and physically both. We used to go on long bike rides on highways. I used to stop the bike and then I used to pull her arm and take her towards the trees. I was getting advantage of the dark trees and dark roads. I used to kiss her lips very hard and fast actually she was much willing to do this than me so she used to support me very quickly not even to ask anything. I used kiss her lips very long smooch with our tongues touching each others. I was feeling the heat all around my body and her body too she always used to wear deep neck t-shirts or tight shirts so that she can move down quickly her t-shirt. I can kiss her breasts and suck her nipples very hard I used to suck them very much for long time and she used to press my head towards it very hard and she used to moan like anything her breaths used to excite me very fast even an impotent person listens to it then he can also get excited. It’s a challenge mind it but when I try to remove her pants she used to say no no not now I can’t handle any more. I used to stop but this was a regular session during every bike rides muuuuaahhhhhh Shreya. I love you so much. Then this was not enough for me. I used to call her at night 12 then I used to ask her to get nude then she everytime asks me for 2 mins to do it...then I used to say that imagine I’m kissing your lips very hard sucking your nipples and slowly inserting my dick your vagina and she used press her breasts very hard they were much big yar much juicy as I tasted it many times this all I did to masturbate at my place by just listening her voice and moan and her breaths. I think you understand rite it was amazing and after I cum out I used to say aaahhhhhhhhhhhh oohhhhhh do it fast my jaaan do it fast she used to speed up very much literary saying oohhhhh ahhhhhhh mhhhhhh. I need you I need you hard please come now please. I love you honey I can’t handle this alone. You know what she is mad for me she wanted sex after marriage. I forgot to tell you that we promised to marry each other ya so she wanted sex very frequent after marriage. She told that we will sex twice a week so you can imagine wat kind of sex she wanted huhhh. The day came people which I was waiting for one day before that day as usual I did masturbate by hearing her moan...then at last she told me that she want to have sex with me though she always used ignore before marriage as she thought that it wont be safe. I assured her everytime but still she didnt agree. I used to leave it but this she told me by her own that’s she wants to to sex. So I told that where we will do. Neither my home was empty nor her so we decided to go in a hotel on the highway but I was if police can come if the receptionist of the hotel informs them. What rubbish I was thinking after all it was first time she told that we will book one room only. She told that she will buy mangalsutra imitation one from the market and she will wear it and she will wear Indian dress. I told ok we both carried safety things with us like condoms and she took i-pills. That day as usual we were riding bike going to the hotel on the way she asked for my hand to take it back. I asked why she took my hand forcibly then placed it on her breasts and told to press it hard oh my! It was heaven while riding bike hahaha then the hotel was near, she put on Mangalsutra.

 Then we asked for one room by the name Mr. and Mrs. Purvesh Joshi hahahaha what a fake name I told, well no problem was created because I was not looking like a boy. My body construction looks much matured then we got in the room she was looking very beautiful that day as I like girls punjabi dresses, she was black Punjabi it was awesome with tight fittings and deep neck much deep getting the glimpse of the breasts yhe deep naval was clearly visible. Then immediately I pushed towards the wall and kissed her anything it was very jungli kiss, we did for 15 to 20 minutes they I moved down and down. I kissed her tits then navel then her thighs. Then I removed her pajamas I removed her panty it was black one. A designer one I drop out it then I started licking it today she wasnt stopping me to do it otherwise she used to stop me to do it always I licked her cunt very fast. My tongue touching her inner walls she was moaning very louder she was curling my hairs because of excitement. She was telling ooohhhh uuhhhhh aahhhhhh phewww does it fast. I love it do it do it. I am about to cum do it fast aaaahhhhhhh uppppphhhhhh hhuuhhhhh huhhhh then she came out I tasted for the first time it was sweet. I loved it then I moved above again kissed her lips then turned her around then my hands were cupping her breasts and pressing it. My uzipped her dress chain with my mouth I kissed her back like anything. She was great at sex man then I removed her dress and bra then suck her nipples very hard with my one hand squeezing the other tit. She was getting very excited by now then she pushed me on the bed. She was on me she removed my clothes then she scanned my whole body through kisses n just kisses then she started sucking my sick she put her lips on my dick I felt excited. She kissed it then started sucking slowly and then slowly and gradually she speed up she took it fast in her mouth she was moving her heard like anything. Then I was forcibly come on her. I inserted my dick in her vagina she was virgin so it was her first time. So pain will be there to her I slowly inserted it then I pumped it like anything with hands squeezing her breasts like anything and kissing her lips she was shouting like anything aaaaaahhh. I love you fuck me honey fuck me hard do it fast. Then she took me down she sat on me took my dick in hand and inserted it and then she was riding me like she was sitting on a horse she was jumping like anything she aaahhhhhh aahhhhh aahhhh. Then she rotated her ass around my dick then I took her down she was set like a doggie and I fucked her like doggie. She was having pain she even bleeded as it was her first time and her virginity was broken by now then I lastly cum in her ass but I wore my condom it was safe. We were then exhausted we rested for sometime nude then we dressed up and without speaking much to receptionist of the hotel we came out and ride our bike again to the city the plan was successful. The main problem with her was she loved me like anything but she was very dominating and I cant tolerate it I tolerated it once twice even thrice but then it was unbearable and I broke up with her but still loves me no one in her life. I explained much that leave your ego and attitude but she says you will have except me as I’m. I can’t do so I left her but still I cant forget those erotic experiences with her she was beautiful and extremely hot she can seduce anyone easily hahahaha my friends even tried to encourage me that be committed to her once again so even I got committed to her for 5-6 times and she accepted me too but my heart was saying no because just for sex I can’t ruin anyone.

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

marriages and other ceremonies

I hate marriages and other ceremonies. They usually bore me to death. This one was taking place in our neighborhood and it was a neighbor's granddaughter. I was bored till in walked Shweta. Shweta was the wife of a wealthy crazy guy living opposite us. The guy was a jerk and a brute and God knows how he got a pretty girl like Shweta. I liked her but naturally she was always surrounded by her 2 kids and the maid and we could hardly speak. Today it was different. She was alone. Her hubby had taken the kids to Chandigarh to meet their grandpa apparently. Shweta was looking very different today. She was dressed in a green and gold ghagra-choli and was looking very happy. I didn't know how to approach her and was minding my own business when suddenly I found her standing next to me, holding a glass and smiling. Her choli was almost transparent and I could see her cleavage. Boy! Was I turned on! We chatted freely as I kept reducing the distance between us. Soon it was dinner time and we sat besides each other and I purposely kept rubbing shoulders with her. She didnt react even once. Disappointed, I was ready to leave when she called out to me. She wanted me to walk her home. Needless to say our walk to us to her door in her apartment. I had already changed the topic to her husband and slowly but surely she was beginning to break. Once inside she was almost in tears as the complaints flooded out. Within minutes she was in my arms being consoled. As she looked up I knew this was my chance. Leaning in I began to kiss her and so did she, embroiled in the 'moment'.

My hands explored her back and made their way to her buttocks. The material of the ghagra was so thin it seemed as if she was bare-bodied and I squeezed her ass and began to push my fingers in between her legs. She started to shiver and moan and I saw this as the best opportunity to lift her choli and bra upwards releasing her breasts. They were large and round and the nipple was almost an inch long. I began sucking on her nipples as she reached for my pants. Unzipping my trousers she roamed inside looking for my tool, which she found instantly and wrapped her fingers around it. I pulled off her choli and pulled down her ghagra. She wanted to take me to the bedroom but I had other plans. Pulling her to the balcony I lay her down on a small sofa they kept in the balcony. I had always fantasized about fucking her in the open where it's dangerous with all the neighbors around. She didn’t care where we were because she just wanted it bad. Spreading her legs apart I began licking her from her knees, through her thighs, onto her belly button. I did the same to her other leg, using my tongue to tenderly arouse her. This time I moved my face in between her legs. Her pussy was a shaved delight and I began to suck on it like it was the last pussy I'll ever suck. I moved my tongue in and out of her hole multiple times causing her to explode on my face. She came with real fury, but I wasnt done. I continued my sucking till the point she said "nahi, aur nahi hoga" (No, It won’t happen anymore). I had complete faith in my abilities and reached deeper with my tongue and bingo! She began to almost scream now and jump her hips up and down as she had a second orgasm. (She later confessed that her husband found it difficult, like most guys to make her cum once. But a total of 3 times in a space of an hour was magical!) She was a kind lover and now sat up the sofa to take my dick in her mouth. I stopped her. I told her "tonight is your night Shweta.

 I lay on top of her. Shweta's eyes closed as I kissed her and then I kissed her on her eyes and forehead. Meanwhile I had started rubbing my dick on her pussy. As it was already lubricated I could enter easily. Holding her from her back I pulled her towards me as I began to screw her. We were both breathing together as my dick went in and out like a piston, exploring the insides of her vagina. I felt her open up and my penis sank right inside her and we groaned and moaned and made love for what seemed like an eternity our bodies writhing together in pleasure our sweat mixing and lubricating our hips and chest and arms as we pushed into each other over and over again. When it was finally over we came together. I came inside her and lay next to her giving her time to adjust before I pull out of her. I kissed her again as I lifted her naked body and carried her inside. She whispered something in my ear as I put her on her feet. I could only smile in agreement as I pushed her upper body down on the table and spread her legs from behind. She wanted me to fuck her ass and I wasnt going to disappoint her. The air was filled with the sound of the table rocking and my hips slapping against her bare ass as I screwed her from behind.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dost ki madad ki

Hi, this is Manoj, aged 32 & my wife is Mita aged 28 and this is the story of my neighbor Mr. Vikas. One day I meet him in the garden and as we were talking I asked him about his wife who was pregnant and he told she has gone to her mom's home for delivery for past 3 month's and I asked then how do you have sex and he told it has been 3 month's not having sex as he don't go anywhere because of the diseases. I came home and was thinking of him as my wife Mita asked me and I told about Vikas and I told her I want to see her with him and she was ready. Vikas is a tall man around 30, little slim but with a good presence and a nice gentle man. Mita is a sexy lady of 28 in age with a nice figure of 36d-28-38 and a sexy nice saggy boobs and a bumping round ass with a sexy smile which makes all the men ready to fuck her. She wear saree below navel and with the sleeveless blouse open from behind with just 2 ropes and her full back is seen in that and her silky net saree in which her boobs and ass looks damn sexy and her full figure is seen completely and all men have a good look wherever we go at her.

 So the next day I again met him and I told him I arranged a party to him and a nice lady is there listening this he was very eager and told he will be coming so I called him at night at my home and he asked if Mita comes I told she has gone out and at night the door bell rang and Vikas was present I made him sit in the hall and opened the beer and I put off all the light just one bulb was there and as we were drinking he asked me where is the lady and I told him to wait. After having 4 beers we were now little tight I signaled in the bed room and a lady came wearing a saree shirt and deep cut sleeveless blouse. Her face was covered with a hanky and as she came to the hall I played the music and she began stripping in front of us at first she removed her saree and threw it on Vikas and he started smelling it and then she removed her blouse and petticoat and now she was in her bra and she was now stripping close to Vikas and he was now touching her body and boobs , now she was in just bra and panty and he started kissing her boobs and licking her legs now He wanted to kiss her mouth so he told her to remove the hanky from her face and as she removed it he was stunned to see that she was Mita who was stripping in front of him and as he looked at me I told him to enjoy her and now he started kissing her lips and he took off the bra and panty and put his finger in the cunt and was licking her boobs I was seeing all this very interestingly and he now started pressing her boobs and her big ass and kissing her and it went for around 20 minutes. Later he stood up and Mita removed his pant and undy and a good giant cork was out she then pressed it with her hand and started stroking it Vikas was in full pleasure and he closed his eyes and now Mita put some honey in his cork and started licking it and she licked it from up to down then she started kissing it and she started moving his cork skin up and down Vikas was telling "ahahahohohohohufufufuahahha" then Mita put her tongue in the cork's middle hole and put some milk in it and sucked it and as she was sucking.

Vikas was now moving and giving a stroke in her mouth and his full cork was in her mouth and she was too taking it nicely he was making it in and out Mita was sucking hard and then she removed it and started moving it with her hand and now as it was he was going to cum he was telling "come on fast stroke hard take it in your mouth” and Mita took it inside again and he was moving his cork in and out and telling "wow what a sexy sucking this is darling I had not got like this suck before I love you and your mouth. Come on take my load "ohohohoahahahieieiioaoaoaoaaooaaoieie I am going to cum suck hard take it in come on hard, lick it, take it, suck it hafuhahahohfuufufuieiei" and now Mita was telling "come on dear give your load in my mouth I want to drink it I want you’re cum thick cum of 3 months I want to drink it. I want all in my body come on give it, blast it in my face and in my mouth give it uccucuuou" and as she was telling Vikas took his cock in his hand and Mita opened the mouth and a blast of cum came from his cork and it fully splattered all over her face and in her mouth and she took it in her mouth and licked all from his cock till the last drop and then gathered all his cum from her face and applied all over her body and kissed his cock and Vikas now fell in the bed saying "you are very sexy I enjoyed my 3 months sex in one day ououoo. Now as he laid down I started kissing her and I gave my big fatty cock in her mouth and she was sucking it seeing this Vikas got up and he told her to sit like a dog and he applied honey in her ass and now gave his cock in Mita’s hand And she stroked it till it became tight and now he moved behind and put his giant cock in her ass as it went she told “wow oh hhahahahha put it in fully in give me a hard stroke fuck my ass come on fuck hard and harder Vikas, fuck it fully put it inside "and hearing this he now started fucking her hard and all his cock was in her ass hole and he was telling “good ass darling wow what a sweet nice to fuck it good hole it is very sexy I love your ass hole and u r taking it very nicely take it ufufufufhhah come on take it aaaaaaaha and as I was seeing it my cum came out and she took it in her mouth and seeing this Vikas cum was also to come and he was now saying "ahahah take my cum it is comings come on Mita move up take it in your empty dried ass make it wet ahahhahaaha" and Mita was saying give it make it wet it is dried for months I had not got like this hard cork in my ass come on ahoaoaoaoa hard fast hard fuck my ass oaoaoaoieieieieiufuufufum" and now Vikas cum was seen coming out and it went straight in her ass and it was filled with all his thick cum and Mita and Vikas cried together umumuaooaoa" and he sat in the bed and told me your lucky to have such a sexy wife and I told u can be also lucky come on take her she is all your's and he told thanks and gave Mita a nice lips kiss and they fall in the bed. I wanted to see more so again I started licking her cunt and she was telling "ahahahoiho" hearing this Vikas stood up and he took her legs up and put his cock inside her cunt and he was fucking her hard and I too moved up and I slept under her putting my cork in her wet ass and she was sandwiched between us and we both were fucking her from front and back and she was saying "ahahahufaooaahahha come on ahaufuufuohoo Vikas fill my hairy cunt with your thick cum put it inside my cunt ahahahhoohohooh fuck me hard Vikas fuck me fast "and Vikas now shouted "ahahahahofofofohooohoh take it, it is coming take it oaoaooaoho" and his cum came out together with mine in her cunt and ass and both her hole's was filled with our cum and she said "ahahahoohmuieiieieieouuo and we 3 of them stood up and we went to the bathroom for wash. As we were having the bath together we cleaned ourselves Vikas now took Mita under the shower and he started licking her cunt and she was sucking my cock I gave my cork in her mouth and then Vikas was licking her cunt and I was putting my tongue in her ass as it was the 4th time so our cum was taking time to come but as she was sucking and moving my cork I came and it was all over her face and Vikas made her to sit down and as she was stroking his cork his cum too came out and it was all over her mouth and in the face and in her hairy arm pit and it was the largest cum came during the all time fuck and Mita again licked it and nicely washed his cork with her own hand and later we came out and Vikas left to his house being fully satisfied.

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Monday, 26 August 2013

Entertainment sex On The Train

I had a train trip planned from Goa To Mumbai. On the day of departure, I reached the station, well before time as I usually do. An hour before departure, the train arrived. I went from one compartment to other looking for my name (They have a list on each compartment, with the name of the traveler, seat number, etc) I finally found my compartment. I was in a first class room, with just two seats. The other name seemed like a lady I knew. Her name was Mina Gaikwad. I entered my berth, removed my shoes and sat. After around 20 minutes, Mina arrived.Yes! It was the lady I knew.We expressed Surprise to see each other and also we were happy that we knew each other. I asked her how her Husband, kids, etc were doing. She was dressed in a Sari and looking at her caused some stirring in my loins. I had been on a trip to India for 3 weeks. This was my third and since my Wife was in the US, I had not had sex for that amount of time. Also, I had chosen not to masturbate.

The train started and I started reading a book. I told her, I was on a trip here for 3 weeks. It so happened, that so was she and said she missed her Family. She asked me, do you miss Sharpay (My wife). I said I did, it has been 3 weeks. She seemed to understand the reason (I suspected it was because, she probably felt the same). After around an hour, she said she would have to change and go to sleep. For some reason, she chose to change in the berth. She asked, if I could close my eyes, while she changed. I put my hand over my eyes, but could not help peeking after a while. She was in her panties and bra. Panties, were lacy and did not conceal much. I could see pussy hair coming out. Her breasts were large. I got a huge erection. I closed my eyes again. After a while, she said I could open my eyes. I noticed, she was looking at my erection. I looked in her eyes and she looked back, openly. She was now dressed in a cotton gown. We shut off the light with the intention of going to sleep. I covered myself with my Blanket. My cock was throbbing. The 3 weeks gap, plus the sight I had just seen had caused an erection. I started rubbing my cock over my pants. And then I unzipped, and let it out thru the opening in my underwear. I slowly started rubbing it. I did not plan to come, probably play it with a while and then go to sleep (Maybe not such a great idea, because it makes you even hornier but a lot of fun) I looked at the side, and it seemed like Mina was watching me. It was dark, so I wasn’t quite sure. It takes a while for the eyes to get used to the light. After a while I could see better and it seemed like she was stroking herself. I had got quite horny now, which meant I started to throw caution to the winds. I removed my pant and shirt (I was still under the bed sheet) and kept stroking myself. I don’t know, if she noticed. I kept stroking myself. She seemed to be stroking herself quite fervently. I removed the bed-sheet and sat up. My heart was beating like crazy. I think she could see me, but she kept on stroking. That encouragement was enough for me. I went up to her seat and sat next to her. I could see her face. She was pretending to be asleep. I removed her blanket. Her gown was open. Her thin panties did not cover much and could clearly see her pussy was wet. I put my hands on her breasts and stroked them. Obviously I was living dangerously. Like I said before, I had got myself to a state, where I was throwing cautions to the winds. She had her eyes closed, as I started stroking harder. Then I stroked her pussy. It was really wet. I stroked it with the palm of my hand and then with a finger, I explored inside (Still above the panty) I then put my hand inside the panty and stroked it , the clit and all inside. I put a finger inside and explored. She was still sleeping. Clearly, this was encouragement enough. I took her panties off and starting licking her pussy. She must have been surprised. Probably, her hubby had not done that before. I do it often. I liked her clit and Vagina. It was wet.I took her hand and put it on my cock and then to the balls. It was throbbing. I removed her Bra and stroked her breasts. Then I went on top of her and inserted my Penis. I started fucking her and I kissed her lips. Her eyes were closed, but she responded with her tongue. I was deep insde and she was moaning. I whispered in her ear, I going to fuck your cunt. I kept saying it, till I came hard. I came out and saw sperm in her hairy pussy. aapko story achi lagi to comments kare

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sale Ki Biwi Ko chod diya

Me bangalore me rahta hu aur shaddi ke baad one woman man raha hu...halanki shaddi ke pahle do ladkiyo ke saath me live-in me raha tha...magar shaddi ke baad me sab kuch sirf patni ka raha..hamari sex frequency bhi kaafi jyada rahi kyoki exercise aur yoga kabhi chodo nahi... Yeh story abhi ek mahine pahle ki hai...jab meri biwi pregnant thee aur mere saale ki biwi hamare ghar me rahne ke liye aayi thee....usko me bhabhi bolta hu aur woh mujhe jijaji...woh ek normal shaddi shuda aurat jaisi hi hai... Ghar me aane ke saath hi hum dono ki choti choti ched chad shuru ho gayi....halanki yeh sab tabhi hoti thee jab meri biwi dur rahti usse peth par, gaand par touch karta tha...aur woh bhi mauka dekh kar thodi pass aajati thee...jab woh khana banati thee to me peeche se kabhi kabhi uski gaand ko sahlata rahta tha aur woh muskarati rahti thee...yeh sab 8-10 din chalta raha aur meri biwi ki pregancy ki date aagayi...pregnancy cradle me thee jo mere ghar se kareeb 5-6 km hai...bhabhi ghar par hee rahi aur me hospital me..shaam ko delivery ho gayi aur c-section ke karan woh gahri neendh me so gayi..mene doctor se poocha aur unhone kaha hi aap ghar ja sakte ho...yeh abhi morning tak soti rahengi...mene bhabhi ko phone kiya me ghar aaraha samay kareeb 10 baje honge raat ke.. Me ghar pahocha to bhabhi ne darwaja khola. Bhabhi nighty pahne hue thee aur badi sexy lag rahi color ki nightie aur baal khole hue they bhabhi ne..aaj to ghar me koi nahi tha...aate hi woh mujhe chipak gayi...aur men dheere dheere apne haath unki peeth se lekar gaand tak pher raha tha....aaj unhone nighty ke andar chaddi nahi pahni thee...mera lund mere pant me tight ho raha tha...aur bhabhi usse mahsoos kar rahi thee....deere se unhone apna haath mere lund ke upar rakh diya aur mujhe dekhdar muskaria...mera lund already 7 '' ka khada ho chuka tha... Dheere dheere me unke boobs sahlane laga...mera ek haath unke boobs par aur doosa gaand ko sahla raha tha...aur woh bhi apne haath se mere lund ko feel kar rahi thee...dono ki high ho rahe they...mene dheere dheere kiss karna shuru kar diya....gale aur kaane ke neeche aur dheere dheere kaano ko kata...woh khade khade hi aahe bharne lagi...aur unki aankhe band ho chuki thee aur woh enjoy kar rahi thee...dheere se mene unse kaan me poocha -bedroom me ya sofa par...unhone kaha...kahi bhi...jaha aapki marji...mene unse dheere se poocha last period kab aaye they to unhone bola ki kareeb 3 hafte pahle...jiska matlab safe days chal rahe they..mene kaha bhabhi condom lagaleta hu…unhone kaha..nahi, mujhe aise hi chahiye..hmm...mene unhe sofa par dheere se patak liya aur apni pant, shirt, baniyan utar di...aure unki bra ko release kar diya... Abhi woh bhi mujhe kiss kar rahi thee..jor jor se...mere haath dheere dheere unki nightly utha raha they...mene unhe thoda uthne ke liye bola jisse nightly kamar se upar ja sake...woh thoda uchki aur mene nightly unki kamar se upar kar beech unhone bhi mera lund apne haath me le liya...and whispered...bahut bada aur tight kiss kar raha tha thigh se aur upar aaraha tha...aur unki sassho ki raftar bahut bad gayi thee....aur is beeche unhone apni nighty upar se uthar kar alag kar di...bra jo ki latak rahi thee usse bhi uthar diya...abhi hum dono poore nange they sofa par...woh boli...jijaji...kariye na...abhi aur mat tadpao...please andar aajao..bhabhi ki taange already Kaafi khul chuki thee aur me apni tongue unki choot par chala raha tha..woh bilkul hosh kho rahi thee aur satwe aasmaan par thee..unki choot bhi kaafi gili ho chuki thee aur ab woh ready thee thokne ke liye...mene apne aapko barabar set kiya aur apna lund unki choot ke upar rakh diya...thodi der slow slow andar bahar karne ke baad mene apna lund dheere dheere andar daalna shuru kar diya...woh apne dono haath aur per hawa me kar chuki thee...aur enjoy kar rahi thee.. Thoda aur andar daala to woh thoda ka uccki kyoki sayad jyada andar ja raha tha...dheere dheere mene stroke maarne shuru kar diye..aur bhabhi ke per thode aur mere stroke aur unka rhythm match kar raha tha...unke boobs bhi upar neech kar rahe they aur me apne unke nipple bhi suck kar raha tha...ham dono sayad ek samose ke tarah lag rahe honge...ek doosre me ghoose hue..dheere dheer mene stroke thode aur tej kar diye...she was enjoying the back and forth movement and moaning...unki Position thodi uncomfortable ho chuki thee isliye mene unse kaha...chalo bed par chalte hai ..aap thodi relax rahogi...phir mene apna lund unki choot me se nikaala....aur unhe utha kar bed par le aaya...humne tissue paper bhi le liya jisse bed sheet par mark ne aaye..bed par unke taange phir uth gayi aur mene apna lund phir se daal diya...abhi unki choot chudai ke karan poori tarah se khuli hui thee aur andar tak dik raha tha..mene unhe bola ki per sirf khol do.. Uthane ki jarurat nahi hai...kyoki aap thak jaogi aur jab actual chudai hogi tab per jyada apne aap uth jayenge...unhone apne per mere hisab se khol diye aur hamari position badi comfortable thee....kareeb 15-20 tak thoka peeti ke baad hum dono climax par pahooch gaye..aur mene apne haath unki gaand ke neeche rakhkar move karne laga...thodi uthakar jor jor se stroke maarne shuru kar diye aur thodi hi der me hum dono ne ek saath release kar diya...hum logo ne apni choot aur lund ki safai kari..uske baad hum log thode der lete rahe Aur bhabhi bahut satisfied aur khush thee...hum logo ka yeh silsila agle do din tak chalta raha aur phir quickie kabhi kabhi jab tak woh bangalore me rahi...woh kal wapas ja chuki hai..aur me yeh experience aapke saath share kar raha hu.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

sexy Aunty Se Pyar

My name is Rahul. I am from Mumbai. Yeh us samay ki bat hai jab mai 22 sal ka tha. Aur jinke bare me batane ja raha hoon Wah ek Shadishuda Meri Padosan hai aur unka naam Vimal hai. Unki age 25 thi aur Shadi hoke 4 saal hue the. Aur unke 2 bacche the. Husband unka kafi time bahar rehta tha aur jab bhi aata tha to pike aata tha. Ghar pe bhi unka in-laws hone ke karan unko sab pareshan karte the kyu ki wah poor family me se thi aur unka husband ghar me kuch Kama ke deta nahi tha. To gharwale sochte the ki wo sab kuch inke paas hi deta hai aur ye apne maa ko bhej deti hai. Yeh sab dekh ke accha nahi lagta tha. Wo uske ghar me bilkul akeli padti thi. Aur unke bacche bhi dinbhar mere yaha par hi khelte the to WO bhi most of time wo mere ghar me hi time passkarti thi. Mai ghar par akela hi rehta tha. Baatcheet ke karan wo mujhe man hi man me chahne lagi thi aur mai bhi. Vimal mujhko bahut chahatee thi, kaunki ek mai hi to tha jise ki Vimal batcheet kar saktee thi. khas kar jab koi unke ghar pe nahi hota aur unka husband bahar jaata. Vimal bahut pyar se mera khyal rakhtee the aur khabhi eh ahsas nahi hone deti ki mai ghar par akela hun.

Wo mujhe pyar se Anu kahkar pukartee the aur mai humesha unke pas pas rahana pasand karta tha. Wo bahut hi sundar thi, ekdam gori chitti lumbe lumbe kale bal kareeb 5'3" aur figure 38-28-40 tha. Mai unkee Smile aur chuchee par phida tha aur humesha unkee ek jhalak pane ke liye betab rahata tha. Jab-bhi kam karte waqt unka anchal unki chati par se phisal kar neeche girta tha ya wo neeche jhuktee, mai unkee chunchee ki ek jhalak pane ke koshish karta tha. Vimal ko is-bat ka pata tha aur wo janbujh kar mujhe apnee chunchee ka jalaba dikha detee thi. Eh bat tab hua jab mere uske husband kam ke silsile me shadi ke bad bahar gaye aur unke gharwale bhi pahale se hi unke gaon gaye the aur kareeb ek mahine bad lautne wale the. Vimal par hi ghar samhalnee ki jimmedaree the. Mera us samay time kharab chal raha tha aur sath hi me Vimal ko bhi akelapan mahasus ho raha tha. Vimal usdin bahut hi khush the. Jab humlog ghar pe the to unhone mujhe apne kamare me bulaya aur kaha ki unhe akele sone ki adat nahi hai aur bacche bhi akle hai to jab tak Wo wapas nahi atee, mai unke ghar me soya karoo. Mai to khusi se jhum utha tha Vimal ne khana pakaya aur hum dono sath sath khana khaya. Aaj wo mujhpar kuch jyada hi meharban thi aur bar bar kisi na kisi bahane se apni chunchee ka jawa hume dikha rahee thi. Khane ke bad Vimal ne hume phal khane ko diya. Phal dete waqt unhone mera hath masal diya aur bade hi madak ada se muskura diya. Mai sharma gaya kyunki eh muskan kuch alag kism ki thi aur usme shararat jhalak rahee thi. Khane ke bad mai to Paper padhne baith gaya aur wo apne kapare change karne lagee. Garmi ke din the aur garmi kuch jayada hi tha. Mai apna shirt utar kar kewal baniyan aur pant pahan kar parhne baith gaya. Mere saamne ke table ke upar diwar par ek shisha tanga tha aur Vimal ko mai us shishe me dekh raha tha. Wo meri taraf dekh rahee thi aur apna kapra utar rahee the. Wo soch bhi nahe saktee the ki mai unko shishe ke andar se dekh raha tha. Unhone apna blouse khol kar utar diya. Hai kya madmast chunchee thi. Mai pahalee bar lace wali bra me bandhe unke chuchee ko dekh raha tha. Unki chunchee kafi badi thi. aur wo bra me sama nahi rahee thi. Adhi chunchee bra ke upar se jhalak rahi thi. . Kapre utar kar wo bister par chit let gayee aur apne sine me ek jhinee se chunnee dhak liya.

Ek pal ke liye to mera man kiya ki mai unke pas ja kar unki chunchee ko dekhu, phir socha eh thik nahi hoga aur mai padhne lag gaya. turant hi wo so gayee aur kuch hi der me unka duppatta unke chatee se sarak gaya aur sanson se sath uthtee baithtee unki mast raselee chunchee saf saf dikh rahi thi. Rat ke barah baj chuke the. Mai parahi band kiya aur batti bujhane hi wala tha ki Vimal ki surilee awaj mere Kano me padi, "Anu yaha aaoo na “ Mai unki taraf badha, ab unhone apni chunchee ko phirse duppatte se dhank liya tha. Maine pucha, "kya hai Vimal?' Unhone kaha, "Anu jara mere pas hi let gaoo na, thori der bat karenge phir tum apne bister par ja kar so jana." Pahale to mai hichkichaya lekin phir man Gaya. Main Rat KO Shorts pahan kar sota tha aur ab mujhko Jeans pahan kar sone me dikkat ho rahee thi. Wo meri pareshani samaz gayee aur boli, "koi bat nahi, tum apni pant utar do aur roj ghar me jaise sote ho waise hi mere pas so Jao. Sharmao mat. Aaoo na." Mujhe apne Kan par yakeen nahi ho raha tha. Jeans Utarkar maine light band kar di aur night lamp jala kar mai bister par unke pass let gaya. Jis badan ko mahino se niharta tha aaj mai usi ke pas leta hua tha. Vimal ka adhnanga shareer mere bilkul pass tha. Mai aise leta tha ki unki chunchee bilkul nangee malum de raha tha, kyu ki thoda sa hissa hi bra me chupa tha. Kya haseen najara tha. Tab Vimal boli, "itne mahine se akele nahi soyi hoon aur ab adat nahi hai akele sone ki. " Maine kaha , "mai bhi kabhi kisi ke sath nahi soya." Wo jor se hasi aur boli "anubhav le lena chahiye jab bhi mauka mile, bad me time lagega " Unhone mera hath pakar kar dhire se khinch kar apne ubhre hue chunchee par rakh diya aur mai kuch nahi bol paya lekin apna hath unke chunchee par rakhe rahane diya. "Mujhe yehan kuch kuja raha hai, jara dekho na " Maine bra ke upar se hi unki chunchee ko Dabana shuru kiya. Vimal ne mera haat bra ke under daal ke sahalane ko kaha aur mera hath bra ke andar kar diya. Maine apna pura hath andar ghusa kar jor jor se unki chunchee ko ragadna shuru kar diya. Meri hathelee ki ragad pa kar Vimal ke nipple khade ho gaye. Mulayam mans ke sparsh se mujhe bahut acchha lag raha tha lekin bra ke andar karke masalne me mujhe dikkat ho rahee thi. Achanak wo apni pith meri taraf ghuma kar boli, "Anu yeh bra ka hoock khol do aur thik se karo." Maine kanpte hue hathon se Vimal ki bra ki hoock khol diya aur unhone apne badan se use utar kar neeche dal diya. Mere dono haton ko apne nangee chatee par le ja kar wo boli, "thoda kas kar karo na " Mai bhi kafi excite ho gaya aur josh me akar unki rasili chunchee se jam kar khelne laga. Kya badi badi chunchea thi. Brown Colour ki Chinchee aur kale kale nipple. Pahalee bar mai kisi aurat ki chunchee ko chhu raha tha. Vimal ko bhi mujhse apne chunchee ki maalish karwane me maza araha tha. Mera lund ab kara hone laga tha aur underwear se bahar nikalne ke liye jor laga raha tha. Mera 7" ka lund pure josh me aa gaya tha. Vimal ki chunchee masalte nasalte hue mai unke badan ke bilkul pas aa gaya tha aur mera lund unki jangho me ghumne laga tha. Achanak wo bole, "Anu eh meri tango me kya kuch hil raha hai?" Maine himmat karke jabab diya, "ye mera penis hai. Tumne mere unka to dekha hoga na?" mai Hath laga kar dekhun? Unhone pucha aur mere jabab dene se pahale apna hath mere lund par rakh kar usko fhondle karne lagi. Apni mutthi mere lund par kas ke band kar lee aur boli, "bapre, bahut kadak hai."

Wo meri taraf ghumi aur apna hath mere underwear me ghusa kar mere phad-phadate hue lund ko elastic ke upar nikal liya. Lund ko kas kar pakadte hue wo apna hath lund ke jad tak le gayi jis se supada bahar aa gaya. Supade ki size aur akar dekh kar wo bahut hairan ho gayee. "Anu kahan chupa rakha tha itne din" unhone pucha. Maine kaha, "yahi par to tha aapke samne lekin aapne kabhi dhyan hi nahi diya. Vimal boli, "mujhe kya pata tha ki tumhara itna bada hoga, chote ho to chota hi rahega, mai ro soch bhi nahi saktee thi." Mujhe unki bindaas boleipar ascharya hua jab unhone "lund" kaha aur sath hi me bada maza aaya. Wo mere lund ko apne hath me lekar kinch rahee thi aur kas kar daba rahi thi. Phir Vimal ne apna petticoat apni kamar ke upar utha liya aur mere tane hue lund ko apni jangho ke bich le kar ragadne lagee. Wo meri taraf karwat le kar let gayi taki mere lund ko thikh tarah se pakad sake. Unki chunchee mere munh ke bilkul pas thi aur mai unhe kas kas kar daba raha tha. Achanak unhone apni ek chunchee mere munh me dete hue kaha, "chuso inko munh me lekar." Maine inki left chunchee apne munh me bhar liya aur jor jor se chusne laga. Thore der ke liye maine unki chunchee ko munh se nikala aur bola, "mai humesha tumhare blouse me kasi chunchee ko dekhta tha aur hairan hota tha. Inko chune ki bahut icchha hoti thi aur dil karta tha ki inhe munh me lekar chusu aur inka rus pi loo. Par darta tha pata nahi tum kya socho aur kanhee mujhse naraz na ho jao. Tum nahi jantee Vimal ki tumne mujhe aur mere lund ko kitna pareshan kiya hai?" Acchha to aaj apni tamanna puri kar lo, jee bhar kar dabao, chuso aur maze lo mai to aaj puri ki puri tumharee hun jaisa chahe waisa hi karo Vimal ne kaha. Phir kaya tha, Vimal ki hari jhandee pakar mai tut pada Vimal ki chunchee par. Meri tounge unke kale nipple ko mahasus kar rahee thi. Maine apni tounge Vimal ke uthe hue kale nipple par ghumaya. Maine dono anaron ko kas ke pakare hue tha aur bari bari se unhe chus raha tha. Mai aise kas kar chuncheeon ko daba raha tha jaise ki unka pura ka pura rus nichod lunga. Vimal bhi pura sath de rahee thi. Unke muhh se "oh! Oh! Ah! Ce, ce! Ki awaj nikal rahee thi. Mujhse puri taraf se sath dete hue wo mere lund ko buri tarah se masal rahee thi aur marod rahee thi. Unhone apni left tang ko mere kakh ke upar chadha diya aur mere lund ko ko apni thies ke bich rakh liya. Mujhe unki jangho ke bich ek mulayam reshmi ehsas hua. Wo unki choot thi. Vimal ne panty nahi pahan rakhee thi aur mera lund ka supara unki jhantoo me ghum raha tha. Mera sabra ka bandh tut raha tha. Mai Vimal se bola, "Vimal mujhe kuch ho raha aur mai apne ape me nahi hun, please mujhe batao mai kya karon?" Vimal bole, "tumne kabhi kisi ladkee ko choda hai aaj tak?" Maine bola, "nahi." Kitne dukh ki bat hai. Koi bhi ladkee isse dekh kar kaise mana kar saktee hai. Shaadi tak aise hi rahne ka irada hai kya? Mai kya bolta. Mere munh me koi shabd nahi tha. Mai chupchap unke chere ko dekhte hue chunchee maslta raha. Unhone apna munh mere munh se bilkul sata diya aur phusphusa kar bolee, "apni Vimal ko chodoge?' "ha kyu nahi" mai badi musjkil se kaha paya. Mera gala sukh raha tha. Wo bade majaki andaz me muskura di aur mere lund ko azad karte hue bole, "thik hai, lagata hai apne anardi Anu mujhe hi sab kuch sikhana padega. Par guru dakhshina pure man se dena. Chalo apni Shorts utar kar pure nange ho jao." Mai bed par se uter gaya aur apna underwear utar diya. Mai apne tane hue lund ko lekar nang a hokar Vimal ke samne khada ho gaya.. Vimal apne rasile hoton ko apne danto me daba kar dekhti rahi aur apne prticoat ka nada khinch kar dhilaa kar diya. "Tum bhi isko utar kar nangee ho jao" kahate hue maine unka petticoat ko kheencha. Vimal apne chutad ko upar kar diya jisse ki petticoat unki tango uter kar alag ho gaya. Vimal ab puri tarah nangee ho kar mere samne khadi thi. Vimal ne apni tango ko faila diya aur mujhe reshmi jhanto ke jangal ke bich chupi hue unki raseele gulabee choot ka nazara dekhne ko mila. Night lamp ki halkee roshni me chamakte hue nage jism ko ko dekhkar mai uttejit ho gaya aur mera lund mare khushi ke jhumne laga. Vimal ne ab mujhse apne upar chadne ko kaha. Mai turant unke upar let gaya aur unki chunchee ko dabate hue unke raseele hont chusne laga. Vimal ne bhi mujhe kas kar apne alingan me kas kar jakad liya aur chumma ka jawab dete hue mere munh me apni toung daal diya. Hai kya swadist aur raseele toung thi. Mai bhi unki jeev ko jor shor se chusne laga. Humara chumma pahale pyar ke sath halke me tha aur phir pure josh ke sath. Kuch der tak to hum aise hi chipke rahe, phir mai apne lips Vimal ki nazuk gallon par ragad ragad kar chumne laga. Phir Vimal ne meri pith par se hath upar la kar mera sar pakad liya aur use neeche ki taraf dhakela. Mai apne honth unke honto se unki thodi par laya aur kandho ko chumta hua chunchee par pahuncha. Mai ek bar phir unki chunchee ko masalta hua aur khelta hua katne aur chusne laga. Unhone badan ke nichle hisse ko mere badan ke neeche se nikal liya aur humaree tangee ek-dusre se door ho gaye. Apne dayen hath se wo mera lund pakar kar use mutthi me bandh kar sahalane lagee aur apne bayen hath se mera dahina hath pakar kar apni tangoo ke bich le gayee. Jaise hi mera hath unki choot par pahuncha unhone apni choot ke dane ko upar se ragar diya. Samajhdar ko ishara kafi tha. Mai unke chunchee ko chusta hua unki choot ko ragane laga. "Anu apni unglee andar dalo na?" kahati hue Vimal ne mera unglee apni choot ke munh par daba diya. Maine apni unglee unki choot ke darar me ghusa diya aur wo puri tarah andar chalee gaye. Jaise jaise maine unki choot ke andar muaina karte mera maza badta gaya. Jaise hi meri unglee unke choot ke dane se takrayi to unhone jor se siskari le kar apni jangho ko kas kar band kar liya aur chut utha utha kar mere hath ko chodne lagee. Unki choot se pani baha raha tha. Thodi der bad tak aise hi maza lene ke bad maine apni unglee unki choot se bahar nikal liya aur sidha ho kar unke upar let gaya. Vimal ne apni tange faila di aur mere fadfadate hue lund ko pakad kar supada choot ke muhane par rakh liya. Unki jhanto ka sparsh mujhe pagal bana raha tha, phir Vimal ne mujhe bola, "ab apna laun meri chut me ghusa do, pyar se ghusana nahito mujhe dard hoga, ahhhhh!" It was my first time so shuru shuru me mujhe apna lund unki tight choot me ghusane me kafi pareshani hue. Mai jab jor laga kar lund andar dalana chaha to unhe dard bhi hua. Lekin pahale se unglee se chudwa kar unki choot kafi gilee ho gaye thi. Vimal bhi hath se lund ko nishane par laga kar rasta dikha rahee thi aur rasta milte hi mera ek hi dhakke me supada andar chala gaya. Isse pahale ki Vimal sambhle ye asan badale, maine dusra dhakka lagaya aur pura ka pura lund makhhan jaise choot ki jannat me dakhil ho gaya. Vimal chillaii, "uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaa uhuhuhhhhh oh Anu, aise hi kuch der hilna dulna nahi, hi! Bada jaleem hai tumhara lund. Mar hi dala mujhe tumne Jaanu " Vimal ko kafi dard ho raha lagta tha. Paheli bar jo itna mota aur lumba lund unke bur me ghusa tha. Mai apna lund unki choot me ghusa kar chup chap pada tha. Vimal ki choot phadak rahee thi aur andar hi andar mere lund ko masal rahee thi. Unki uthi uthi chunchean kafi tezi se upar neeche ho rahe thi. Maine hath badha kar dono chunchee ko pakad liya aur munh me lekar chusne laga. Vimal ko kuch rahat mili aur unhone kamar hilani shuru kar dii. Vimal mujhse boli, "Anu shuru karo, karo mujhe. Lelo maza jawanee ka mere sweetu," aur apni gaand hilane lagee. Mai taa anadi . Samajh nahe paya ki kaise shuru karun. Pahale apni kamar upar kar hi rha to lund chut se bahar aa gaya. Phir jab neeche kiya to thik nishane par nahi baitha aur Vimal ki choot ko ragadta hua neeche phisal kar gand me jakar phans gaya. Maine do teen dhakke lagaya par lund choot me wapas jane badle phisal kar gand me chala jata. Vimal se raha nahi gaya aur tilmila kar kar taana deti hui bole, "anadi lund chut ka nash , are mere bhole anu jara thik se nishana laga kar dalo nahi to choot ke upar lund ragad ragad kar jhad jaooge." Maine kaha, "Vimal apne is anadi aashique ko kuch sikhao, jindagee bhar tumhe guru manuga aur lund ki dakshina dunga." Vimal lumbee sans leti hue boli, "ha Anu, mujhe hi kuch karna hoga nahi to Shadi ke baad tumhe kuch nahi aayega." Mera hath apni chunchee par se hataya aur mere lund par rakhtee hui boli, "isko pakad kar meri choot ke munh par rakhho aur lagao dhakka jor se." Maine waise hi kiya aur mera lund unki choot ko cherta hua pura ka pura andar chala gaya. Phir Vimal bole, "ab lund ko bahar nikalo, lekin pura nahi. Supard andar hi rahane dena aur phir wapas pura lund andar daal dena, bas issi tarah se karte raho." Maine waise hi karna shuru kiya aur mera lund dhire dhire unki choot me andar-bahar hone laga. Phir Vimal ne speed badha dene ko kaha. Maine apni speed badha di aur tezi se lund andar-bahar karne laga. Vimal ko puri mastee a rahee thi aur wo neeche se kamar utha utha kar har shot ka jawab dene lagi. Lekin jayada speed hone se bar bar mera lund bahar nikal jata tha. Isse chudai ka silsila tut jata. Akhir Vimal se raha nahi gaya aur karwat le kar mujhe apne upar se utar diya aur mujhko let ne ko kaha aur mere upar chad gayi. Apni jangho ko faila kar bagal kar ke apne gaddedar chutad rakhkar baith gayi. Unki choot mere lund par thi aur hath meri kamar ko pakade hue thi aur boli, "mai dikhatee hun ki kaise chodte hai," aur mere upar let kar dhakka lagaya. Mera lund ghap se choot ke andar dakhil ho gaya. Vimal ne apni raseeli chunchee meri chatee par ragarte hue apne gulabee hont mere hont par rakh diya aur mere munh me jeev daal diya. Phir Vimal ne maze se kamar hila hila kar shot lagana shuru kiya. Bade kas kas kar shot laga rahee thi meri pyari Vimal. Choot mere lund ko apne me samaye hue tezi se upar neeche ho rahee thi. Mujhe lag raha tha ki mai jannat pahunch gaya hun. Ab position ultee ho gayee thi. Vimal mano mard thi jo ki apni mashuka ko kas kas kar chod raha tha. Jaise jaise Vimal ki mastee badh rahee thi unke shot bhi tez hote ja rahe the. Ab Vimal mere upar mere kandho ko pakad kar ghutne ke bal baith gayee aur jor jor se kamr hila kar lund ko tezi se andar-bahar lene lagee. Unka sara badan hil raha tha aur sanse tez tez chal rahee thi. Vimal ki chuncheea tezi se upar neeche ho rahee thi. Mujhse raha nahi gaya aur hath badha kar dono chunchee ko pakad liya aur jor jor se masalne laga. Vimal ek sadhe hue khilari ki tarah kaman apne haton me liye hue thi. aur kas kas kar shot laga rahee thi. Jaise jaise wo jhadne ke kareeb aa rahee thi unki raftar barhti ja rahee thi. Kamre me phach phach ki awaj gunj rahee thi. Jab unki saans phul gayee to khud neeche akar mujhe apne upar kinch liya aur tango ko faila kar upar utha liya aur boli, "mai thak gayee mere Anu , ab tum morcha sambhaloooo." Mai jhat unki jangho ke bich baith gaya aur nishana laga kar jhatke se lund andar dal diya aur unke upar let kar danadan shot lagane laga. Vimal ne apni tang ko meri kamar par rakh kar mujhe jakad liya aur jor jor se chutad utha utha kar chudai me sath dene lagee. Mai bhi ab utna anadi nahi raha aur unki chunchee ko masalte hue Dhaka dhak shot laga raha tha. Kamara humaree chudai ki awaj se bhara pada tha. Vimal apni kamar hila kar chutad utha utha kar chuda rahee thi aur bole ja rahee thi, "ahhh aaahhhhh unhhhh ooohhhh oooohhhhh haaaaaan haaaaai meeeere Anuuuuuu, maaaaaaar gayyyyyye reeeee, ccchoooood re choooood. Uiiiiiiii meeeeeeriiiii maaaaa, phaaaaaaat gaaaaaayeeee reeeeee aaaaaaj to meri choot. Meeeeera to duuuum nikkkkkal tuuuuune toooo aaaaj. Baraaaaa jaaaaaleeem haaaaaire tuuuumhaaaaaara lunddd, ekduuuum maheeeen massssssala peeeeess diyyyyya reeeeee." Mai bhi bol raha tha, "leeeee meriiiii soniiiiiiiiiiiiiii, leeee leeeee mera lund apniiiii okhleeeee meeeee. Badaaaaaa tadpayyyyyya hai tuneeee mujheeee. Leeeee leeee, leeee meriiiii Vimaliiii yeh lund abbbbb teraaaa hiiii hai. Ahhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhh kya jannat ka mazaaaaa sikhayaaaaa tuneeeee. Mai to teraaaaa gulam hoooooo gayaaaa." Vimal gand uchal uchal kar mera lund apne choot me le rahee thi aur mai bhi pure josh ke sath umkee chuncheon ko masal masal kar apni Vimal ko chode ja raha tha. Vimal mujhko lalkar kar kahati, lagao shot mere raja", aur mai jawab deta, "yeh le meri rani, le le apni chut me". "Jara aur jor se sarkao apna lund meri choot me mere raja", "yeh le meri rani, yeh lund to tere liye hi hai." "Dekho rajjjja meri choot to tere lund ki diwanee ho gayee, aur jor se aur jor se aaaaeeeeeeeee mere rajjjjjjja. Mai gayeeeeeeeeeee reeee," kahate hue meri Vimal ne mujhko kas kar apni bahon me jakad liya aur unki choot ne jwalamukhi ka lava chor diya. Ab tak mera bhi lund pani chorne wala tha aur mai bola, "mai bhi ayaaaaaa meri jaaaaan," aur meaine bhi apna lund ka pani chod diya aur mai hafte hue unki chunchee par sir rakh kar kas ke chipk kar let gaya. Yeh meri pahali chudai thi. Isiliye mujhe kafi thakan mahasus ho rahee thi. Mai Vimal ke sine par sar rakh kar so gaya. Vimal bhi ek hath se mere sir ko dhire dhire se sahalate hue dusre hath se meri pith sahala rahee thi. Kuch der bad hosh aya to maine Vimal ke rasele honton ke chumban lekar unhe jagaya.

Vimal ne karwat lekar mujhe apne upar se hataya aur mujhe apni bahon me kas kar kan me phus-phusa kar boli, "Anu tumne to kamal kar diya, kya gajab ka takat hai tumhare lund me." Maine bola , "kamal to apne kar diya hai Vimal, ajtak to mujhe malum hi nahi tha ki apne lund ko kaise istimal karna hai. Yeh to apki meherbani hai jo ki aj mere lund ko apki choot ki sewa karne ka mauka mila." Abtak mera lund unki choot ke bahar jhanto ke jangal me round mar raha tha. Vimal ne apni mulayam hathelion me mera lund ko pakar kar sahalana shuru kiya. Unki unglee mere andoon se khel rahi thi. Unki najuk unglion ke sparsh pakar mera lund bhi jag gaya aur ek angdaee lekar Vimal ki choot par thokar marne laga. Vimal ne kas kar mera lund ko kaid kar liya aur boli, "bahut jan tumhare lund me, dekho phir se phad-phadane laga, ab mai isko chodungee." Hum dono agal bagal lete hue the. Vimal ne mujhko chit leta diya, aur meri tang par apni tang chada kar lund ko hath se muth marne lagee. Sath hi sath Vimal apni kamar hilate hue apni jhant aur choot meri jangh par ragadne lagee. Unki choot pichlee chudai se abhitak gili thi aur uska sparsh mujhe pagal banae hue tha. Ab mujhse raha nahi gaya aur karwat lekar Vimal ki taraf munh karke let gaya. Unki chunchee ko munh me daba kar chuste hue apni unglee choot me ghusa kar sahalane laga. Vimal ek siskari lekar mujhse kas kar chipat gayee aur jor jor se Kamar hilate hue meri unglee se chudwane lagee. Apne hath se mere lund ko kas kar jor jor se muth mar rahee thi. Mera lund pure josh me akar lohe ki tarah sakth ho gaya tha. Ab Vimal ko betabi had se jyada badh gayee thi aur kuhd chit ho kar mujhe apne upar kinch liya. Mere lund ko pakad kar apni choot par rakhtee hui bole, "aaoo mere raja, second round ho jaye." Maine jhatse kamar utha kar dhakka diya aur mera lund unki choot ko chirta hua jad tak dhans gaya. Vimal chiilh uthi aur bole, "jeeo mere raja, kya shot mara hai . Ab mere sikhaye hue tareeke se shot par shot maro aur phad do meri choot ko." Vimal ka adesh paakar mai dugune josh me aa gaya aur unkee chunchee ko pakar kar Vimal ki choot me lund dalne laga. Unglee ki chudai se Vimal ki choot gili ho gayee thi aur mera lund satasat andar-bahar ho raha tha. Vimal neeche se kamar utha utha kar har shot ka jawab pure josh ke sath de rahee thi. Vimal ne dono haton se meri kamar ko pakad rakhha tha aur jor jor se apn choot me lund ghuswa rahee thi. Wo mujhe itna uthati thi ki bas lund ka supada andar rahata aur phir jor neeche kinchtee huee ghap se lund choot me ghuswa letee thin. Pure kamare me humaree sans aur ghapa-ghap, phach-phach ki awaj gunj rahee thi. Jab hum dono ki tal se tal mil gayee tab Vimal ne apne hath neeche lakar mere chutad ko pakad liya aur kas kas kar dabochtae hue maza lene lagee. Kuch der bad Vimal ne kaha, "aaoo ek naya asan sikhatee hoon," aur mujhe apne upar se hata kar kinare kar diya. Mera lund 'pak' ki awaj sath bahar nikal aaya. Mai chit leta hua tha aur mera lund pure josh ke sath sidha khara tha. Vimal uth kar ghutno aur hathelion par mere bagal me baith gayee. Mai lund ko hath me pakad kar unki harkat dekhta raha. Vimal ne mera lund par se hath hata kar mujhe keecnh kar uthate hue kaha, "aise pade pade kya dekh rahe ho, chalo ab uth kar peeche se meri choot me apni lund ko ghusao." Mai bhi uth kar Vimal ke peeche aakar ghutne ke bal baith gaya aur lund ko hath se pakar kar Vimal ki choot par ragadne laga. Kya mast gol gol gadde dar gaand thi. Vimal ne jangh ko phaila kar apne chutad upar ko utha diye jisse ki unki raseeli choot saf nazar aane lagee. Vimal ka ishara samajh kar maine lund ka supada unki choot par rakh kar dhakka diya aur mera lund unki choot ko chirta hua jad tak dhans gaya. Vimal ne ek siskaree bhar kar apni gand peeche kar ke meri jangh se chipka dee. Mai bhi Vimal ki pith se chipak kar let gaya air bagal se hath dal kar unki dono chunchiee ko pakad kar masalne laga. Wo bhi masti me dhire dhire chutad ko age-peeche karke maze lene lagi. Unke mulayam chutad meri masti ko doguna kar rahee thi. Mera lund unki raseeli choot me aram se age-peeche ho raha tha. Kuch der tak chudai ka maza lene ke bad Vimal boli, "cahlo Anu ab age utha kar shot lagao, ab raha nahi jata." Mai utha kar seedha ho gaya aur Vimal ke chutad ko dono hathon se kas kar pakad kar choot me hamala shuru kar diya. Jaisa ki Vimal ne sikhaya tha mai pura lund dhire se bahar nikal kar jor se andar kar deta. Shuru me to maine dhire dhire kiya lekin josh badhta gaya aur dhakko ki raftar badhtee gayee. Dhakka lagate samay mai Vimal ke chutad ko kas ke apni aur keench leta taki shot tagada pade . Vimal bhi usi raftar se apne chutad ko age-peeche kar rahee thi. Hum dono ki sanse tej ho gayee thi. Vimal ki mastee pure parwan par thi. Nange jism jab apas me takrate to ghap-ghap ki awaj aatee thi . Kafi der tak mai unki kamar pakad kar dhakka lagata raha. Jab halat bekaboo hone lagee tab Vimal ko phir se chit leta kar un par sawar ho gaya aur chudai ka daur chaloo rakha. Hum dono bhi paseene se lathpath ho gaye the par koii bhi rukne ka nam nahi le raha tha. Tabhi Vimal ne mujhe kas kar jakad liya aur apni tange mere chutar par rakh diya aur kas kar jor jor se kamar hilate hue chipak kar jhad gayee. Unke jhadne ke bad mai bhi Vimal ki chunchee ko masalte hue jhad gaya aur haften hue unke upar let gaya. Hum dono ki sanse jor jor se chal rahee thi aur hum dono kafi der tak ek-dusre se chipk kar pare rahe. Kuch der bad Vimal bole, "kayon Anu kaisee lagi meri choot ?" Mai bola, " hai Vimal jee karta hai ki jindagee bhar issi tarah se tumharee choot me lund dale pada rahoon. " "Jab tak mer husband wapas nahi aatee, yeh choot tumharee hai, jaise marzee ho maze lo, ab thode der aaram karten hai." "Nahi Vimal, kam se kam ek bar aur ho jai. Dekho mera lund abhi bhi bekarar hai." Vimal ne mere lund ko pakad kar kaha, "yeh to aise rahega hi, choot ki khusbu jo mil gayee hai. Par dekho rat ke teen baj gaye hai, agar subah time se nahi uthen to padoseon ko shak ho jaayega. Abhi to sara din samne hai aur age ke itne din humare hai. Jee bhar kar mastee kar lena. Mera kaha manoge to roj naya swad chakungee." Vimal ka kahana maan kar maine bhi jiid chod di aur Vimal karwat le kar let gayee aur mujhe apnese sata liya. Maine bhi unki gand ki darar me lund phansa kar chuncheeon ko dono hathon me pakad liya aur Vimal ke kandhe ko chumta hua let gaya. Neend kab ayee iska pata hi nahi chala. Iske bad bahot bar hamne is tarah se sex kiya… lekin kabhi kabhi mujhe dar bhi lagta tha aur guilty fill hota tha ki uske bacche mujhe mama kahte hai aur mai aisa ye sab kara raha hoon…. Phir baadme dhire dhire maine unko milna band kar diya. baat bhi band kar diya. Abhi to hum khali ek dusre ko kabhi kabhi dekhte hai aur baat nahi hoti. Lekin smile abhi bhi mujhe milti hai kabhi kabhi. Kahiye meri sotry kaise lagi.aapko story achi lagi to comments kare

Friday, 23 August 2013

Bhabhi ko sote huay choda

Hello! i was just 23 and my bhabhi was about 28. First of all i would like to introduce u my self that i m "S". Due to some privacy i hide my name, so i m from Pakistan. I Have very small family there is just me and my elder bro and my parents and one and only my bhabhi with his 3 years old son.So i m smart 25 years old with normal personality. But my Bhabhi is gr8 as it is her figure approximately 38" 30" 40".with milky color skin and very bold. Whenever i was in home i just watch her Boobs and big Ass which attracts me very much so this is the reason that many times i touch her ass and behave like incident. As Well As time passed my intention increased and atlast the day came when i start my story of life. That is the one fine evening of summer,

when my parents with my elder bro went out of station due to some work. I take my dinner and reach in my room and sleep.But at the right 3:00am i wake up due to thurst. i went out of my room and reach near D-Freezer for some water . I drank some water and turn back to my room but i had seen that the light of my bro's room is turn on. then i move there and saw that bhabhi had slept with his child . So I became relax and turn back . But at the mean time my sight reach at the sleeping Bhabhi's big ass .Tub mera pura jisam kanp giya kyunki bhabhi ki bareeq shalwar main say un ki bari bari gand almost visible thee . Main nay un ko dekha aur wahin ruk gaya aur bhabhi ko daykhnay laga kay achanak mere dil main khayal aya kay kion na aaj kismat Aazmaee jai So i reach near to her But when i reach there mera pura jisam phir say kanpnay laga kay agar kuch galat ho gaya tu kya ho ga laiken main nay phir thori see himat kee aur un kay pass bed per baith gaya . Aur gor say un kay chehre ko dekhney laga ta kay mahsoos kar sakoon kay woh jag rahee hain ya so rahee hain . Laiken jub un ki aankhain nahin heeleen tu mujhe sakoon ho gaya laiken phir bhi itmainan karne key liya main nay un ko zor zor say hila kar awaz di kay agar jag rahee hoin tu uth jain gi tu main koi bhana laga doon ga laiken woh nahin utheen tum mujhe sakoon howa . Actually meri bhabhi jub so jatee hain tu un ko uthana zara mushkil hi hota hai isi liya un ko sota dekh kar main khush ho gaya tha.Then i touch her body on navel and slowly move my hand in circle and start rubbing her body but she slept very politely . Then i relax and move my hands to his big hips which are looking gr8 in her nighty . Phir main nay un ki gaand ko malna shrooh kar diya. Bhabhi ki gaand itni soft and slipery thee kay hath khud ba khud slip ho raha tha. And due to this process my Lund start standing .In the mean time i just keep watching her eyes also that if she wake up or not but she is gr8 depth of sleep. Tub main nay thori see aur himat kee aur un ki kameez main hath dal kar un kay pate per pherne laga aur ahista ahista uper ki taraf hath lay kar jane laga aur after a gr8 travel i touch her soft boobs . I touch them and rub slowly and due to her movement i took my hand out . and sat beside her with pin drop silence. Tub unho nay karwat lee aur ulti ho kar lait gaeen. Phir main nay un ki gaand per hath rakh kar maslna shrooh kar diya. Aur ahista ahista apney hath ka dbaoo barhata gaya aur akhir kar meri halth khrab hona shurooh ho gai mera lund itna sakht ho gaya tha us kay main dard hone laga tha so i try to put my one fingure in her ass hole but how is it possible on the shalwar so due to pain she move his gaand and lay straight. So i stay there for some time and then touch her pussy.un ki phudi bohut soft thee. phir main nay aram aram say un ki phudi ko malna shurooh kar diya aur sath sath un ki aankhon main bhi dekhta raha. phir main aram say uth kar un kay sar ki taraf aa gaya aur un ki bare gale wali kameez main say hath dall kar un kay doodh dabane laga aur tub he achanak woh uth gai aur main dar kar neechay aa kar baith gaya. Unhon nay mujh say yahan un kay kamre main bethne ki waja poochee tu main nay keh diya kay sar main dard ho raha hai is liye tablet laine aya tha. Yeh sun kar woh soo gaeen aur meri bhi jaan main jaan ayee. Tub main nay sone ka faisla kya aur aram say neechay he late gaya aur so gaya laiken kuch daer kay baad hee mujhe aisa feel howa kay mera hath kisi nay pakar rakha hai aur main aikdum uth kar baith gaya. Tub main hairan howa kay mera hath bhabhi kay doodhon per rakha howa tha aur upper say un kay hath thay. Pehle tu main samjha kay shayad main nay he sote main khyal nahin kya laiken jub main nay un ki aankhon ki taraf dekha tu mujhe aisa feel howa kay woh jaag rahee hain aur sone kee sirf acting kar rahee hain .

Tub main nay soney ka irada tarq kar diya aur phir bed per baith gaya. aur un ki gaand aram aram say rub karne laga Laiken un ka jisam ab pehle say bhi ziada garam tha . Main nay aram say un ki kameez uper kii kyonkey mujhe ahsas ho gaya tha kay woh jaag rahee hain aur enjoy kar rahee hain. So main naya ahista ahista un ki kameez utar di aur ahista ahista un ki bra bhi khol di now she is topless mean half nude. I feel so excited to see her nude so i kissed her on lips but that is breathless kiss. Tub main nay un kay boobs ko helka helka squeez kya aur phir un kay nipples ko helka helka choosa . Then I feel that i'll must die now if i do nothing now so i decided to untied her nara (Shalwar's Belt). So slowly i did that and loose her shalwar slowly and very slowly.And as i loose her shalwar i became totally mad after seeing her totally nude , Then i saw her face getting red and more red But she till now behaving like sleeping. Then i reach near her phudi and just touch it and in the mean time she move and spread her legs widely to give me a full view of her cute phudi . Then i touch it kiss on her phudi then i start licking it , Due to this she moaning unfortunatelly but again calm down. Then i get my whole power and took my trouser off and get my dick out and place some oil on it and reach near her . She is unaware that what i want to do So as i place my top of dick on her phudi she scared and her face impression change so i think that is not good sign for me so main nay aik zor dar jhatka mara aur mera pura lund aik dum un kay andar ghus gaya aur unhon nay aik dum aankhain khol deen. Laiken main ab ruknay wala kahan tha main nay bhi andar dall kar woh jhatke mare kay un kee cheekhain nikalnay lagee mare dar kay main un kay uper lait gaya aur un kay lips ko apne lips say bandh kar diya unhoon nay bahut koshish kee kay main un ko chor doon laiken main nay nahin chora aur akhir kar main farig ho gaya meri mani say un ki puri phudi bhar gai thee. Tub unhoon nay mujhe bahut bura bhala kaha laiken main nay ignore kar diya .Aur apna trouser pehn kar apne kamre main aa gaya aur so gaya. Next morning bhabhi nay saree baat bhi ko bta dee aur phir yaroo jo haal mera howa yeh main hee janta hoon. Jitna maza aya itnee hi maar bhi pari laiken main baaz nahin aya i ll try till now. one day will be mine.

aapko story achi lagi to comments kare

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Mini Ko choda

Main Mini hoon aur meri shadi Mohan ke saath huyi hai. Meri ek chhoti bahan jiska naam Simi hai uski shaadi Karan ke saath huyi hai. Wo mujhse 1 saal chhoti hai. Hum dono ki shadi ek saath hi huyi thi. Hamari shadi huye abhi 6 months hi huye the ki Simi 10 dino ke liye mere ghar aayi. Mere ghar mein mere alawa mere pati, Mohan aur mera ek dewar Rashid hi hain. Rashid 30 saal ka hai. Wo dikhne mein bahut hi smart hai. Wo bahut hi chanchal hai aur mujhe hmesha chhedta rahta hai. Uske chhedne mein mujhe bahut maza aata hai aur main bhi use chhedti hoon. Mohan use bahut mante hain aur main bhi. Jab Simi hamare ghar aayi to Rashid ne Simi ko bhi usi tarah chhedna shuru kiya jaise wo mujhe chhedta hai. Simi ko bhi uska chhedna achchha lagne laga aur wo bhi Rashid ko chhedne lagi. Simi ke aane ke doosre hi din Mohan ko office ke kaam se 15 dino ke liye bahar jana pada. Doosre din subah 5 baje Mohan bahar chale gaye. Mohan ke jane ke baad main aur Simi aapas mein batein karne lage. Baton ho baton mein Simi ne kaha Rashid bada handsome hai. Main aur Simi dono bahut hi sexy bhi hain. Maine us se poochha is se tera kya matlab hai. Kahin tu us se chidwane ki to nahin soch rahi hai. Wo boli ismein kya burayee hai. Mohan bhi to bahar gaye hain aur ghar mein hum donoke alawa kewal Rashid hi hai. Maine kaha lekin use pataya kaise jaye. Kahin usne Mohan se bata diya to kya hoga. Simi boli agar wo Mohan se kuchh kahega to hum kah denge ki hum use chhed rahe the.

Maine kaha theek hai. Chalo uske bedroom mein chalte hain. Mohan ki aadat thi ki wo apne saare kapde utar kar kewal ek lungi pahan kar sota tha. Jab hum uske room mein pahuche to Simi ne Rashid par nazar padte hi apne muh par haath rakh liya. Simi aage aage thi aur main uske pichhe. Maine Simi se poochha kya hua to wo boli khud hi dekh lo. Jaise hi maine Rashid ki taraf dekha to maine bhi apne muh par hath rakh liya. Rashid ki lungi khul kar alag padi huyi thi aur uska lund ek dam khada tha. Hum dono uske lund ke size ko dekhkar hairan rah gayi. Rashid ka lund 9" lamba aur bahut hi mota tha. Uska lund ek dam gora tha aur uske lund ka supada ek dam gulabi tha. Aisa lund maine aaj tak nahi dekha tha. Rashid gahri neend mein so raha tha. Hum dono uske lund ko bahut der tak dekhte rahe. Meri chut uske lund ko dekhkar geeli ho chuki thi. Maine Simi se poochha Rashid se chudwane ke baare mein kya khayal hai. Simi boli dard to bahut hoga lekin maza bhi khoob aayega. Thodi der tak uska lund dekhne ke baad hum dono ne use jagaya. Wo utha to apna lund khula dekh kar sharma gaya. Usne apni lugi uthani chahi to Simi ne jhapat kar uski lungi utha li. Wo apna sir niche kiye huye mujhse bola bhabhi lungi de do plz. Maine kaha tum aise hi bahut achchhe lag rahe ho. Simi ne Rashid se kaha mujhe tumhara lund bahut achchha lag raha hai. Main ise pakad kar dekh loon. Wo kuchh nahi bola. Simi uske bagal mein baith gayi aur usne Rashid ka lund apne hatho mein le liya. Thodi der tak Simi Rashid ke lund ko dekhti rahi phir usne Rashid ka lund sahlana shuru kar diya. Rashid josh ke mare pagal sa hua ja raha tha. Simi ne Rashid poochha tumne aaj tak kisi ladki ke saath kiya hai. Wo sharam ke mare chup raha. Simi ne us se phir se poochha to wo sharmate huye bola ek baar kiya hai. Simi ne poochha us ladki ko takleef nahin huyi thi. Wo bola wo bahut chilla rahi thi aur poora andar nahin le payi thi. Simi ne kaha theek hai. Maine ise poora andar lekar dekhungi ki kaisa lagta hai. Maine aaj tak itna bada lund anhin dekha tha. Rashid bahut hi jyada josh mein aa gaya tha aur jhadne wala tha. Wo Simi se bola plz. apna haath hata lo nahin to ye ganda ho jayega. Mera juice nikalne wala hai. Simi boli main tumhara juice apne muh mein lena chahti hoon. Itna kah kar Simi ne Rashid ka lund apne muh mein le liya aur choosne lagi. Main khadi hokar sab dekh rahi thi. Simi ko Rashid ka lund muh mein lete huye dekhkar main josh se ek dam pagal si ho rahi thi aur thodi hi der mein meri chut se paani nikalne laga. Simi Rashid ka lund choos rahi thi.

Thodi der baad Rashid ke lund se bhi Simi ke muh mein paani nikalne laga. Simi ne saara pani nigal liya aur phir uska lund chat chat kar saaf kar diya. Uske baad hum Rashid ko saath lekar nahane ke liye bathroom chale gaye. Maine aur Simi ne apne saare kapde utar diye aur nahane lagi. Rashid ko Simi ne lungi nahin pahan ne diya tha aur wo bhi ek dam nanga tha. Uska lund ab dheela pad chuka tha. Simi ne Rashid se kaha mere saare badan par sabun lagao. Wo Simi ke badan par sabun lagane laga. Jab wo Simi ke badan par sabun lagane laga to uska lund dheere dheere khada hone laga. Jab wo Simi ke saare badan par sabun laga chuka to Simi ne kaha ab tum apni bhabhi ke badan par bhi sabun lagao. Usne sharmate huye mere badan par bhi sabun lagana shuru kiya. Mere badan par sabun lagate samay uske haath kanp rahe the. Maine Rashid se kaha dewar ji jara theek se sabun lagao to wo teji se sabun lagane laga. Ab tak Rashid ka lund poori tarah se khada ho kar ek dam tight ho chuka tha. Jab wo mere badan par sabun laga chuka to Simi ne Rashid se kaha ab hum dono tumhare badan par sabun lagayenge. Maine aur Simi ne Rashid ke badan par sabun lagana shuru kar diya. Simi ne uske lund ko sabun laga laga kar khoob ragda. Simi ka haath lund par lagne se Rashid josh se pagal hua ja raha tha. Main bhi Simi ko uske lund par sabun lagata hua dekh rahi thi aur mera chehre Rashid ke lund ke theek samne tha. Thodi der mein hi uske lund ne pichkari chala di to uske lund ka juice mere chehre par aa kar girne laga. Simi ne kaha Rashid tumne to apni bhabhi ke saath lund ke pichkari se holi mana li. Uske baad Simi ne mere chehre par se Rashid ke lund ka saara juice chat liya. Phir Simi ne Rashid se kaha ab tum apni bhabhi ki chut par sabun laga laga kar ragdo. Rashid thoda sharmate huye meri chut par sabun lagane laga. Wo sabun laga laga kar meri chut ko khoob ragad raha tha. Uske sabun lagane se main bahut jyada josh mein aa gayi aur jhad gayi. Udhar Simi bhi poore josh mein aa chuki thi. Jab main poori tarah se jhad chuki to usne Rashid se kaha ab tum meri chut par sabun laga laga kar ragdo. Rashid ab Simi ki chut par sabun laga kar ragadne laga. Thodi der ragadne ke baad Simi bhi jhad gayi. Uske baad hum dono ne Rashid ke lund ko baari baari se choosna shuru kar diya. Hum dono ke choosne se Rashid ka lund ek dam tight ho gaya aur thodi der mein wo jhad gaya. Hum dono ne uske lund ka saara paani chat liya. Ab tak Rashid ki sharam bahut had tak kam ho chuki thi. Wo bola mujhe aaj tak aisa maza nahin mila tha. Uske baad hum sab nahane lage.

 Nahane ke baad hum nange hi bahar aa gaye. Rashid ne jab kapda pahan na chaha to Simi ne kaha aaj tum aise hi ek dam nange rahoge. Uske baad main Simi ke saath nashta banane kitchen mein chali gayi. Rashid bhi hum dono ke saath kitchen mein aa gaya. Hum dono nashta bana rahe the aur wo hum dono ke pichhe khada ho kar apne dono hathon se meri sur Simi ke chutad ko sahlane laga. Hum dono ko bahut maza aa raha tha. Wo bhi ab poori tarah se hum dono ki chudayi ke liye tayyar tha. Nashta banane ke baad hum nashta le kar bahar aaye aur hum sabne nashta kiya. Nashta karne ke baad maine Rashid se poochha ki tum hum dono mein se kise pahle chodna chahoge. Wo bola main to pahle Simi ko hi chodunga. Aap to ghar mein hi rahti hain. Aap ko jab chahunga chod doonga. Simi ne kaha theek hai. Simi ne Rashid se kaha ab tum kaleen par let jao. Rashid let gaya. Simi ne uska lund apne haath mein le liya aur sahlana shuru kar diya. Rashid josh mein aane laga aur thodi hi der mein uska lund ek dam lohe jaisa ho gaya. Uske baad Simi let gayi aur usne Rashid se apne upar 69 ki position mein hone ko kaha. Rashid 69 ki position mein ho gaya. Simi ne Rashid se apni chut chatne ko kaha aur khud uska lund muh mein le kar choosne lagi. Rashid ne Simi ki chut ko chatna shuru kar diya. Simi bahut josh mein aa gayi aur siskariyan bharte huye Rashid ka lund choos rahi thi. 5 min baad Simi ne Rashid se kaha, ab mujhe bardast nahin ho raha hai. Ab tum apna poora lund meri chut mein dal kar khoob jor jor se chodo mujhe. Rashid Simi ki tango ke beech aa gaya aur usne Simi ki chut ki lips ko phaila kar apne lund ka supada beech mein rakh diya. Main bhi Simi ke paas baithi thi. Rashid ne Simi ki tango ko pakad kar door door pahila diya aur apna lund Simi ki chut mein dalne laga. Simi itne bade lund se chudwane ki aadi nahin thi. Jaise hi Rashid ke lund ka supada Simi ki chut mein ghusa to dard ke mare uske muh se ek siskari si nikal padi. Rashid ne thoda aur jor lagaya to uska lund Simi ki chut mein 3" tak ghus gaya. Is baar Simi ko jyada dard hua aur wo chillane lagi. Rashid ruk gaya aur bola tum mujhse chudwane ke liye tadap rahi thi aur ab chilla rahi ho. Abhi to mera aadha lund bhi tumhari chut mein nahin ghusa hai. Main to aaj tumhari chut mein poora lund dal kar hi rahunga. Simi boli tumhara lund bahut lamba aur mota hai, mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai isi liye main chilla rahi hoon. Tum meri chinta mat karo aur apna poora lund meri chut mein dal do. Mujhe to tumse khoob chudwana hai. Rashid ne phir se apna lund Simi ki chut mein ghusana shuru kar diya. Simi phir se chillane lagi. Rashid ka lund ab tak Simi ki chut mein 5" tak ghus chuka tha. Rashid bahut jyada josh mein aa chuka tha. Usne Simi ke chillane ki koyi parwah nahin ki. Usne Simi ke dono pairo ko uske kandhe ke paas sata diya to Simi ki chut ek dam upar uth gayi. Usne poori takat lagate huye ek jordar dhakka laga diya to uska lund Simi ki chut mein 8" tak ghus gaya. Ab kewal 1" baki rah gaya tha. Usne apna poora lund Simi ki chut se bahar kheecha aur ek bahut hi jordar dhakka mara. Rashid ka poora ka poora lund uski chut mein ghus gaya. Simi ki chut se thoda khoon bhi nikal aaya tha. Simi dard ke mare tadapne lagi aur uski tangein thar thar kanpne lagi. Uska saara badan pasine se naha gaya. Idhar josh ke mare meri chut bhi ek dam geeli ho chuki thi. Rashid ne poora lund Simi ki chut mein dalne ke baad jor jor se dhakke lagane shuru kar diye the. Simi abhi bhi bahut chilla rahi thi. 15-20 dhakkon ke baad jab Simi ki chut kuchh dheeli ho gayi to uski cheekh kam ho gayi. Ab use bhi kuchh kuchh maza aane laga tha. Rashid Simi ki chudayi kar raha tha aur Simi hichkole kha rahi thi. Main Simi ki bagal mein baithi uski chudayi dekh rahi thi. Rashid dhakke lagata ja raha tha. 5 min baad Simi ne mujhe jor se pakad liya main samajh gayi ki wo jhadne wali hai. Uske muh se aawaz nikli didiiiiii........ main........ gayeeee.......... aur wo jhadne lagi. Jhadne ke baad jab Simi ki chut geeli ho gayi to Rashid ka lund aasani se andar bahar hone laga. Simi ke jhadne se Rashid aur jyada josh mein aa gaya. Wo ab Simi ki bahut hi teji ke saath chudayi kar raha tha. Mujhe bhi bahut jyada josh aa chuka tha. Maine apni ungli apni chut ke andar dal li aur andar bahar karne lagi. Rashid bade dhyan se mujhe apni chut ke andar ungli dal kar andar bahar karta hua dekh raha tha. Usne mere hothon ko choom liya. Thodi hi der baad main bhi jhad gayi. 10 min aur chudwane ke baad Simi ne Rashid ko jor se apni bahon mein lakad liya aur uske hothon ko choomni lagi. Tabhi Simi phir se jhad gayi. Rashid abhi bhi Simi ko chode ja raha tha. Uski sansein bahut tez chal rahi thi. Uska saara badan pasine se naha chuka tha lekin uske speed mein koyi kami nahin aayi thi. Simi ne bhi apna chutad utha utha kar Rashid ka saath dena shuru kar diya tha. 15 min baad Rashid ki speed aur tej ho gayi to main samajh gayi ki wo bhi ab jhadne wala hai. Usne bahut hi tej tej dhakke lagane shuru kar diye. Simi bhi Rashid ko kas kar pakde huye thi aur uske hothon ko choom rahi thi. Tabhi Rashid ke muh oohhhh......... aahhhh........ ki aawaz nikalne lagi aur wo jhadne laga. Simi bhi uske saath hi saath phir se jhad gayi. Lund ka poora pani nikal jane ke baad Rashid ne apna lund Simi ki chut se bahar nikala to main apne aap ko rok nahin payi. Maine Rashid ka lund pakad liya aur chatne lagi. Maine Rashid ke lund ko chat chat kar saaf kar diya. Maine Rashid se poochha maza aaya. Wo bola haan bhabhi bahut maza aaya. Thodi der tak aaram karne ke baad maine Rashid ka lund chatna shuru kar diya. Jaise hi Rashid a lund khada hone laga to main Simi ki bagal mein let gayi aur Rashid se kaha ab tum meri chut bhi chato. Wo meri chut chatne laga. Maine uska lund apne muh mein le liya aur choosne lagi. Main to pahle hi jhad chuki thi. Rashid se thodi der tak chut chatwane ke baad main phir se jhad gayi to Rashid meri chut ka paani chatne laga. Main uska lund choosti rahi. 10 min mein hi Rashid ka lund phir se lohe jaisa ho gaya to maine kaha chalo ab ise meri bhi chut mein poora dal do aur khoob jor jor se meri chudayi karo. Main bhi Simi ki tarah khoob chillaungi lekin tum rukna mat. Poora ka poora lund meri chut mein ghused dena. Rashid ne meri chut ki lips ko phaila kar apne lund ka supada beech mein rakh diya aur meri tango ko apne kandhe par rakh liya. Uske lund ka supada apni chut par mahsoos karte hi mere saare badan mein bijli si daud gayi. Mere saare badan mein sansani si hone lagi. Main aaj pahli baar apne dewar ke khoob mote aur lambe lund se chudwane ja rahi thi. Josh ke mare mein apna chutad upar utha diya. Jaise hi maine apna chutad upar uthaya to Rashid ne ek jordar dhakka mar diya. Main dard se chilla uthi. Itna tej dhakka to usne Simi ki chudayi karte samay nahin lagaya tha. Uska aadha lund ek jhatke se meri chut mein ghus gaya. Lag raha tha ki kisi ne meri chut mein garam garam loha ghused diya ho. Meri chut se khoon niaklne laga. Main dard se tadapne lagi. Main abhi sambhal bhi nahin payi thi ki usne ek bahut hi jordar dhakka aur laga diya. Main bahut jor se chillayi aur dard ke mare tadapne lagi. Mere chehre par pasina aa gaya. Mere aansoo nikal pade. Rashid ne kaha aap to ro rahi hain. Maine kaha ye khushi ke aansoo hain. Tum apna baki ka lund bhi meri chut mein dal do. Usne phir se ek jordar dhakka lagaya to uska poora lund meri chut mein ghus gaya. Main uske dono balls apni chut par mahsoos kar rahi thi. Dard ke mare mri tangein thar thar kanp rahi thi. Mera saara badan pasine se naha gaya tha. Maine Rashid se kaha ab tum mujhe is dard se chhutkara dilao. Wo bola main kaise is dard se aapko chhutkara dila sakta hoon. Maine kaha ab tum bahut teji ke saath jor jor se dhakke lagao. Thodi der mein jab meri chut kuchh dheeli ho jayegi to mera dard kam ho jayega. Rashid ne jor jor se dhakke lagane shuru kar diye. Main dard se tadapti rahi. 20-25 dhakkon ke baad jab meri chut kuchh dheeli ho gayi to mera dard kam ho gaya. Ab mujhe bhi maza aane laga tha. Main itne jyada josh mein thi ki jaise hi Rashid ne 8-10 dhakke aur lagaye to main jhad gayi. Ab meri chut geeli ho gayi thi aur Rashid ka lund ab meri chut mein aasani se andar bahar hone laga tha. Rashid bahut teji ke saath meri chudayi kar raha tha. Mini mere bagal mein baith kar mujhe chudwata hua dekh rahi thi. Use phir se josh aane laga tha aur wo apni chut mein ungli dal kar andar bahar kar rahi thi. Simi josh ke mare ek haath se mere boobs ko masal rahi thi. Rashid bahut teji se dhakke lagata hua meri chudayi kar raha tha. Wo ek baar Simi ko chod chuka tha is liye is baar jaldi jhad nahin raha tha. Usne mujhe lagbhag 50-55 min tak choda aur phir meri chut mein hi jhad gaya. Is dauran main bhi 4 baar jhad chuki thi. Mujhe Rashid se chudwane mein bahut maza aaya. Aisa maza mujhe aaj tak kabhi nahin mila tha. Jab usne apna lund meri chut se bahar nikala to main uska lund chatne lagi. Maine uska lund chat chat kar ek dam saaf kar diya. Us din Simi ne 3 baar aur maine 3 baar Rashid se chudwaya lekin hamari bhookh shant nahin huyi. Simi aur main ek din mein kam se kam 7-8 baar chudwana chahti thi. Aisa akele Rashid nahin kar sakta tha. Sham ko maine Rashid se kaha ki hum dono aur jyada chudwana chahti hain. Kuchh der sochne ke baad Rashid bola ki mera ek khas dost John hai. Wo nigro hai. Uska lund mere lund se bhi jyada lamba aur mota hai. Agar tumhein kala lund pasand ho to main use bula loon. Simi ne kaha kale aur gore lund se kya hota hai. Hum dono ko to bas kewal khoob chudwana hai. Doosre din Rashid John ko ghar le aaya. Jab Simi aur maine John ka lund dekha to hum dono khushi se jhoom uthe. Hum dono ne Rashid se chudwa hi liya tha is liye John se chudwane mein bahut jyada takleef nahin huyi. John mein ek khas baat thi ki wo bahut buri tarah se chodta tha. Wo ek baar mein kam se kam 50-55 min tak chodta tha aur bahut hi jordar dhakke lagata tha. Maine aur Simi ne Rashid aur John se khoob chudwaya. Ek hi din mein wo dono hamari chudayi 9-10 baar karte the. Mohan ke wapas aane tak 14 dino mein maine aur Simi ne 100 baar se adhik chudwaya. Chudwate chudwate hum dono ki chut ek dam sooj gayi thi aur kayi jagah se kat gayi thi. Maine Simi se kaha ki hum dono ki chut ab bahut jyada chaudi ho chuki hai. Jab hum dono apne apne pati se chudwayenge aur unhein hamari chut ek dam dheeli lagegi to hum kya jawab denge. Simi boli ki hum dono kah denge ki jab Mohan bahar gaye the to hamare saath rape hua hai. Wo 4 aadmi the aur unhone hum sab ka muh bandh kar hamare saath poore din rape kiya aur hamein kayi baar choda. Rashid bola ye theek rahega. Mohan jab wapas aaye to hum dono ne plan ke mutabik Mohan ko saari kahani bata di. Mohan ne hum dono ko samjhate huye kaha ki use ek bura sapna samajh kar bhool jao. Main aaj bhi Mohan ke office jane ke baad Rashid se roj hi kam se kam ek baar jaroor chudwati hoon.