Wednesday, 28 August 2013

marriages and other ceremonies

I hate marriages and other ceremonies. They usually bore me to death. This one was taking place in our neighborhood and it was a neighbor's granddaughter. I was bored till in walked Shweta. Shweta was the wife of a wealthy crazy guy living opposite us. The guy was a jerk and a brute and God knows how he got a pretty girl like Shweta. I liked her but naturally she was always surrounded by her 2 kids and the maid and we could hardly speak. Today it was different. She was alone. Her hubby had taken the kids to Chandigarh to meet their grandpa apparently. Shweta was looking very different today. She was dressed in a green and gold ghagra-choli and was looking very happy. I didn't know how to approach her and was minding my own business when suddenly I found her standing next to me, holding a glass and smiling. Her choli was almost transparent and I could see her cleavage. Boy! Was I turned on! We chatted freely as I kept reducing the distance between us. Soon it was dinner time and we sat besides each other and I purposely kept rubbing shoulders with her. She didnt react even once. Disappointed, I was ready to leave when she called out to me. She wanted me to walk her home. Needless to say our walk to us to her door in her apartment. I had already changed the topic to her husband and slowly but surely she was beginning to break. Once inside she was almost in tears as the complaints flooded out. Within minutes she was in my arms being consoled. As she looked up I knew this was my chance. Leaning in I began to kiss her and so did she, embroiled in the 'moment'.

My hands explored her back and made their way to her buttocks. The material of the ghagra was so thin it seemed as if she was bare-bodied and I squeezed her ass and began to push my fingers in between her legs. She started to shiver and moan and I saw this as the best opportunity to lift her choli and bra upwards releasing her breasts. They were large and round and the nipple was almost an inch long. I began sucking on her nipples as she reached for my pants. Unzipping my trousers she roamed inside looking for my tool, which she found instantly and wrapped her fingers around it. I pulled off her choli and pulled down her ghagra. She wanted to take me to the bedroom but I had other plans. Pulling her to the balcony I lay her down on a small sofa they kept in the balcony. I had always fantasized about fucking her in the open where it's dangerous with all the neighbors around. She didn’t care where we were because she just wanted it bad. Spreading her legs apart I began licking her from her knees, through her thighs, onto her belly button. I did the same to her other leg, using my tongue to tenderly arouse her. This time I moved my face in between her legs. Her pussy was a shaved delight and I began to suck on it like it was the last pussy I'll ever suck. I moved my tongue in and out of her hole multiple times causing her to explode on my face. She came with real fury, but I wasnt done. I continued my sucking till the point she said "nahi, aur nahi hoga" (No, It won’t happen anymore). I had complete faith in my abilities and reached deeper with my tongue and bingo! She began to almost scream now and jump her hips up and down as she had a second orgasm. (She later confessed that her husband found it difficult, like most guys to make her cum once. But a total of 3 times in a space of an hour was magical!) She was a kind lover and now sat up the sofa to take my dick in her mouth. I stopped her. I told her "tonight is your night Shweta.

 I lay on top of her. Shweta's eyes closed as I kissed her and then I kissed her on her eyes and forehead. Meanwhile I had started rubbing my dick on her pussy. As it was already lubricated I could enter easily. Holding her from her back I pulled her towards me as I began to screw her. We were both breathing together as my dick went in and out like a piston, exploring the insides of her vagina. I felt her open up and my penis sank right inside her and we groaned and moaned and made love for what seemed like an eternity our bodies writhing together in pleasure our sweat mixing and lubricating our hips and chest and arms as we pushed into each other over and over again. When it was finally over we came together. I came inside her and lay next to her giving her time to adjust before I pull out of her. I kissed her again as I lifted her naked body and carried her inside. She whispered something in my ear as I put her on her feet. I could only smile in agreement as I pushed her upper body down on the table and spread her legs from behind. She wanted me to fuck her ass and I wasnt going to disappoint her. The air was filled with the sound of the table rocking and my hips slapping against her bare ass as I screwed her from behind.