Tuesday, 16 April 2019

choda maine boss wife ko

I am the caretaker of a house in a middle-class family’s home here in kotlakhpat. My main job is to open the main-gate whenever my boss gets home and buy the family’s grocery 1 day after buying all the grocery for that day, I returned home and was about to give the receipt to my madam, gandi kahani like I always do and but that day as I was about to knock on my boss’ bedroom door. I heard what sounded like a sad song playing in the room. I opened the door slowly and peeked in and saw that madam was lying on the bed with one hand over her head and another over her belly and a song hot kahani playing in the DVD and her leg was spread open. She was wearing the yellow salwar kameez which she usually wears at home. story2017@gmail.com

 It’s a bit loose, so her body can’t be seen perfectly after seeing her lying on her bed like that something took hold of me.hot I always saw my beautiful madam with respectful eyes but that day seeing her all vulnerable like that I couldn’t handle myself. I went straight to her quietly, sat on the floo hot r beside her bed and started massaging her foot at first she was shocked and looked at me and asked me with astonishment, what I was doing? I replied hot you look upset and tired, and I’m trying to comfort you and make you feel better. She asked what if someone comes and sees us. I replied your husband isn’t home, your son is at coaching and your mother-in-law went shopping, so we have nothing to worry about. She closed her eyes randi again and told me to lock the door just in case, which I immediately did and went back to massaging her but this time while sitting on the bed while massaging. I asked her why she was upset and she told me that her husband had been arguing with her a lot recently and that they couldn’t agree on anything. While massaging her feet I slowly moved my hand up her thigh and then her waist and as she was talking, I slowly opened the string which was holding up the kameez’s pajama after noticing this she asked me what I was doing and I replied in a deep, slow, passionate voice comforting you with that. I put my right hand into her pajama and then into her pink panty and started fingering her. She moaned with pleasure and I did this for awhile and then she suddenly held my hand and told me that this wasn’t right and we shouldn’t be doing this. I asked her in a passionate voice, “Is it right that you are so upset? Is it right that you feel so lonely? I am only trying to satisfy you my beautiful, so just let me with that. I took off her pajama and went down on her. She still was wearing her panty and the top of the kameez anyway,

 I moved the bottom of her panty to the side and started licking her beautiful slightly hairy wet pussy. I started fingering her at the same time and she gave out a loud moan of pleasure and I found her clitoris and started licking it furiously. She moaned and moaned and then 5 minutes into it, she came. My mouth and beard drenched in her pussy juice, I looked up and saw her shuddering as she finished her orgasm, she looked at me with joyful eyes. I pulled her panty off, threw it on the floor and went up to her and kissed her cheerfully. I then climbed up her with my legs beside the two sides of her chest then I lifted up my lungi to reveal my 6.7 inch erected cock. She held it in her hand, rubbed it up and down and then took it in her mouth and I put my lungi down, covered her face and started to face-fuck her in a somewhat missionary position. She sucked me for a good 10 minutes, after which I could not handle it anymore and came in her mouth and I asked her to swallow my cum please as none had swallowed my cum before. She swallowed it right away and said as she took my cock out of her mouth already did. I got up lifted my lungi from her face and saw her smiling. The most stunning smile I had seen in years and I then went down and lifted up her kameez, unhooked her bra, partially took it of her breast and started sucking on her beautiful 29C tits, as the bra was barely hang on. She moaned with pleasure within few minutes I was hard again. My legs were between her legs and she felt my erection against her pussy. She pulled me up and kissed me passionately. While kissing, she moved her hands onto my lungi, pulled it up, grabbed my cock and inserted the head of my dick into her vulva right away I thrust my whole dick into her. She screamed at first. But as I stroked my cock, a bit more gently, into and out of her again and again, she started to moan with pleasure. I started talking dirty to her, calling her a whore for letting her darowan (caretaker) fuck her like that. She got the idea and started talking dirty to me too, telling me to fuck her, to go faster and harder 15 minutes into our sex session her cell-phone suddenly rang. It was right beside her. It was her husband. She gasped and tried to remove me from top of her but I did not move, my cock was still hard and I was still in her. I told her to catch a few breaths and pick up the phone. She at first hesitated but then did as I told. Her husband had called to let her know that he was going to be late and as they were talking, I felt a bit naughty and started stroking my dick into and out of her. She tried to make me stop by wrapping me in her legs, but that didn’t work. I started to make my strokes more and more intense and then suddenly kissed her on her lips while. She was talking on the phone and her husband fortunately did not hear us. She grabbed my face with her right hand (which was free) and lifted my face up. I grabbed her hand slammed it against a pillow and kept it down. I saw that she was stopping herself from moaning and screaming by biting on her lips and was replying to her husband by saying only with yes in a low voice then suddenly she cut the phone and slapped me and tried to get me off her. I grabbed onto her that hand and slammed it against the bed and started kissing her neck. She told me to get off her but I didn’t. Instead I wrapped my hand around her body and started fucking her furiously. She started to moan loudly. I told her in a passionate deep voice, to forget about her husband and love me. I told her that her pussy is no longer her husband’s, it was mine and I was in it and from now on she was mine. She moaned and moaned and started screaming I’m cuming! I told her to wait for me but she couldn’t. I felt her pussy tightening around my cock and her cum exploded out of her and onto my dick. She started shuddering vigorously as she was having her orgasm even after she came,

I continued fucking her as I had not cum and then a few moments later with a giant thrust. I penetrated deep into her pussy and exploded in her and my cum filled her entire vagina after finishing. I collapsed on top of her, and then lay beside her in her bed. She then turned to me, kissed me on my cheek, turned her back towards me and then fell asleep on my arm. I pressed my now flaccid penis against the crack of her butt and fell asleep too. We slept with each for 2 hours after which the door bell rang and woke us up and after hearing that I got up, picked up her panty from the floor, cleaned my dick with it and left the room with her panty in my hand. I put the panty in my room, fixed myself up a bit and went to get the door. It was her son back from coaching and later we resumed our daily work around the house and from that day on we have sex with each other whenever we can and each day we do it in a new way and even in new places. We even had a threesome one day with her son, but that is a story for another day. send your feed back story2017@gmail.com

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