Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mera pehla sexy pyar

I will gradually narrate my sex linked life to all Readers. This is the first episode. In my childhood days, I lived in a small village about 100 kms away from Lucknow. With me lived my granny, my mom and two younger aunts, my father being the eldest child of my grand parents. My grand-pa and his three sons worked in Lucknow and had a saree business. But we could not afford to be extravagant. Hence, our village accommodation was a one bed-room hut with a kitchen. The room was very big and at least 15 people could easily sleep there. Now comes the story. Though we conversed in the local dialect, for fluency, I will narrate in English. I had a bad habit of bed wetting. So, every night whosoever came to sleep last woke me up and dragged me to the far off nullah for "Susu. It was mostly my mom. We had to sit across the nullah with one foot in each side for "Susu". In summer time the ladies just wore a petticoat of an under-skirt with string tied above their breast line, and they just lifted it above waist high and sat to piss. I recall incidents when I was a boy of seven. It was chilly winter then. I had gone to sleep early and as usual my mom woke me up for a piss and carried me out from under the blanket-quilt protection. Mom carried a torch in one hand and a can of water in another for a wash there-after. Reaching the nullah, she kept the water can aside and the torch on the floor and opens my lower garment. I was half sleepy then. So, without objections I sat and peed. Other day’s mom squatted after I finished. But that day she straight away sat right in front of me, having lifted her lower garments and started releasing herself, her gush of flow stopped my urine, as I saw with astonishment, the opening of her vaginal lips, as a thick flow of urine landed in the nullah. She saw me stopping unlike other days. What happened beta, no susu today?" No mama, actually I had released myself before lying down." Then I will ask you’re granny/any chachi to wake you up after a couple of hours, so that you do not wet bed in this chilly weather and create problems. She was talking as she washed herself after finishing off and then we came indoors. Mama cautioned the remaining three saying, who ever wakes up later in the night, should take him along else he will surely bed wet today. Later at night, granny woke up and dragged me out. She too had dragged me out and made me sit across the nullah and squatted herself. I made no mistake to watch her peeing. Her flow was in spurts and had a thinner one. Moreover, unlike mama, she had a golden jungle between her legs, while mama had a thick and dense forest there.I was looking at her in between there. Hey! What are you looking at? Be faster granny. I am feeling cold and sleepy. I managed to divert her thought and attention.Ohh! Sorry beta. I have finished. Let's go indoors.She stood up, lowered her dress and walked me indoors.My first conscious viewing of a female genital ended.Me, being the only child was loved by all my elders -male or female. My chachi-s even more as they were childless. Next morning my granny took my mom and elder chachi to a large temple for puja, and I was dropped at my school on their way with my younger chachi staying back. They were scheduled to return five to six hours later. Chhoti-chachi finished domestic cores and came to pick me up from school. As we reached home, she asked me to undress and go to the bathroom and stand for a bath to be given by her. We had a large boundary wall which prevented outsiders to peep in. So, I stripped myself and walked into the bathroom and chachi followed me after she changed to indoor dress.

Having closed the door, she poured a massive size kettle full of boiling water in a bucket and mixed a little cold water to temperate the mixture. She took off her saree and hangs it on to the hook. Then she started to pour water on to my body. I shivered and spilled water on to her. Hey! You naughty! Want to drench me I thought you would have your bath together with me. Not a bad idea you little chick! It will save some time for me. Hold on a second. Chachi removed her blouse, wrapped herself into a towel and removed her petticoat too. In village side, there is no fashion of wearing brassieres even today. And this being a nearly fifty year old incident, it was just not thought off. Chachi began to pour water over both of us by dragging me on to her body. Hold me tightly, so that lesser water will be wasted. I obeyed her. I could feel her soft body as I could see her curves through her wet towel. She soaped me, the removed the towel from her body and soaped her too. Chachi, why not drop the towel and soap properly? Hey, you want to see me naked of what? Having held you I could feel your body alright. Moreover, you have shown me the upper part, and I have seen mama and granny yesterday night. Hmm! being naughty? But promise me not to tell any one about this. Ohh! Come on Chachi. There is nothing to be told. Chachi took off the towel completely and stood stark naked before me and we continued to have our bath. I was continuing to hold her and I felt her soft body. I was so short in height that my head was just below her navel. My mouth was at the height of her pelvic region. Her thick bushy groin hairs were touching my mouth. Chachi, may I tell you something? What? Granny has a golden bush down here, mama and you have black thick bush. Why don't I have such on my body? Because you are a kid now? You will surely have one when you grow bigger. Your Susu hole is well covered by this forest of yours. How nature thinks. Yes my child. This is the beauty. And when you sit to do susu, the hole opens up and susu comes out. When I first time cared to see mama and granny, their flows are different too." That is because of a difference of their age dear. But if you learn everything at a small age, it may harm you. Never think these things. Since yesterday night, I have tried to guess what is inside these bushes. If you have shown me so much, won't you show me the rest? I promise not to tell anything to any one. Chachi gave a long thought. Then said alright, we have still more than an hour’s time left for their return. Let us go to the room first. We finished our bath, dried ourselves and went to the room. Chachi dressed me up and herself too after closing the door. She then sat on the massive size bed of ours and spread her legs giving me a full view of her bush. Then she used her two index fingers and opened up vaginal lips. I could clearly see inside. It was a much clearer view the the previous night. Chachi, I see two holes here. Which one is your Susu hole? The upper one? But it is so small. What do you do with the other one? If I tell you, you cannot understand. Grow bigger, and I promise to tell you one day. Chachi, may I touch the holes with my hand? I have only felt them with my face. Though it is not right, but alright feels it lightly. It is very sensitive; your nails may hurt me. I took my middle finger and inserted inside her upper hole. It went in as my finger was small. But the feeling was very soft. I took it out and smelled it. It was a Susu smell. Now I inserted my finger in the bigger hole. Oh! It was slippery! It just vanished inside. Chachi, it is so slippery inside! May I put in one more fingers? Put in as many you can." Her reply was in a hoarse voice. Hearing it I looked up at her face. Her eyes were closed and she was shivering. I put in all my five fingers in. I was also enjoying something which I cannot just express. A seven year old child had a series of current passing through my body. As I pulled my fingers out, chachi yelled No-o-o-o doesn’t take it out! Alright do one thing. Lick the whole place with your tongue, till I ask you to stop. I started to lick without even knowing what it was. The taste was salty, but nice. Believe me friends! I began to have something within me. It was within a minute, that chachi screamed ah-ah-aaah, ouch-aaaauchhh as she pressed my head hard there and within a minute collapsed on the bed very much to my fright. Chachi are you feeling sick? No dear. You'll not understand my feeling today. Maybe sometime later. Tell me something. If I ask you to lick some other day, will you do it? I will.It seems you liked it. Beta, I will explain everything to you one day, when I feel you can understand. But promise not to discuss with anyone else. I have committed a sin. She got up after a few minutes, arranged her dress and opened the door and left to leave me alone totally dazed. Did you enjoy readers? It was not a story, but my experience of first feminine touch.

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