Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Gujrat mai Couple

Hi all I have come to this narrating this new experience of mine after a very long time. Those who are reading me for the first time let me tell you something about me. I am 28 years old working at a senior post in Finance company. I travel across Gujarat for my work. I am a fitness freak. This experience of mine is just a month old in Ahmedabad.

I was on a leave and was looking for a nice lady massage on the various sites. While searching these classified sites I realized that there were few ads of personal fitness trainers also. Being a fitness freak myself I could not control my urge and I also registered in almost all the sites as an individual offering personal fitness training at home. Second day while checking my mails I saw that I had only one mail asking for my charges. Since mail also mentioned the contact number I called-up and asked for the details. They were a couple, both working and wished to have a fitness regime on regular basis. I told them that once I meet them, I will be able to draw the fitness schedule and my fees will be accordingly. But they still insisted on the approximate fee before going ahead. I told them that it would range from 5k to 15k depending on their requirements.

On this they agreed to meet. Scheduled the meeting the same day in the evening at 8:00 pm and met them at their home in Vastrapur area. Their home was on 8th floor just opposite the Vastrapur Lake. When I rung the bell, door was opened by a man who was around 5’ 11 and fair and decent looking. He was wearing cotton gym pant, and a golf t-shirt. Fitness was not at all there, he had a flabby stomach and I could not trace any muscles in his arms also. There was a 1yrs old kid playing in the hall and then came his wife with water in a tray. She was very fair, looking very sweet with a height of 5’6” and had a similar body type like her husband. She was wearing a black cotton pajama and a parrot green V-neck t-shirt. I could clearly see the impressions of bra on her breast area. They both looked like normal average couples willing to get fit. Yes there house was quite big and their 1yrs old daughter was very cute. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I was wearing a comfort fit navy-blue jeans and a comfort fit white Nike t-shirt. On discussion they told me that they both were working and hence were not able to have any regular workout schedule. They were married for just 2 yrs. On and off they used to go for walk around the Vastrapur Lake. There requirements were quite similar, they both wanted a healthy internal body and wish to get rid of the extra fats, the flabby stomach and look fitter. I agreed. Since they were not very heavy the schedule I thought would be much simple. I offered a monthly fee of 6 thousand if they want it thrice a week and 11 thousand if daily. They agreed for a daily workout. Time fixed was 5:00 am in the morning and I was supposed to start from the next day itself. I woke-up at 4:00 am in the morning, got fresh, got into my gym tracks and t-shirt and drove off to their home. Sharp at 5:00 I was there and rung the bell. Door was opened by the lady; she was in a full length cotton gown. I could clearly realize that she was without a bra. On asking she told me that her husband was in washroom getting fresh. I could see that they have moved the table and sofa in the hall aside to create a big space in the center. Soon the man came, and she went to change. The guy was in a short just above the realize and a Sandoz undershirt (typical banyan worn under shirt). His flabby stomach was clearly visible and loose flesh on his chest. He was looking more horrible then he looked last evening. With-in few minutes his wife came and she was wearing the same black pyjama and parrot green t-shirt. I could again trace her bra impressions on the breast area. To be frank I was not at all aroused by anything I saw there. But yes her wife had one of the most beautiful and cute like face and she was almost always smiling. I told that as the first step we will prepare a performance card. In this we will note the current details of weight and measurements of the body parts, and then will keep measuring it at regular intervals and see the speed of progress towards the idea; shape and weight mentioned. Since the husband seemed a bit hesitant I started with the wife. She was 24 years old and weighed 60 kgs and she kept her ideal weight to be 55kgs.

Her arms were six inches which were appropriate. The came to her other vital stats I told her that need to measure her waist and to get the exact measurement she needs to raise her top a bit. She exposed her waist and I saw the deep navel and the flabs of fat there. On measurement I realised that she was 30 inches, which was quite high. She mentioned her ideal waist to be 26 inches. Then I measured her hips, which were 39 inches: I wrote 38 inches and on asked why an inch less I told her with a smile that 1 inch would probably the clothes. She wrote her ideal hip size to be 36inches. Then was the time of her bust area. I didn’t how to say it and they understood it. The husband asked me to go ahead as it is perfectly fine. Even her tailor was a gent only. I told her to place the measuring tape on her nipples. With a coy smile she did it and I moved the tape behind her and measured it around her nipples, it was 34inches and she kept the ideal to be 36 inches. Her husband asked on how she can increase it. And I told the right exercises can increase it. She was asking for the perfect 36 24 36. Next was measuring the husband. His age was 26 and weighed 80 kgs. He kept his ideal weight as 20 kgs. His waist was 36 inches and he kept ideal to be 30 inches. His hips were 38 inches where he wanted to be 36 only. And his chest was 38 inches which he wanted to be 42 inches. When I was about to measure his arms, he said he doesn’t want that arms built, to which I agreed. Next I asked them on what brings to have the workout and get fitter. Then the husband told that he was actually not much interested and he was pushed by his wife. When I asked his wife she told me that after marriage she had been attending lot of parties with her husband She feels inferior because of her body shape and hence cannot even wear some pretty dresses and all. I told them that both of them need to be more serious or else I will be off and won’t train them. They both promised the same. And to start with I asked them to get proper workout clothes. On their insistence I agreed to join them for shopping. We fixed the evening 4:00 pm for the shopping. As agreed we met at 4:00 pm at the ISCON Mall at SG Highway. Since I was coming directly from the office I was wearing a grey pant with black tight-shirt and black blazer. And that’s where things got serious. She was wearing a khaki pant with sky blue shirt and she was wearing a white tight jeans and pink loose shirt with a saying around her breast “don’t stare, its bad manners.” I shook hands and complimented her for the quote on her shirt. Before we went in they both told me that would buy couple of outfits and the range is not a concern for them. I decided to buy tight fits for both for both of them. We finally ended with quite a few wears. For him we got three tight shorts 2 black one grey and one loose jogging short (a jogging short is very short in length, tight on the groin area and have slit on the side till the waist band). For tops bought three works out Sandoz a black a grey and a white. For her bought 5 tight shorts, one white, one pink, one light blue, one light lemon yellow and one black. For tops few white ports bra only. When they bought it without any hesitation and the kind of quote on her t-shirt I knew that they are couple of nowadays and was ready to extra mile to get fit. Oh, I also got 2 jockey straps for him. For few exercises it is mandatory to wear it or else you can end up having a hernia problem. While leaving I told them to be ready by 5:00 am as delays is not good and secondly it’s about the punctuality. I also suggested having the workout in front of a big mirror so that you can see the improvements as well as the muscle area getting worked out. Next day things were more settled When I rung the bell, she opened the door. She was in her pink tights with a white sports bra. Her daily bra straps were visible from the sides of her sports bra. When I asked about him, she told that he was running fever and won’t be able to join today. I told it was perfectly fine. When I went in I saw that she was wearing a panty under the tights and panty lines were visible. I ignored it and thought of starting the workout. On asking about the mirror she told me that they have ordered one and shall have it soon. Today I was in my gym tracks and a gym Sandoz. I could clearly see her constant gazes on my arms and chest area. I don’t shave my chest but keep it trimmed always. Started with spot jogging and warm-up rotations. Then I told her that areas of immediate concern are her tummy area as it was bulging out a bit and quite loose that it was almost sagging and covering the waistband of the tights. While telling her this I actually touched her stomach and held the loose fat in between my finger and thumb. Second area of concern was her ass which was ok in the size but had loose fat on it. And while telling her this I touched her ass. She agreed. I told her that to start with we will work out all body parts for the first week and then have selected body parts on alternate days and that’s how re-schedule the plan as per the progress. Her bit flabby body and her dress up revealing the panty line and bra straps were giving me a raw arousal. I thought of being a bit naughty especially when he is also not around. Then I asked then we will do 10 counts of sit-ups for the muscle activation and then some stretch exercises and then the yoga for the same body part. I asked her to keep her feet shoulder apart, keep her arms stretched in front of her shoulders straight and parallel to the ground. Now I asked her to sit and stand. When she started she was not even sitting half and stand-up. I again told her to sit full and stand, and now she actually sat full and stands. Then again I interrupted that she needs to go down full but not to sit. Just to stop before sitting full and then stand-up. To help her I told I will keep my palm at the particular height on the ground. And as soon as she touches my palm she needs to get up. I placed it in such a way that my hand would touch her ass cheek every time. Now as she started doing, her tights started moving down from the waist and her panty elastic started showing her panty. It was lacy elastic which could be seen. She hardly completed her ten counts and then stood up straight. Now I told her to go for the stretching workout. I told her to stand straight, bend from the back and try to touch her toes. As expected, she was not able to touch her toes. And I asked her to be in the same position and feel the stretch in her back thighs. I touched her bare thighs from the back to indicate where to feel the stretch. Her legs trembled a bit but she kept co-ordinating. After this I told her to go for inner thighs stretch. By now her husband came out. With a lazy smile hi said hi to me and sat there in the hall on a sofa. He was wearing a boxer and a banyan (a Sandoz worn undershirt normally), he kept sipping the something probably tea or coffee from his cup.

Now back to her I made her lie on her back and raise the legs. Now she was to stretch her legs outside on the raised positions itself. Now to help her stretch more I again started pushing her legs outward touching her on her bare thighs. Gradually I moved my hands a bit more close to the crotch area and started pressing the legs outward. Now I could see her eyes getting closed and she was somewhat enjoying my touch to. Had she been alone I could have made my move easily but in the presence of her husband I was like a tiger tied up to a chain. Now feeling a full arousal I was getting difficult to concentrate on the workout. Then I asked her to stand up and stretch her front thighs. I asked her to stand taking the support of wall with one hand and one by one fold her knees and try to touch her toes to her hips. The key was to not move her leg from waist to knee backward. Then she repeated same with other leg. While moving to the chest area I just glanced to her husband and casually asked on how he is feeling now. And I noticed that he was rubbing his groin and as soon as I saw him he stopped doing it. He was either getting aroused or was just feeling itchy. Whatever, he said he is feeling better now. Had been in office very late and thus was not feeling energetic today. Now I told her to go for push-ups. This is a very popular workout for increasing the bust size and equally difficult. In this you place yourself on the floor on your toes and palms. Now you push your entire body down and then push it up. I asked her to do 5 counts only in the starts but she could not do even one. Now I placed my arm around her waist in such a way that my palms were against her navel area and helped her pushing herself up. With the force I had to apply I felt as if I am carrying her and she is hardly using any force of her own. But yes I liked the bare skin touch around there. After 5 counts I told her that we would do some stretching for chest and then do the abs. Same time I told the husband that if wish to join for the abs he can do the warm-up rotation and then join in, to which he willingly agree After completing her stretching for the chest and his warm-up rotation they both laid down on their back facing up for the lower abs workout. Nothing additional happened that day and it closed well. Though I was now feeling excited and wanted to do something with her. Next day again I reached their place at 5:00. Today I was wearing the track suit with an over pajama and a jacket. Today the big surprise was there. They had a full 8feet by 8feet mirror installed on one wall of the halls and prepared workout area in front of it with a mat spread on the floor. Today I was happy to see that both were in the perfect outfit. The guy has worn the loose jogging shorts and I could see the impression of loose semi-hard morning boner erect penis and she was not having any panty line or bra straps visible. I guessed it right that none of them were wearing undergarments (which later they told me that since previous day the husband felt embarrassing with her panty line and bra straps visible they both decided to go without undergarments) I again started with the spot jogging and warm-up rotation exercises. Today I also warmed-up with them and then removed my track-suit. I was wearing black jogging shorts with side slits and a black gym Sandoz. I have massive muscular thighs and they both appreciated it a lot. She even told him to get a physic like mine, to which he smiled and said that he would try. I added up that I have been working out for almost 10 years and it’s not an overnight result. Again we started with the sit-ups. Though she knew the right way but I had to guide him. I told both of them to do 10 counts and told him that I would place my palm the same way at the right height and he should stop sitting and stand-up when he touches my palm. Something different happened this time. When has sat instead of his as cheek, his groin area touched my palm and I could feel his loosely hung testes/balls on my palm. It was weird but I kept it that way and infact raised my palm a bit more. Now his testes completely rested on my palm with every count. Once they were done with 10 counts, I told them that we would repeatanother 10 counts with some weights in hands. They told they don’t have any dumb-bells and suggest holding heavy books in hands. This time there was other thing equally important. They have to keep their arms raised up and have a proper buttock positioning or else they could hurt their lower back. The hips have posture a bit outside, it’s actually like a position as if you are giving access to your asshole for a fuck. But actually that is the right position for doing sit-ups also known as squats. While explaining it to them I had a tough time. First I explained it with the wife. And when she was in sitting position I asked her to hold it there and keeping my palm on her ass I asked her to push the ass out. With some difficulty she got it right. Now I asked her to do it 2 to 3 times without weights to get in the right rhythm. She got it right. Now while teaching the same to the husband it was more difficult, He was not able to push his ass out. Probably they have been doing the doggy style or penetrative sex from behind and that’s why she could move it and he could not. I had placed my hand on his groin from behind when he was seated and then push it outside. I don’t know why but the touch of his organs were making me excited and him also, as I could feel his cock getting erect. Now since they both had got the right posture I asked them to start facing mirror on the wall. This time they both sat more than the required and I again had to intervene. Maybe because of the weight in their hands. This time I intentionally placed my hand a bit high and in a place that I would touch their groins. When they started it was slower the weightless sit-ups and I felt both their organs’ warmth to my palm. After the third count I started actually slight cupping and very minute caressing their organs. As instructed they both were watching themselves in the mirror and enjoying the workout. After 10 counts I could see slight tent in his shorts, but he talked about the work-out only. He said he felt the he was working exactly the way he has seen YouTube videos on sit-ups. Now it was time for them to bend and stretch the back thighs. This time again I asked them to do it with books in their hands. This works-out like a deadlift exercise for back thighs also known as hamstring muscle. This time when they were in bent down position I placed my palms on their thighs at the same time. This time I kept it in a way that my palms were exactly on the upper thighs and my fingers in the groin area. For some reasons un-known I liked the touch of his cock also. Then I placed my palm on their butts and squeezed a bit telling them to feel the stretch there too. Now I had a full hard on but my underwear and a langot (Indian long piece of cloth tied around as a nappy or underwear). Now I asked them that we will do the lower abs. I told them to lie down on the floor facing up with arms by your side. Told them to keep the legs joined and raise it to the fullest they can and then slowly bring down. To start with do the 5 counts up and down and then try to take their legs behind and touch their head with the knee without bending it. It is known as Halasan in yoga. I also prompted him to take care that his balls doesn’t get squeezed between his legs and to take care of it. He smiled and adjusts his balls accordingly. Once they were done with the 5 counts and then moved their legs back. They were miles away from touching their head with their knees. I held their legs and started gradual push. Then in no time I placed my hands in exactly the area between their legs cupping it and pushing it to get their knees near to the head. His cock was now almost erect and I could that it was a small one. Smaller than the average probably or he might be getting bigger when fully erect. After this was the time for the push-ups. I told them to do 10 counts each and I knew I had support both of them. I started with the husband and held him around his chest to support the push. He did ten counts and then I moved to the wife. This time I placed my hand more up to such a place that my fingers were just touching her breast from bottom. Did nothing spicier and announced the end of the workout. The he insisted me to have a juice before leaving. They both brought a canned Tropicana juice and three glasses. While having juice we chatted a bit. She said that she already has started feeling fitter. I know this was because of the feeling of muscle worked-out. It was normal and always happened. Husband told that he is feeling fresher instead of feeling tired, and then he asked if I wear such shorts in gym too. I answered yes and then asked why he was asking this. Then he told he wanted to know the right dress-up for the workout. I told him that if you are not picking heavy weights then the lesser is the better. While picking heavy weights men need to keep their testes tightly wrapped in a jockey strap or wear a langot preferably. I also told them that minimum clothes gives more free movements and they can also see the right areas being worked out while exercising. And watching the muscles getting worked out in the mirror motivates higher workout efforts. To this lady asked with a smile that if we workout naked than you would say that that is the best. I said yes and all of us laughed. I bid bye for the day and told them to meet-up next day sharp at 5:00 and wished a healthy day ahead. For the whole day I was almost lost in the soft white skin of these couples. The sexiest smile she had and my doubt on why the husband was getting me interested in him. I knew I was neither gay nor a bi-sexual. Bottom line was that they both were very cute, very fair and very soft on their body and skin. Next morning I shagged myself and wore my grey gym short without anything under it and covered myself with a dark grey tracksuit. I again rang the bell sharp at 5:00 am and was greeted by husband. He was wearing a wrap gown. Once in the wife came with water and I was dumbstruck to see her. She was wearing a white cotton bikini bra which is triangle shaped around breasts and tied with threads at the back and behind neck. Bottom, she was wearing an ultra-short white colour u-shaped ladies panty, from back her hip buns were like dropping out of her panty shorts. She was looking too hot to handle. And the removed his gown and he was wearing a loose V shaped underwear, loose from the waist. It looked like he got it from his old stock of throw away clothes. I saw his clean shaved body with some reddish. When asked he told for the first time in his life he got himself waxed. I laughed a bit but encouraged it. They both were wearing brand new sports shoes which impressed me.

I told them that we would do more of thighs today and do warm-up longer for the lower body part. I told them to do spot jogging for 5 minutes. While doing it I could see her boobs bouncing and his balls with cock also bouncing. Once done with warm-up started with the 10 sit-up counts. Today I told we will be attending the different leg muscles separately. We will start with front muscles also known as quads/ quadriceps. Thus they should do sit ups with legs just shoulder width apart and keeping toes straight, and they did it without my intervention. They also did 10 counts with the weights without my intervention. Now I told them that we would do for the back muscles and repeat the entire sit-ups schedule the same way but just keeping their toes pointing outwards. After completion of the sit-ups I noticed that both of their underwear has moved in their cracks from the ass. The wife’s panty was exposing her half butt and the waistband has moved low enough to reveal around 1cm of her ass-crack. The husband underwear has not gone entirely in but his underwear has fallen low enough to reveal around an inch or more of his as crack. Also they had started sweating by now. I knew that now we should go for stretching but I wanted more revelation before making them bend. I told them that now we would do workout for hips. I said we will do it one by one. Started with husband, made him lie down on his stomach, asked him to bend his knee at 90 degree and try to push the leg up in air as if trying to push something on his feet up in the air. When he started I placed my palm on his half covered ass and asked wife to see how the muscles are getting tightened every time he is pushing. She came and placed her palm removing mine and her eyes glittered. She said with excitement to her husband, “Honey, it’s getting tight every time you push your leg-up.” He asked with same excitement does it look tight or not. She shockingly removed his underwear to the bottom of his hips and said yes. After 15 counts I asked him to do it with other leg. While shifting leg he just pulled his underwear totally and I could see the excitement in both their eyes about the muscles working out, being visible and felt. Now she placed her palm on the hip being worked-out and almost jumping in excitement every time he pushed his leg up. I rubbed his other ass and to motivate them more I commented that your body is responding faster then I assumed. Once he was done with both legs, I told her to do the same. It was an easy exercise but with great effect. When was lying before she could start the husband asked her that he also wants to see how the muscles there are worked out. She said hesitant ok and then removed her panty. Now the guy was stark nude and his wife half nude. As expected the cock of the husband was full erect and very small, hardly 4inches. He was too very excited when he saw felt the way butt muscles (also known as gluteus) were being worked out. They both thanked me and the god that they met me who is such a great trainer. I appreciated there appreciation and told them to do the same 2 more times and this time do it together to save on time. After they completed it I said now we should do the hamstring/ back thighs stretching. They first did the routine joined legs bend down from the waist trying to touch toes. And then I told them to do by keeping legs spread as far as possible. When they were bent I could see both of them exposing there asses in the best possible way. Wife’s pussy lips were also open for my eyes. I was so tempted to stick my tongue in her there. I removed my pajama and went near her in my only shorts on the legs. My erection was in full swing. I got something in my mind and told them that this also helps in your digestive system. It’s superb for those having constipation. I placed my hand on their lower stomach from back moving my hands from the space between their legs. I told that this is the area from where the waste moves to the lower area and come out, saying this I moved my hand from their lower stomach to their assholes. Will write more in the next story a continuation.

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