Monday, 26 August 2013

Entertainment sex On The Train

I had a train trip planned from Goa To Mumbai. On the day of departure, I reached the station, well before time as I usually do. An hour before departure, the train arrived. I went from one compartment to other looking for my name (They have a list on each compartment, with the name of the traveler, seat number, etc) I finally found my compartment. I was in a first class room, with just two seats. The other name seemed like a lady I knew. Her name was Mina Gaikwad. I entered my berth, removed my shoes and sat. After around 20 minutes, Mina arrived.Yes! It was the lady I knew.We expressed Surprise to see each other and also we were happy that we knew each other. I asked her how her Husband, kids, etc were doing. She was dressed in a Sari and looking at her caused some stirring in my loins. I had been on a trip to India for 3 weeks. This was my third and since my Wife was in the US, I had not had sex for that amount of time. Also, I had chosen not to masturbate.

The train started and I started reading a book. I told her, I was on a trip here for 3 weeks. It so happened, that so was she and said she missed her Family. She asked me, do you miss Sharpay (My wife). I said I did, it has been 3 weeks. She seemed to understand the reason (I suspected it was because, she probably felt the same). After around an hour, she said she would have to change and go to sleep. For some reason, she chose to change in the berth. She asked, if I could close my eyes, while she changed. I put my hand over my eyes, but could not help peeking after a while. She was in her panties and bra. Panties, were lacy and did not conceal much. I could see pussy hair coming out. Her breasts were large. I got a huge erection. I closed my eyes again. After a while, she said I could open my eyes. I noticed, she was looking at my erection. I looked in her eyes and she looked back, openly. She was now dressed in a cotton gown. We shut off the light with the intention of going to sleep. I covered myself with my Blanket. My cock was throbbing. The 3 weeks gap, plus the sight I had just seen had caused an erection. I started rubbing my cock over my pants. And then I unzipped, and let it out thru the opening in my underwear. I slowly started rubbing it. I did not plan to come, probably play it with a while and then go to sleep (Maybe not such a great idea, because it makes you even hornier but a lot of fun) I looked at the side, and it seemed like Mina was watching me. It was dark, so I wasn’t quite sure. It takes a while for the eyes to get used to the light. After a while I could see better and it seemed like she was stroking herself. I had got quite horny now, which meant I started to throw caution to the winds. I removed my pant and shirt (I was still under the bed sheet) and kept stroking myself. I don’t know, if she noticed. I kept stroking myself. She seemed to be stroking herself quite fervently. I removed the bed-sheet and sat up. My heart was beating like crazy. I think she could see me, but she kept on stroking. That encouragement was enough for me. I went up to her seat and sat next to her. I could see her face. She was pretending to be asleep. I removed her blanket. Her gown was open. Her thin panties did not cover much and could clearly see her pussy was wet. I put my hands on her breasts and stroked them. Obviously I was living dangerously. Like I said before, I had got myself to a state, where I was throwing cautions to the winds. She had her eyes closed, as I started stroking harder. Then I stroked her pussy. It was really wet. I stroked it with the palm of my hand and then with a finger, I explored inside (Still above the panty) I then put my hand inside the panty and stroked it , the clit and all inside. I put a finger inside and explored. She was still sleeping. Clearly, this was encouragement enough. I took her panties off and starting licking her pussy. She must have been surprised. Probably, her hubby had not done that before. I do it often. I liked her clit and Vagina. It was wet.I took her hand and put it on my cock and then to the balls. It was throbbing. I removed her Bra and stroked her breasts. Then I went on top of her and inserted my Penis. I started fucking her and I kissed her lips. Her eyes were closed, but she responded with her tongue. I was deep insde and she was moaning. I whispered in her ear, I going to fuck your cunt. I kept saying it, till I came hard. I came out and saw sperm in her hairy pussy. aapko story achi lagi to comments kare