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New South Wales Mai chudai

Our tiny town is situated outback in the north of New South Wales near the Queensland border, it is in the red dirt country and not much use for anything but opal mining and running a few sheep per hundred hectares. It is flat and dusty with a scattering of stunted eucalypts, we see kangaroos hopping all over the area and the emus run in large groups racing the 4 wheel drives cross country. As a teenager it is boring as crap, nothing much to do except go shooting with my pea rifle, a .22 carbine, there aren't many other kids my age around due to the distance between sheep stations and the town is mainly older people whose kids have either grown up or have gone away to school in the big smoke, Sydney. Our church's minister, his name was Jackson, was as old as Methuselah, at least 70 years old and one Sunday we rocked up for the service to find the church locked and deserted. The verger unlocked the doors and went to the manse looking for the reverend Jackson, he came back looking upset and red eyed to announce that the minister had died in his sleep so there would be no service that day. The congregation was dumb struck by the news because the old guy had seemed as fit as a Mallee bull, everyone thought he'd be still there for many years yet, we drifted away slowly because everyone was shocked and seeking solace from the other congregation members. We wandered home in a sort of daze, what could we do on Sunday morning with no church service, my dad, a very religious man decided we would hold a prayer session and pray for the soul of our departed minister. We knelt on the lounge room floor praying for an hour by which time my knees were aching so much and no matter how I moved trying to ease them it didn't help. Finally dad finished and mum rushed to the kitchen to check on leg of pork roasting in the oven of the combustion stove. We all sat around the dining table silently eating our dinner and when finished it was my job to clear away the table and wash the dishes in the sink. A week passed and no church although there was a service at the graveyard for reverend Jackson, a minister came from Coonabarabran to hold the service but then he left to go back to his parish. The next week on Friday he arrived, our new minister, a young man just out of training his name was Edmond O'Brien. He was tall and slim, very handsome and the ladies were all of a twitter about us getting such a fine young gentleman, I too was wrapped I thought he was awesome. When he shook my hand after we were introduced but he held mine longer than the others and he looked intensely into my eyes with his emerald green orbs and my heart behaved weirdly as if it would pound out of my chest while my 6 incher stiffened in my pants. My name is Shaun Crossly, I'm 18yo, 5'9" tall and about 130 lbs, I'm fit from all the walking and hunting and I'm still a total virgin, I have learnt to wank my dick but that's it due to the scarcity of kids my age of either sex. I was so totally randy, my teen hormones were raging through my body; my cock was a rule unto itself it got hard whenever it felt like it, much to my embarrassment. My bed sheets in the mornings were stiff with spilt sperm and no matter how many times I wanked it still seemed to be a regular event. I used to sneak them into the laundry and wash them along with my claggy briefs. My mum was puzzled by me doing washing but I just brushed it aside saying I was just helping her out, she looked weirdly at me and asked, "If you want to help me that is fine but you leave your other clothes to me to wash, I can't quite understand your reasoning there Shaun." I realised I had boo booed and from then on I washed all my clothing and she just smiled and thanked me, if she talked to dad about it he probably filled her in as surely it had happened to him as a teenager too, but I was too shy to ask him and he didn't seem to want to talk about the birds and bees with me, so it was up to my imagination to work things out for myself. I new a good looking bloke or boy attracted me more than any sheila so I guessed that maybe I was homosexual but it wasn't till I found a set of DVD's in a rubbish skip that I knew for sure. It was a set of the English Queer as Folks, OMG guys kissing and doing the business and I was hard as steel watching it, of course I had to watch it when my rents were out and I had the sound right down in case anyone could hear it outside in the dusty sun baked street. I nearly wore out our DVD player watching it over and over every opportunity I got I sat there hard and wanking my eyes glued to the screen, I must have produced gallons of sperm over those DVD's my poor cock and balls were sore from jerking my gherkin. Ok now I knew what guys did I needed a partner to mess about with but whom could I approach, I was terrified I'd be found out and ostracised by the town so I was in a quandary. I kind of hoped maybe the reverend O'Brien might be a candidate but just didn't know how to broach the subject so I didn't and just kept wanking like crazy night and day at every opportunity, my rents thought I was ill because of the time I spent in the outdoor dunny, we didn't have sewerage and the thunder box's can had to be emptied regularly, phew what a horrible job that was. After about a month from his arrival the reverend O'Brien asked my dad if I would be able to help him redecorate the manse, dad came to me and asked if I'd help out the minister and I was only too eager to do it, the chance to spend time alone in the manse with this sexy man was too good to miss out on. Next day I dressed in an old pair of cut off jeans about a size too small and an old t-shirt of similar tightness, I turned around in front of the mirror on my wardrobe eyeing off my teen body and yop I looked sort of sexy. Shortly after I was knocking on the manse's door and he opened it dressed casually in a pair of old footy shorts and a tatty old t-shirt with paint spatters on his arms and a smudge on his nose. I grinned and he smiled and greeted me then stood aside to let me enter, I walked in wrinkling my nose at the smell of the fresh paint, he had began decorating the lounge room on the right side of the corridor. We began painting together and I kept stealing glances at his fit body, he caught me looking several times and smiled at me as he used the roller on the wall. I watched his full round bum as he stretched and bent, every now and then I'd catch a glimpse of his package and it looked awesome as his flimsy shorts highlighted his bulge as he moved. When he stretched up his t-shirt lifted exposing his unreal sexy stomach with its beaut six-pack and a faint golden trail of pubes from his navel into his shorts, man this bloke was one molten sexy person. Midday came and he looked at me saying, "Are you hungry Shaun?" I looked at him and felt heat on my face as I blushed, I thought to myself that I was so hungry for him not food, then my tummy rumbled loudly and he came across laughing as he rubbed my belly softly saying, "Yop certainly sounds like you are, lets go eat." He led me to the bathroom where we washed off the paint spatters, he even washed my face for me and his tender touch got me hard as steel. My cock was hard and pointing at my chin making a defined ridge in my cut offs I prayed he didn't notice my excitement as we walked into the kitchen and he asked me to sit down while he got us a meal. Reverend O'Brien asked what I felt like eating, he said there are pies, sausage rolls or if you'd like cold stuff I have sliced ham and fresh bread so we could have sangers (sandwiches). I thought for a minute and told him pies sounded cool, he grinned and opened the freezer pulling out four frozen pies and popping them into the microwave then set the timer and filled the kettle plugging it in to the power point to boil. He then put a bottle of tomato sauce on the table and plates, cutlery and two mugs; he sat next to me while we chatted waiting for the ping to announce our meal was ready. I felt his knee brush against mine and I trembled and didn't move away, he pressed against me and jigged his leg rubbing on mine. I gulped hard swallowing as I felt my face get hot knowing I was blushing, he looked at me and smiled a big friendly grin before putting his hand on my knee and giving it a gentle squeeze. I was shaking all over and he gently rubbed my thigh saying, "Don't be scared Shaun, I'm not going to hurt you I just find you so attractive. Have you ever messed around with another boy or a girl?" I shook my head unable to speak I was so nervous, his smooth hand rubbed caressingly further and further up my thigh till his little finger was brushing against my bulging crotch in my soft well worn tight cut offs. My dick was totally out of control at his touch and I knew I was going to spurt; I began to shake and sweat as the tingling built almost painfully in my aching balls. I whimpered loudly again and again as he brought his handsome face closer to mine I felt his warm sweet breath on my cheek then his moist full lips kissed me and I blew a huge blast of sperm into my undies. Again and again my cock puked cum till I felt totally wet and soggy, my breathing ragged and fast as my climax shook my whole body. Edmond rubbed my still throbbing dick and pressed it against my cum coated belly, he whispered, "There my sexy lad did that feel good?" I couldn't speak, I felt as though I would faint there in his kitchen, my eyes were blurred and I was panting like a puppy, he gently took my chin in his hand turned and lifted my flushed face up to his kissing me full on my panting lips. I was dumbfounded I had never been kissed on the lips before, the only kisses I'd ever had were from my mum, aunties a grand mothers and never on the lips only the cheeks. This was something else; a real man was kissing me and running his sexy tongue across my now closed lips I felt weird but so hot and opened my mouth to his sexy tongue that immediately dived into my startled gob. I clung to him throwing my scrawny arms around his neck pulling our faces tightly together moaning into his mouth as our tongues began to dance together. Our passion was building as the microwave dinged announcing our pies were done, he muttered a naughty word and pulled away getting up to deal with the hot pies. We sat there eating while my spilt cum cooled on my crotch, I felt yucky as the sticky stuff coagulated my arse wriggling trying to get comfortable. Edmond watched my squirming and smiled as he finished his pie, "You have made a big mess down there huh Shaun?" I blushed and nodded so he said, "Stand up and we'll remove those damp clothes and I'll put them in the washer." I said, "But I'll be naked down there I don't feel comfortable about that." He smiled reassuringly at me saying, "Don't be shy Shaun, we are both men you don't have anything I don't." I blushed even more and said, "But you have a lot more than I do and I feel like you'll laugh at me." Edmond shook his head, "Don't be shy or feel inadequate Shaun, from what I could see and feel in your shorts you certainly have nothing to be ashamed of." I looked down at his shorts and saw the big hard poker pointing at me and I couldn't help but lick my lips nervously, Edmond chuckled softly and said, "If I take my pants off will that make you feel comfortable?" I was amazed but so excited to think I was going to see what a man had down there, would it be huge and all hairy or what? I nodded and he began pulling his footy shorts down, I saw he had no underpants on as his bush appeared but not a huge scraggly mass of hair as I thought it was trimmed neatly just a small pa6tch above his huge dick. Well it looked huge to my totally inexperienced eyes, it leapt out like a leopard from a tree and it slapped loudly against his smoothly curved tummy and stood there pulsing gently. My jaw dropped at the amazing sight it was about 8 inches long, straight and as thick as a sausage, it had no hood like mine and I could see his bright red knob glistening with his leaking juice. Edmond grasped his cock as he stepped out of his shorts and waggled his manhood at me grinning, he saw my wide staring eyes and slack jaw and asked, "Well what do you think Shaun? Do you like what you see?" I swallowed nervously and nodded my head but kept my eyes fastened on his huge horn, it was amazing to me just how big he was compared to my slender little 5-inch weenie. He said, "Now its your turn Shaun, stop your grinnen' and drop your linen." I did as he said and pulled open my fly popping the press studs letting my cut offs fall to the floor before pulling down my briefs then istood there hiding my boy bits under my hands. Edmond walked across and took my hands in his lifting them out till my arms were stretched out parallel to the floor exposing my whole body to him. He whistled softly and said, "Whew Shaun you are totally beautiful mate, that is one totally awesome body, you certainly have nothing to be ashamed of." I nearly passed out at his words, this total stud of a man thought I was beautiful and liked what he saw, I loved what I saw of him as well he was totally buffed and mind blowingly sexy too. Edmond moved closer until his huge hardness was pressed to my stomach, he hugged my tight arse pulling me against him as he kissed me hard grinding his hot cock against my smooth flesh. He slid down to his knees and began licking my sperm coated belly moaning hungrily as he cleaned my juice from my skin and pubes, my dick under his chin being rubbed on the fine bristles of his almost invisible beard soon began to stiffen again. He snorted saying, "My goodness you are insatiable aren't you Shaun? That beautiful boner is beginning to harden again." I was certainly getting more and more excited and my hands caressed his muscular back gradually working down to his full firm buttocks, the feel of his warm globes in my hands was unreal and his kiss became even hotter as he felt my hands there. Edmond moaned into my mouth and his big bone ground frantically against me while mine poked his big smooth balls. He broke our kiss and looking into my eyes said, "Let's go into my bedroom Shaun, we can be comfortable there." I nodded ready to do anything for this so sexy man and he took my hand leading me down the long passage to his bedroom, we entered and moved to the big bed where he grabbed me turned and dropped on the bed face up with me on top of him our lips locked together once again, tongues lashing about in each others mouths. I was getting incredibly hot and sweaty and soon my body was slipping and sliding on his then I moved up and his big bone popped up between my thighs rubbing on my arse crack. I shivered at the feel of that monolithic monster slipping on my crack; it conjured so sexy thoughts as I wondered what it would feel like pushing up my tight virginal vent. Edmond sighed into my mouth and then mumbled, "Oh Shaun you have got me so hot babe I want to root your little arse so badly." I looked at him and croaked, "Root my bum? You mean you want to poke your prick in my arse?" He kissed me before whispering, "Shaun I really would give anything to make love to your sweet body not root your bum as you say." I sniggered and replied, "Isn't that the same thing?" He sighed and said, "There is just sex for the sake of getting your rocks off Shaun but I want5 to make love to you and make a relationship with you not just fuck you for the sake of fucking you." I snuggled close to him and nibbled his chin gently before replying, "That sounds very serious Edmond not light hearted in any way." He nodded and kissed me so sweetly and passionately I realised he was serious about being my lover, I shivered excitedly in his grasp and nodded, "If you really mean what your saying I'll be open to anything you want because I feel secure, happy and comfortable with you." He grinned happily and asked if I had ever thought about being fucked, I nodded and said, "Yeah since I was about 12 I have had fantasies about being in bed with another guy and having sex." Edmond sort of shivered and his dick throbbed against my buttocks so I closed my legs and he began humping up and down rubbing his big bone. I loved feeling that hot dick stroking up and down against my flesh and I sighed happily as we kissed hotly again our tongues dancing together as we swapped spit. Edmond looked at me and said, "I think it would be best if you sit on my dick Shaun, that way it will be you who controls the initial entry and you can take it at your own pace what do you think?" I nodded and felt scared about sitting on that big cock, would it hurt badly and make me cry out? Edmond said, "Sit up on my legs for a minute bubs while I get some lubricant to make it slippery and easier for you." I did as asked and he reached across to the bedside cabinet opening the small drawer and fumbling about inside until he located the tube and pulled it out closing the drawer again. He looked up at me with a cheeky smile wagging the tube in front of me, he undid the cap and squeezed out a large dollop onto his palm and grabbed his pole slopping the slick shiny goo all over it as he wanked up and down. I watched his dick get harder and shinier then he handed me the tube and said, "You rub some on your hole then poke it in with your fingers." I did as he asked and shuddered as the cool goo hit my ring, it was incredibly slippery and began to feel good as I rubbed my fingertips back and forth over my now sensitive hole. After a few rubs I pushed my middle finger inside it slid easily in on the lube and I arched my back as the sensation built with my finger sliding in and out my tight tingling muscle. I got more and more excited feeling the tingling of my ring as my finger slipped in and out, I slipped a second finger in to see if it felt even more fun and after the initial burning entry I loved the sensation as I twisted and prodded inside my hot slippery bum. I thought it would be totally gross and disgusting but it was incredible and my whole body seemed to be tingling and I began panting with excitement. I looked at Edmond to see him wanking that big shining cock, his knob glistening with moisture as it bubbled out his piss hole, his stroking spread the juice all over his knob and shaft as he slowly stroked watching me fingering my hole. Edmond pushed his face to my hot flushed visage and he licked my gasping mouth, I closed my eyes and my tongue played with his poking and dancing until he pushed into my mouth. I closed my lips around his moist member sucking it hard, he moaned and our lips touched, I was kissing and sucking a man's mouth and tongue, unreal! I was now totally achingly boned up, my whole being a mass of horniness, every nerve electrified, alive and pulsating to this awesome wickedness. I was in a wicked mind blowing experience and didn't know what or where I was anymore, my being was only a screaming hard dick and hot tingling bum hole demanding more and more stimulation as my fingers slammed in and out. I was trembling swaying on my knees as that magical man's tongue fucked my mouth crazily; our duet of moans filled the room along with our frantic slurping mouths. Edmond pulled back, my eyes blurred almost blind with lust couldn't see him clearly but my ears buzzing with a queer sound as he spoke as if in my dream, "Sweet Shaun are you ready to go further?" I nodded blindly, I didn't care what happened as long as I felt so crazily sexy and delighted, he whispered to me, "Pull your fingers out now sexy boy and I will give you my hot cock to ride on, would you like to try that in your sweet tight anus?" I moaned my delight at the thought of his dick rubbing on my aching tingling ring, it would give me lots of pure pleasure I was sure. I pulled out my fingers and he told me to move up and squat so we could kiss some more, I wriggled up the bed and bent down sucking his mouth as he moved his hardness into my wide-open bum crack. His fat hot knob rubbed my now slippery winking hole I pushed back onto him eagerly demanding something to ease my itchy tingling ring. His rubbery cock head squished on the lube and in my delirious desire I crazily pushed onto him, my muscle strained burning as he stretched me open then as I wailed he entered me. I gasped draining my lungs of air, my whole body locked up rigidly as the fire in my ravaged ring seared throughout my teen body, I was in mortal pain and fear as his big fat pole penetrated and stole my innocence for ever. My body was no longer mine; he was a huge and painful part of me, I shuddered and dragged in a huge gulp of air as tears ran down my downy cheeks. Edmond lay like a stone statue not moving in my bum, only his chest rose and fell, his heart pounding in his chest beating a tattoo in time with my own galloping muscle, his pulse transmitted to his prick and my so sensitive stretched muscle felt every beat of his thumping heart. We stayed locked together till my aching anus eased and loosened slightly, the pain now dulled to a gentle throb Edmond looked into my red weepy eyes and he asked softly, "Are you ready for more my sweet Shaun? I promise I'll go slow and gently." I took another deep shuddering breath and nodded gritting my teeth and closing my eyes, Edmond moved sending a little more of his perfect prick inside me. I shuddered feeling my innards straining and stretching as that blunt meaty cock pushed deeper inside my virginal vent. Little by little so gently and cautiously Edmond inserted himself joining us in that age-old sexual act, my breathing was ragged and fast, my body tensed and covered in a glistening sheen of sweat as I began pushing down assisting Edmond's protracted insertion. Edmond moaned as my act caused him to slip fully inside, I felt his wiry pubes tingling on my scrotum as his big warm balls rubbed on my bum cheeks. Edmond paused, his body tensed, my hands softly moved about his torso feeling his smooth masculine sexy body, his muscles much larger and firmer than my weedy little teen body. I loved the feel of him as he stayed still letting me get used to his big cock being embedded in my young arse, the burning searing ache was easing in my tightly stretched muscle and the feeling of being stuffed full with a big pulsing penis was totally freaking. I squirmed on Edmond's pole my butt feeling incredibly sexy as I stirred that man meat about in my hot massaging chute. Edmond groaned shuddering as my body caressed his big cock; I tensed my arse squeezing his tool with my straining ring attempting to get him deeper inside my demanding body. Edmond ground his hips on my butt stuffing his pole just a little more up my buttery bum while I wrapped my legs around him pulling him closer. I groaned with pleasure and my lips sought his as I clutched onto his neck pulling his face to mine. We kissed, tongues dancing together as we swapped spittle, our breath huffing back and forth in our delirious lovemaking. Edmond began to heave his cock back and forth in and out of my rapturous arse, my vision blurred as my breathing accelerated till I was panting and slurping on his tongue. Edmond's cock plunged deep into my depths my cherry well and truly ravaged as his big bone swelled even larger before flooding my innards with his wondrous wand sauce. I felt every pulse and spurt as his molten hot cum as it pumped into my guts, my own steely hard pud responded by coating both our bellies making a gooey lubricant as we rooted. The fever of our dual ejaculation cooled as our balls drained out leaving us gasping and shaking as Edmond sagged heavily on top of me crushing me under his weight. We slowly came back to earth and I felt his now shrunken schlong sag slowly from my pummelled arse, suddenly I felt so empty and deserted making me hug him to me as I whimpered in his ear. Edmond rolled of me parting my weakened legs and lay beside me on the bed, I looked at him admiring his mature body hoping one day I might be as handsome and muscular. Edmond smiled dreamily at me and I smiled back as he gently caressed my face with his long fingers, he sighed then said, "Oh Shaun, that was totally and incredibly special, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Your body is incredibly talented at sex and you dragged more sperm from me than I can ever remember before." I lay there basking in the after glow and nodded my head, "Oh yeah Edmond I'm wrapped that it was you who took my cherry and taught me what sex is all about. I hope you and I can keep having sex together because I loved everything we did." The renovations took ages to complete as we spent much of the time frolicking on the bed, the kitchen table, the sink, the couch and even the hard floor. Anywhere and everywhere in the manse whenever the urge took control Edmond rooted my arse, we sucked each other off and as our romance progressed he let me dick him and then he taught me about rimming. Oh man it was something I thought totally gross but once he tongued and licked my rioting ring I learned just how incredibly sensuous this act was. Now before we fuck we get into a 69 and suck each other then start rimming till we are close to exploding rapturously, the sex act after being so molten close is totally mind blowingly explosive. I never want to be parted from Edmond and so far we have been able to keep our love secret between us, though my parents keep asking me why I'm smiling all the time these days. Edmond takes me with him on trips to the outlying properties to visit the parishioners, the long drives would be so boring for him by himself and it gives me the chance to lie across the front seat sucking his big boner till I get a feed of his totally terrific sperm. I could suck him off ten times a day if his balls could produce enough but sadly three or four is his limit and he says that is more than he ever did except when he was a horny teen like me.


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