Thursday, 29 August 2013

friend Sexy Ride

Hi friends, I’m Love from Mumbai I’m first time sharing my erotic experience with my girlfriend (she was my true love) thanks to human digest for encouraging people to share such experiences. The story begins with me Love. I was in 1st year of my electrical engineering I was searching for girlfriend for that purpose I used to chat with girls from all over India through rediffbol. And but I failed to get one girlfriend and during that period I caught up a girl named Shreya. I chatted with her just once and then she was lost she never became online. I think I chatted for 4 long hours that day but I waited for her becoming online again but no response so. After 5 months she again became online, it was it a coincidence. I don’t know but ya I met her again then the story began. We recollected our chat and then moved ahead we talked much personal then we exchanged our cell numbers too then we never chatted we regularly use to call and text each other. We were in contact for 24 hours through texts this continued for a month or so and then we decided to meet up somewhere so we decided to meet in CCD.

She was very nervous and so was I as it was my first time I mean. I used to go for roaming here and there in the city with my school friends but this was not the same condition. I was meeting a stranger for the first time. I think you getting my point. The day came she came in typical white punjabi dress she gently patted my back from behind and said "hiiiiiiiii a very long one her voice was so sweet and so was she was very beautiful mind she was a perfect girl which every boy desires for she was 38 26 36. The dress which she was wearing for completely fitting her body and ya showing all her body curves perfectly she was just awesome. I shaked hand with her and it was also great I fell in love with her at that instant only she was not knowing about my feelings. We talked for 2 hours and she got a call from home she left and ya I asked her to drop at her home. What a stupid. I was meeting for the first time and asked this kind of question she was impressed by me n my nature. We were now much close to each other I was nt able to control my emotions for her so one day I proposed her through text and she replied me that she wont mind it was surprise for me that she didn’t get angry even, well it was good for me then the real story and fantasy began between us we became close mentally and physically both. We used to go on long bike rides on highways. I used to stop the bike and then I used to pull her arm and take her towards the trees. I was getting advantage of the dark trees and dark roads. I used to kiss her lips very hard and fast actually she was much willing to do this than me so she used to support me very quickly not even to ask anything. I used kiss her lips very long smooch with our tongues touching each others. I was feeling the heat all around my body and her body too she always used to wear deep neck t-shirts or tight shirts so that she can move down quickly her t-shirt. I can kiss her breasts and suck her nipples very hard I used to suck them very much for long time and she used to press my head towards it very hard and she used to moan like anything her breaths used to excite me very fast even an impotent person listens to it then he can also get excited. It’s a challenge mind it but when I try to remove her pants she used to say no no not now I can’t handle any more. I used to stop but this was a regular session during every bike rides muuuuaahhhhhh Shreya. I love you so much. Then this was not enough for me. I used to call her at night 12 then I used to ask her to get nude then she everytime asks me for 2 mins to do it...then I used to say that imagine I’m kissing your lips very hard sucking your nipples and slowly inserting my dick your vagina and she used press her breasts very hard they were much big yar much juicy as I tasted it many times this all I did to masturbate at my place by just listening her voice and moan and her breaths. I think you understand rite it was amazing and after I cum out I used to say aaahhhhhhhhhhhh oohhhhhh do it fast my jaaan do it fast she used to speed up very much literary saying oohhhhh ahhhhhhh mhhhhhh. I need you I need you hard please come now please. I love you honey I can’t handle this alone. You know what she is mad for me she wanted sex after marriage. I forgot to tell you that we promised to marry each other ya so she wanted sex very frequent after marriage. She told that we will sex twice a week so you can imagine wat kind of sex she wanted huhhh. The day came people which I was waiting for one day before that day as usual I did masturbate by hearing her moan...then at last she told me that she want to have sex with me though she always used ignore before marriage as she thought that it wont be safe. I assured her everytime but still she didnt agree. I used to leave it but this she told me by her own that’s she wants to to sex. So I told that where we will do. Neither my home was empty nor her so we decided to go in a hotel on the highway but I was if police can come if the receptionist of the hotel informs them. What rubbish I was thinking after all it was first time she told that we will book one room only. She told that she will buy mangalsutra imitation one from the market and she will wear it and she will wear Indian dress. I told ok we both carried safety things with us like condoms and she took i-pills. That day as usual we were riding bike going to the hotel on the way she asked for my hand to take it back. I asked why she took my hand forcibly then placed it on her breasts and told to press it hard oh my! It was heaven while riding bike hahaha then the hotel was near, she put on Mangalsutra.

 Then we asked for one room by the name Mr. and Mrs. Purvesh Joshi hahahaha what a fake name I told, well no problem was created because I was not looking like a boy. My body construction looks much matured then we got in the room she was looking very beautiful that day as I like girls punjabi dresses, she was black Punjabi it was awesome with tight fittings and deep neck much deep getting the glimpse of the breasts yhe deep naval was clearly visible. Then immediately I pushed towards the wall and kissed her anything it was very jungli kiss, we did for 15 to 20 minutes they I moved down and down. I kissed her tits then navel then her thighs. Then I removed her pajamas I removed her panty it was black one. A designer one I drop out it then I started licking it today she wasnt stopping me to do it otherwise she used to stop me to do it always I licked her cunt very fast. My tongue touching her inner walls she was moaning very louder she was curling my hairs because of excitement. She was telling ooohhhh uuhhhhh aahhhhhh phewww does it fast. I love it do it do it. I am about to cum do it fast aaaahhhhhhh uppppphhhhhh hhuuhhhhh huhhhh then she came out I tasted for the first time it was sweet. I loved it then I moved above again kissed her lips then turned her around then my hands were cupping her breasts and pressing it. My uzipped her dress chain with my mouth I kissed her back like anything. She was great at sex man then I removed her dress and bra then suck her nipples very hard with my one hand squeezing the other tit. She was getting very excited by now then she pushed me on the bed. She was on me she removed my clothes then she scanned my whole body through kisses n just kisses then she started sucking my sick she put her lips on my dick I felt excited. She kissed it then started sucking slowly and then slowly and gradually she speed up she took it fast in her mouth she was moving her heard like anything. Then I was forcibly come on her. I inserted my dick in her vagina she was virgin so it was her first time. So pain will be there to her I slowly inserted it then I pumped it like anything with hands squeezing her breasts like anything and kissing her lips she was shouting like anything aaaaaahhh. I love you fuck me honey fuck me hard do it fast. Then she took me down she sat on me took my dick in hand and inserted it and then she was riding me like she was sitting on a horse she was jumping like anything she aaahhhhhh aahhhhh aahhhh. Then she rotated her ass around my dick then I took her down she was set like a doggie and I fucked her like doggie. She was having pain she even bleeded as it was her first time and her virginity was broken by now then I lastly cum in her ass but I wore my condom it was safe. We were then exhausted we rested for sometime nude then we dressed up and without speaking much to receptionist of the hotel we came out and ride our bike again to the city the plan was successful. The main problem with her was she loved me like anything but she was very dominating and I cant tolerate it I tolerated it once twice even thrice but then it was unbearable and I broke up with her but still loves me no one in her life. I explained much that leave your ego and attitude but she says you will have except me as I’m. I can’t do so I left her but still I cant forget those erotic experiences with her she was beautiful and extremely hot she can seduce anyone easily hahahaha my friends even tried to encourage me that be committed to her once again so even I got committed to her for 5-6 times and she accepted me too but my heart was saying no because just for sex I can’t ruin anyone.

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